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This page contains hyperlinks to the electronic edition of The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0. The Unicode 5.0.0 page lists the contents of the book with links to each PDF file in the electronic edition.

Front Matter


1 Introduction

2 General Structure

3 Conformance

4 Character Properties

5 Implementation Guidelines

6 Writing Systems and Punctuation

7 European Alphabetic Scripts

8 Middle Eastern Scripts

9 South Asian Scripts-I

10 South Asian Scripts-II

11 Southeast Asian Scripts

12 East Asian Scripts

13 Additional Modern Scripts

14 Archaic Scripts

15 Symbols

16 Special Areas and Format Characters

17 Code Charts (Introductory Text)

18 Han Radical-Stroke Index (Introductory Text)

A Notational Conventions

B Unicode Publications and Resources

C Relationship to ISO/IEC 10646

D Changes from Previous Versions

E Han Unification History

F Unicode Encoding Stability Policies

G Glossary

R References

I Indices