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Status and history for afr


The document contains ho’r and materi’le. Should these be hoër and materiële?


June 2, 2008  missing space after a period
September 18, 2006  [Eric Muller] created some notes, to document the representation of ’n; replaced the occurrences of U+0149 by <2019, 006E>, as well as the occurrences of U+2018 by <2019>.
September 10, 2006  [Eric Muller] replaced the occurrences of <', n> by U+0149 ʼn LATIN SMALL LETTER N PRECEDED BY APOSTROPHE (according the CLDR 1.4 examplar character set).
September 4, 2006  stage 4: OHCHR identified as the source, complete XML contributed by Adobe Systems.