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Unicode 3.1.1

Version 3.1.1 has been superseded by the latest version of the Unicode Standard.

Version 3.1.1 of the Unicode Standard consists of Unicode Standard Annex #27, Unicode 3.1, the delta code charts for this version, the Unicode Standard Annexes, and the 3.1.1 Update of the Unicode Character Database (UCD).

A complete specification of the contributory files for Unicode 3.1.1 is found on the page Components for 3.1.1. That page also provides the recommended reference format for this version of the Unicode Standard.


Unicode 3.1.1 is an update version. It does not contain character additions or major normative changes. The following section summarizes the data updates that have been made for this version.

Unicode Character Database

  • ArabicShaping.txt
    • adds description of types T and U
    • fixes U+200D ZERO WIDTH JOINER
    • fixes shaping for U+06D5 ARABIC LETTER AE
  • Derived*.txt, DerivedProperties.html
    • regenerates derived files
    • DerivedBidiClass.txt (mistakenly omitted from V3.1.0)
    • adds type T to DerivedJoiningType.txt
  • CaseFolding.txt
    • fixes typo inside comment line
  • EastAsianWidth.txt
    • moves 15 characters from "N" to "A" status
  • NormalizationTest.txt
    • fixes 9 errors that affect conformance tests
  • PropList.txt, PropList.html
    • fixes to hex digits
  • SpecialCasing.txt
    • fixes sigma casing and some dot-above cases
  • Unihan.txt
    • adds newest cross-mappings

Additional Web Site Changes

The following updates were made to the Unicode web site. These changes are not formally a part of Unicode 3.1.1, but provide additional clarifications about the standard.

  • The component listings have been modified to include specific citation text for each version (3.0 or later). This text allows people to simply cut and paste the citation text for each version without consulting the reference examples for the right format.
  • About Versions has been modified to include more information about the contributory data files, and formats for references to the Unicode Standard, to Unicode Standard Annexes, and to other Unicode Technical Reports.
  • New sample code was made available for UTF conversions. (December 2010 note: This sample code was later obsoleted, and is no longer available on the Unicode web site.)
    • updated to latest UTF-8 corrigendum
    • added legality checking options
    • added a test harness