Public Review Issue #71: Questions on Malayalam Digits

This Public Review Issue concerns two questions regarding the Malayalam encoding. (Note: as with other Public Review Issues, this is not a "vote". The committee is seeking information and evidence pertaining to the questions.)

1. Glyph for Malayalam Digit Zero

It has come to the attention of the UTC that the glyph printed in the Unicode Standard for U+0D66 MALAYALAM DIGIT ZERO as shown in Figure 1 may be incorrect:

Figure 1, Current Chart Image

The correct glyph is reported to be ellipsoid, as shown in Figure 2, and the currently displayed glyph in the Unicode 4.1.0 charts (Figure 1) is reported to represent the value "1/2".

Figure 2, Malayalam Digits 0-9

The UTC is seeking evidence and further corroboration of the correct glyph for U+0D66 MALAYALAM DIGIT ZERO, because some sources currently available to the committee are inconsistent in the glyph shown for zero.

2. Encoding of Three Malayalam Numeric Signs

The UTC is also considering adding a set of three numeric signs, analogous to those used in Tamil, for the numbers 10, 100, and 1000. Glyphs for these are shown circled in Figure 3 below. Information for or against the encoding of these three numeric signs is being sought.

Figure 3, Malayalam Numeric Signs 10, 100, 1000


The committee is also aware of several other signs for fractions in Malayalam, and definitive information about them would be helpful to evaluate them for future encoding.