Re: A sign/abbreviation for "magister"

From: James Kass via Unicode <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 11:43:14 +0000

(Still responding to Ken Whistler's post)

> The fact that I could also implement superscripting and subscripting on a
> mechanical typewriter via turning the platen up and down half a line,
> does not make *those* aspects of text styling plain text. either.

Do you know the difference between H₂SO₄ and H2SO4?  One of them is a
chemical formula, the other one is a license plate number. T̲h̲a̲t̲ is
not a stylistic difference /in my book/.  (Emphasis added.)

But suppose both those strings were *intended* to represent the chemical
formula?  Then one of them would be optimally correct; the other one... meh.

Now what if we were future historians given the task of encoding both of
those strings, from two different sources, and had no idea what those
two strings were supposed to represent?  Wouldn't it be best to preserve
both strings intact, as they were originally written?
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