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Status and history for ibo


The document contains many occurrences of U+0027 ' APOSTROPHE, apparently all after “n”. According to http://www.motherlandnigeria.com/languages.html, apostrophe is not used, but <n, U+0304 ◌̄ COMBINING MACRON> is; <n, U+0303 ◌̃ COMBINING TILDE> according to http://ilc.igbonet.com/; and <n, U+0307 ◌̇ COMBINING DOT ABOVE> according to http://uwandiigbo.com/. In any case, there is no combining sequence with n in the document, so it seems that those apostrophes should really be some combining mark on the preceding “n”.


September 7, 2006  [Eric Muller] In addition to the problem resolved by Andrew, the document contains occurrences of a mark below b, h, s, t and space; the mark has been moved below the following vowel if there is one, removed otherwise. Also replaced all the occurrences of U+002D - HYPHEN-MINUS by U+2010 ‐ HYPHEN.
September 7, 2006  [Andrew Cunningham] The original document uses U+031F ◌̟ COMBINING PLUS SIGN BELOW and U+031D ◌̝ COMBINING UP TACK BELOW, while the standard orthography is to use U+0323 ◌̣ COMBINING DOT BELOW. This has been fixed, as well are removing erroneous sequences of multiple combining marks (probably hidden by incomplete layout engines).
September 4, 2006  stage 4: OHCHR identified as the source, complete XML contributed by Adobe Systems.