Pre-Preliminary Actions of the UTC 99 / L2 196 Joint Meeting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- June 15 - 18, 2004
Hosted by IBM
June 24, 2004

UTC #99 Agenda

UTC #   Who? Action Status
99-A1Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview the description of versions on the versions page. 
99-A2Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeFurther discuss the design of UCD tags (L2/04-167). 
99-A3Rick McGowanDraft a letter of commendation for the Sri Lanka national body, for Mark's signature. 
99-A4Mark DavisAdd Other_ID_Continue property and document that Other_ID_Continue plus the derivation of ID_Continue. 
99-A5Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeComplete the change of properties for Ethiopic digits as previous decision [from the outcome of the public review issue]. 
99-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the linebreaking property for Ethiopic digits. 
99-A7Lisa MooreAdd Turkic Case Folding Exceptions to the agenda for the next UTC meeting, document L2/04-123. 
99-A8Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the linebreak class of CGJ from CM to GL in the UTR #14 data file. 
99-A9Mark DavisGive U+1D96, U+1DA4, U+1DA8 the soft dotted property, as in L2/04-144. 
99-A10Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeWrite an public review issue on use of the term "directional run" in UAX #9. 
99-A11Rick McGowanPost Public Review Issue on "directional run", in UAX #9 to close August 3, 2004. 
99-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeRemove the values for unassigned code points in UCD.html and add a note instead to UAX #9 about the location of this data. and add information to derived core properties for the next version of the Unicode Standard. 
99-A13Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect acceptance of 27 Phoenician characters as documented in L2/04-141R2. 
99-A14Michael EversonSend the Phoenician font to Asmus Freytag for printing the standard. 
99-A15Asmus FreytagRecommend to WG2 that Phoenician be included in PDAM 2, to enable extended review. 
99-A16John JenkinsAdd the kIICore field to Unihan.txt for the next release. Mark it as provisional until the IICore collection becomes stable. 
99-A16aV S UmamaheswaranPursuant to the above consensus, request an update to the WG2 Principles and Procedures document that for these kinds of collections (IICore) stability must be guaranteed. 
99-A17 voidvoid 
99-A18 voidvoid 
99-A19V S UmamaheswaranForward document L2/04-212 to Mike Ksar for WG2 consideration. 
99-A20Cathy WissinkGet more information on the correct ordering for U+0CBD from the author of L2/04-102. 
99-A21Lisa MooreSchedule a 2-hour collation ad hoc for UTC 100. 
99-A22Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Cathy Wissink, Editorial CommitteeEstablish a procedure for tracking and managing changes to the UCA table (DUCET). 
99-A23Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include the 48 symbols, unified ideographs, and vertical forms documented in L2/04-263. 
99-A24Michel SuignardForward to Mike Ksar for consideration at the WG2 meeting in June 2004. 
99-A25Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeConsider public feedback on 4.0.1 beta in L2/04-173. 
99-A27Michael Everson, Eric Muller, Mark DavisReview the TDIL input for potential new character proposals. 
99-A28Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include acceptance of "Bengali Letter Khanda Ta" at U+09CE. 
99-A29Cathy WissinkDetermine the collation order of "Bengali Letter Khanda Ta". 
99-A30Peter ConstablePrepare WG2 proposal summary form and submit to WG2 for June 2004 meeting. 
99-A31Asmus FreytagAs liaison to WG2, support adding "Bengali Letter Khanda Ta" to amendment 1 if possible. 
99-A32Rick McGowan, Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Indic FAQ with appropriate information regarding Khanda Ta. 
99-A33Rick McGowanPrepare a response for the Indic list and a letter to Om Vikas for Mark's signature. (Needs to be done soon.) 
99-A34Rick McGowanClose the public review issue #30 on Khanda Ta. 
99-A35Rick McGowanClose public review issue #35. The character LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH STROKE will be encoded. Is already accepted for encoding; will not re-consider. 
99-A36Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeImplement the recommendation in PRI #29, taking into account the need for clarification resulting from feedback. 
99-A37Rick McGowanClose PRI #29. 
99-A38Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare and post a proposed update to UAX #15 that incorporates the recommendation of PRI #29. Add new test cases to NormalizationTest.txt in the UCD. 
99-A39Asmus FreytagAdvance draft UTR #23 to UTR #23 after incorporating the editorial feedback in PRI #32 (L2/04-251), update and post as UTR #23. 
99-A40Rick McGowanClose PRI #32. 
99-A41Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post as draft UTR #30. 
99-A42Rick McGowanClose PRI #36. 
99-A43Asmus FreytagUTC instructs the liaison to WG2 to not object to putting N'ko into PDAM 2 if WG2 so decides. 
99-A44Asmus FreytagSupport all UTC resolutions at the WG2 meeting. 
99-A45Michael Everson, Rick McGowan, Francois YergeauRespond to the government of Morocco. 
99-A46Ken WhistlerPut the rejection of A.11, L2/04-137 in the Pipeline. 
99-A47Asmus FreytagDo not oppose the encoding of the DPRK 106 compatibility characters, unless contrary evidence is brought forward. 
99-A48Ken WhistlerRespond to DIN with the UTC recommendation for distinction between umlaut and trema for sorting. 
99-A49Mark DavisTake to the CLDR-TC the issue of distinction between umlaut and trema for sorting. (Done) 
99-A50Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePost a FAQ about trema/umlaut distinction. 
99-A51Rick McGowanWrite a response to Sri Lanka re the subcommittee recommendation. 
99-A52Peter ConstableWrite a document on consistency of left and right-side conjunct forms in Indic scripts and request an agenda item for the August meeting. 
99-A53Ken WhistlerDocument the rejection of two proposed CJK characters. Annotate the names list for these two chars. 
99-A54Deborah GoldsmithInform John Jenkins that the UTC made no decision on unification of negative number sign. DONE 
99-A55Ken Whistler Update the pipeline for all the character acceptances under agenda item C.16.1, subcommittee recommendations. 
99-A56Asmus FreytagLiaison to WG2 not to oppose the addition of the Korean Postal Symbol (N2815, L2/04-267). 
99-A57Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29. 
99-A58Rick McGowanDraft and post a public review issue discussing "Unicode has received a request to change general category of U+30FB KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT and U+FF65 HALFWIDTH KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT from Connector Punctuation to Other Punctuation and wishes to know if this is a significant improvement" from L2/04-152R section E.2. 
99-A59Lisa MoorePut L2/04-152R section D onto the August agenda.