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UnicodeĀ® Version 15.0 Character Counts

The "Code Point Type" column specifies either a type of code point being counted, a type of assigned character with a particular code point type, or a label for a summation row. The "Count" column gives the total of characters (or code points) for this version. The "Delta" column gives the change in count for this row from the previous version. Rows that provide subtotals or totals are highlighted in the table. For an explanation of terminology related to code point types, see Section 2.4, Code Points and Characters in the core specification.

Version 15.0 (2022)

Code Point Type Count Delta
Alphabetics, Symbols 39,782 289
Han (URO) 20,902  
Han (URO Extension) 90  
Han Extension A 6,592  
Han Extension B 42,720  
Han Extension C 4,153 1
Han Extension D 222  
Han Extension E 5,762  
Han Extension F 7,473  
Han Extension G 4,939  
Han Extension H 4,192 4,192
Han Compatibility 1,014  
Subtotal Han 98,060 4,193
Hangul Syllables 11,172  
Graphic Characters 149,014 4,482
Format Characters 172 7
Graphic + Format 149,186 4,489
Controls 65  
Private Use 137,468  
Total Assigned 286,719 4,489
Surrogate Code Points 2,048  
Noncharacters 66  
Total Designated 288,833 4,489
Reserved Code Points 825,279 -4,489