Sep 13 2011 Meeting Minutes

Yoshito Umaoka
Helena Chapman
Steven Loomis
David Filip
Arle Lommel
Lisa Moore
Mati Allouche


- Actions from last meeting:

    - Contribute transform engine for SRX rules to CLDR for the Dec 2011 release. --> Kevin (Open)
    - Find someone in IBM to work with Arle on the UTC proposal for the new character. --> Helena (Closed)
    - Get a formal statement from Rodolfo about rights to use --> Arle. Rodolfo just made the file       available under EPL (Eclipse Public License). (Closed)
    - Get everyone to provide input to the SRX file contributed Rodolfo. (Open)
    - Provide IBM input on additional language supplementary input to the SRX default file --> Helena  (Open)
    - Follow up on w3c thread Christian mentioned --> Helena (Closed)

- UTC and CLDR liaison
   * UTC: Arle
     Lisa: either one can attend the UTC meetings (enough), 5-10 mins to give a liaison report. Or be the focal point and communicate to someone on UTC and share updates. Often we have two people communicate with each other. Sometimes it's all one person. If someone is participating in both areas, perhaps a single person is possible. Kind to the individual. Be able to discuss proposal at the UTC meetings.
   * CLDR: TBD (Helena will take an action item to sort this out.) Perhaps Apple or IBM.

- SRX default data
   Arle: not surprised more input, need to review there are no IBM specific data.
   Helena: reviewed the email, \b vs \s, case sensitivity
   Arle: will follow up with Rodolfo on the \b vs \s. In terms of case sensitivity, we will use IBM input for more liberal interpretation of the acronyms.
   Helena: Will take Rodolfo's input and turn it into CLDR input and use Kevin's transform engine to spit out SRX output.

- Character proposal:
   Arle: Whether or not content has a need for segmentation marker (explicit) and realignment. Perhaps IBM has more recent examples from acquisitions.
   Lisa: talk to Cognos. Spent a lot of work optimizing memories. Helena will find more contacts.
   Arle: one of the problems is segmentation evolves over time. So there are some segmentation issues from historial point of view.
   Lisa: send an email to uincore mailing list about whether there is a non-control character that represents unit separator.
   David: Between the exchange of Arle and Kent, XML should use markup for segmentation, instead of a character. It's probably good that Kent's character is invalid and must be escaped.
   Arle: If you want to just pass it as plain text content, transforming this to markup is not preferred.
   David: It's a low level protocol thing that affects a lot of tools. XML teams are stakeholders. The core XML TC. XLIFF people will also have input. It's so low level that should be discussed with XML core owners.
   Lisa: should also describe how such character would affect Unicode character algorithm etc.
   David: what happens when tools in the whole chain need to interpret the explicit marker.
   Helena: That is exactly the point. There are times you need to manipulate it and other times you need to transform it.
   David: Agree, the character should have some processing requirements.
   Arle: Yes, they need to know what to do with it.
   Helena: What is the guideline to use the char is the follow on action from this group.
   David: Yes. Otherwise, you are not even sure what is to do in the normative steps.

- Unicode conference and Localization World
   Helena: need to make sure we coordinate the two conferences.
   Arle: Daniel Goldsmith had a serious accident during Labor Day holiday.  
   David: next week, there is a multilingual workshop in Limerick targeting linquistic technology. Content and language transformation. The group will be formed in early 2012. It will be called Multilingual-Web LT (language technology). Will present the charter draft at the Limerick event. Details:
        Multilingual Web workshop in Limerick next week
        Will kick off a new W3C Working Group MLW-LT with a public Charter Draft presentation and discussion. The Charter will be open for public discussion till the end of 2011. The Charter discussion also opens a call for participation.

   Arle: can also mention ULI briefly  in the event.

- 2nd International XLIFF Symposium will take place in Warsaw on Sep 28th.
Microsoft Uwe Stahlschmidt will present on how MS embraced XLIFF and many more excellent presentations and discussions. XLIFF TC is going to close requirements gathering for XLIFF 2.0 shortly after the Symposium.

Actions from this meeting:
- David to connect with Helena to solicit input about ULI PR with the Multilingual-Web LT activities.  ---> David Filip
- Arle still owns the separator character proposal. Needs more fleshed out.---> Arle Lommel