Open Action Items

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From UTC #102 and L2 #199

Action Who Description Documents Status
102-A1Hideki HiuraEnsure that the IRG prepares visual reference information for Extension B and other new additions.  
102-A2Mark DavisAdd "Nko" to Scripts.txt for Unicode 5.0 as script long name.  
102-A3Rick McGowanClose PRI #61 Done
102-A4Mark Davis, officersWrite a liaison letter to IETF responding to their stability concerns with regard to UAX #15. Done
102-A5Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #15 and post as part of Unicode 4.1.0. Done
102-A6Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIssue Corrigendum #5 as text fix to UAX #15 and post. (Applies to any version 3.0.0..4.0.1.)  
102-A7Rick McGowanSend notification when Corrigendum #5 is posted.  
102-A8Rick McGowanClose PRI #51 Done
102-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate feedback from L2/05-046 and post final UAX #29 for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-046Done
102-A10Ken WhistlerUpdate the linebreak properties of U+16EB, U+16EC, and U+16ED from AL to BA in Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-046Done
102-A11Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeInclude the change of U+16EB, U+16EC, and U+16ED from AL to BA in UAX #14.L2/05-046Done
102-A12Ken WhistlerUpdate bidi categories in UCD for Unicode 4.1 in accord with motion 102-M1 regarding PRI #57. Change 10 characters bc=ET to bc=ES.L2/05-048Done
102-A12aRick McGowanClose PRI #57. The updates were accepted and will appear in Unicode 4.1.0. Done
102-A13Rick McGowanClose PRI #60. Done
102-A14Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #9 with the approved editorial fixes and post for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-039Done
102-A15Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerUpdate the DUCET table in UCA for 4.1 so that Kannada avagraha is weighted like Gujarati avagraha and so that Bengali khanda-ta is weighted as <ta + hasant>.L2/04-432Done
102-A16Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #10 to reflect items A, B, and C in L2/05-028. Change "UAX" to "UTS" in C.5. Consensus 102-C8.L2/05-028Done
102-A17Cathy WissinkSupply editorial committee with comments to UTS #10 text.  
102-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #10 with editorial feedback on PRI #62 by Persson, Scherer, and Desgraupes (but not Kent K.), and post for 4.1.0.L2/05-046Done
102-A19Mark DavisUpdate the collation test file for 4.1.0. In progress
102-A20Rick McGowanClose PRI #62. Done
102-A21Cathy Wissink, Mark DavisWork out how to forward the UTC position regarding the problems with ISO 4217 Currency Codes to TC68 ahnd BSI, and other appropriate committees or organizations. In progress
102-A22Lorna PriestUpdate the proposal for orthographic Latin characters for Uighur with the proposed code points and send to Mike Ksar for posting as a WG2 document.L2/05-029 
102-A23Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect acceptance of 6 Latin letters with descender (for Uighur).L2/05-029Done
102-A24Lorna PriestGet a font to Asmus for printing the 6 Latin letters with descender in the standard.L2/05-029 
102-A25Rick McGowanPropose a coherent single set of combining classes for Balinese (and justify them) in a new document for the next UTC meeting. (Propose in conjunction with Everson and Constable.)L2/05-056Done
102-A26Rick McGowanProvide linebreaking information for Balinese in a document for the next UTC meeting.L2/05-008Done
102-A27Rick McGowanTell Balinese mail list [aksara-bali] that UTC has no objections to the character names and code positions in proposal L2/05-008. There are some questions on the combining classes, which will be reconciled in a document for the next UTC meeting.L2/05-008Done
102-A28Om VikasTake feedback on Lepcha and set up a teleconference on Lepcha encoding. Participants from UTC: Michael Everson, Rick McGowan, Peter Constable, ken Whistler, Eric Muller, Mark Davis.L2/05-061 
102-A29Michel SuignardOrganize a dialog on two outstanding disagreements regarding the encoding of N'Ko. Involve Michael Everson, Patrick Andries, and Francois Yergeau.  
102-A30Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeTrack down and fix the problems in the FAQ and text of the standard which were leading to the misunderstandings regarding N'Ko encoding issues.  
102-A31Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeAdd explanatory text on CJK encoding decisions (regarding some HKSCS CJK ideographs) in a future version of TUS. (5.0 issue)L2/05-037 
102-A32Mark Davis, officersInvestigate having a stability policy on case folding. Ref: consensus 102-C11.L2/05-057 
102-A33Uma, Peter ConstablePrepare text for addition to the Principles and Procedures document, for submission to the next UTC meeting. Subdivide into two sections: one on disunifications, and one on introduction of a case pair for an existing character.L2/05-057 
102-A34Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeCorrect version number to 3.1 and post UTS #22, ASAP.L2/05-043 
102-A35Rick McGowanClose PRI #54. Done
102-A36Mark DavisProvide Rick McGowan a corrected version of L2/05-012, point "1." and others. Wording of the item "whitespace" should be "syntax" in some instances.L2/05-012Done
102-A37Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd a Venn diagram in UAX #31 that explains the relationship between different classes of characters for identifiers (and stability limitations). Clarify that this is a default, and that programming languages can make changes wrt pattern syntax. For Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-012Done
102-A38Mark DavisGive V. S. Umamaheswaran suggested text on range limitations regarding pattern_syntax (and identifier stability and restrictions) for Principles and Procedures document.L2/05-012 
102-A39Mark DavisRemove 246 characters documented in L2/05-014 from PropList.txt for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-014Done
102-A40Mark DavisMake the changes in L2/05-015 to PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-015Done
102-A41Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate additional comments on Draft UTR #36 from the UTC meeting (and the next couple weeks).L2/05-065 
102-A42Rick McGowanWrite to Elmar Kniprath about his feedback on L2/05-046 (PRI feedback). Tell him that for any additional characters we need character submission form. Notify that invisible letter has been rejected already. Point out requirements, Where is my Character?, etc.L2/05-046Done
102-A43Rick McGowanAdd annotation to closed PRIs to indicate that "other suggestions were not accepted" when more stuff is requested.L2/05-046Done
102-A44Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerAdd a comment in ArabicShaping.txt from Kent Karlsson's beta feedback on "transparent" Arabic shaping, in Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-046Done
102-A45Asmus FreytagLook at linebreaking issues and UnicodeData.txt issues in Kent Karlsson's feedback.L2/05-046Done
102-A46Ken WhistlerUpdate the Pipeline and data files for Unicode 4.1.0, based on L2/05-058.L2/05-058Done
102-A47Mark DavisRequest that the CLDR-TC take the same position regarding the development of a successor to RFC 3066 as the UTC.L2/05-020RDone
102-A48Mark DavisRequest that the officers take the same position regarding the development of a successor to RFC 3066 as the UTC, on behalf of the Unicode Consortium and communicate that position to the I18N-RG in SC22.L2/05-020RDone
102-A49Mark DavisNotify members of the UTC when and how their support of RFC 3066bis in IETF would be appropriate.L2/05-020R, L2/05-016R 
102-A50Ken WhistlerUpdate the Pipeline with the changes from sections 1 and 2 of L2/05-059 for Unicode 5.0.L2/05-059Done
102-A51Mark DavisAdd to the invariant tests a check that characters marked as numbers (gc=N) actually have numeric values. (Also add check for ideographs with numeric values.) Done
102-A52Eric MullerUpdate Unihan.txt to align with the changes approved by WG2 for Amendment 1.WG2 N2926Done
102-A53Peter Constable, Hideki Hiura, Mark Davis, Eric MullerWrite a tech note on rendering different languages using the same script.  
102-A54Rick McGowan, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeCreate a page on the Unicode website for educators, pulling together tutorials and other resources. Get Eric Muller's tutorial to put up as a tech note pointed to from that page. In progress
102-A55Ken WhistlerUpdate NamedSequences.txt for Unicode 4.1.0. See L2/05-063 p. 45 for details.L2/05-063Done
102-A56Mark DavisRequest the Unicode officers to add named sequences and variation selection sequences to the character stability policy. Done
102-A57Ken WhistlerDuplicate entry for A055 Closed
102-A58Michel SuignardAdd the 7 new Gurmukhi named sequences to the US ballot comments for 10646:2003 FPDAM 2. (Note K. Whistler email of 2/14/2005 re defect in one of these sequences.)L2/05-063 
102-A59Michael EversonProvide examples of well-formed character proposals to Om Vikas for reference.  
102-A60Om VikasSet up a teleconference on Indic issues in advance of the next UTC to review papers and discuss potential issues.  
102-A61Rick McGowanCreate a document for the L2 registry to capture the Indic ad hoc minutes. Done
102-A62Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd guidelines for the use of gc=Nd in general parsing. For Unicode 5.0. (Relevant sections: 15.3 Superscripts and Subscripts, 4.6 Numeric Value.)L2/05-062R 
102-A63Mark DavisLook at the situation re pre- and postfix characters (for currency symbols), and see if any changes need to be made in UAX #14. (After 4.1.)  
102-A64Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to text of UAX #31, as discussed in the UTC. Ref: consensus 102-C21. For Unicode 4.1.0. This also affects data files. Done
102-A65Lisa MooreAdd an agenda item on TR 10176 and UAX #31 for the next UTC meeting.  
102-A66Mark DavisVerify that UAX #31 can safely replace the references to Annex A of TR 10176 by programming language standards. In progress
102-A67Eric MullerMake sure that kAdobe_Japan1_6 data is included in 4.1.0 Unihan.txt file, and is documented in Unihan.html. (It is already in the database.) Done
102-A68Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeMake the change (remove SP from X in Rule 7b, add note that other classes are exclused by virtue of previous rules) to UAX #14, and add more explanatory material, for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-018Done
102-A69Ken WhistlerUpdate LineBreak.txt with Tibetan linebreak data for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-073Done
102-A70Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the UAX #14 section on Tibetan.L2/05-073Done
102-A71Rick McGowanNotify the Tibetan experts that they are welcome to join the tibex discussion list, and submit as a WG2 document to Mike Ksar. Include instructions for joining the list.  
102-A72Asmus FreytagAfter the release of Unicode 4.1, send the updated L2/05-073 to the Tibetan list for feedback. (See minutes for details.)L2/05-073Closed
102-A73Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post UAX #14 for Unicode 4.1. Done
102-A74Rick McGowanClose PRI #56. Done
102-A75Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post PDUTS #37.L2/05-071In progress
102-A76Rick McGowanOpen a new PRI for PDUTS #37. (Get blurb from Eric.) PRI to close 5/3/2005.  
102-A77Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson regarding his 4.1.0 beta comments. Ref: consensus 102-C27.L2/05-046Done
102-A78Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt with combining class changes for 065D, 065E.L2/05-046Done
102-A79Peter ConstableConsider the comments on PRI #46 in L2/05-046 from Peter R. Mueller-Roemer when developing text for Meteg for 4.1.0 and 5.0.L2/05-046Done
102-A80Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeGet or make for Julie any images/glyphs needed for UAX #34 publication for Unicode 4.1.0, to replace new examples in Table 1: Examples? Especially need <U+012B, U+0300> and <U+02E5, U+02E9>. Done
102-A81Ken Whistler, Julie Allen, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post UAX #34 for Unicode 4.1.0.L2/05-074Done
102-A82Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 4.1.0 by March 31, 2005. Done
102-A83Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post draft UTR #33.L2/05-045In progress
102-A84Rick McGowanCreate a new PRI on UTR #33 to close May 3, 2005.  
102-A85Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeExtend period for PRI #59 (Danda disunification) until May 3, 2005. Announce this fact. Done
102-A86Michel SuignardSee what the UTC needs to do about pending W3C I18n WG action items.  
102-A87Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerProvide a white paper on internationalization relevant to SC22, in regard to Unicode Consortium activities, as an L2 document by February 28, 2005. Closed
102-A88Cathy WissinkForward the white paper on internationalization to John Benito for inclusion in Sc22 I18n RG meeting, by March 1, 2005. Closed
102-A89Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the consortium positions web page with newest information on the stability and availability of codes. See Mark Davis about content and changes. Due April 21, 2005. In progress
102-A90Mike KsarDraft a letter to Marc Kuester CDSG to relay our interest in their program of work. For Mark Davis signature. Due March 12, 2005.  
102-A91Lisa MooreUpdate and post the approved UTC #101 minutes.L2/04-361R 

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Documents Status
101-A3Asmus FreytagWrite a description of Mongolian shaping so we can get it into Unicode 5.0.  
101-A6Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate an FAQ documenting the range of acceptable glyph variants. Start with Figure 7.1 from the book. Include a pointer to MS Typography website for more information. See also 1.0 glyph variations in the book, and also include U+01B3. In progress
101-A11Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeAdd language to Chapter 3 (Conformance) to clarify that conformance to default casing is not required. Conformant implementations can override C20.  
101-A28Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #6 and post ASAP. In progress
101-A35Asmus FreytagProduce a new committee draft for UTR #33.  
101-A44Lisa Moore, Magda DanishAsk Magda to collect e-mail Ids from TDIL info to use to contact for CLDR activities. In progress
101-A54Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post UTS #18.  
101-A57Ken WhistlerAdd the conclusion of L2/04-392 to a "readme" file in the same directory as the HANGUL.TXT file, pending outcome of the investigation by Asmus Freytag and V S Umamaheswaran.L2/04-392 
101-A62Richard CookProof the Pinyin readings and mapping data for the approsximately 14000 ideographic characters from the XHC source and supply info to John Jenkins to update the Unihan database.  
101-A63John JenkinsUpdate the Unihan database with the new field from XHC source readings, and document the new field.  
101-A64Ken WhistlerUse the property info in L2/04-354 when updating data files for Cuneiform for Unicode 5.0.L2/04-354 
101-A65Asmus FreytagTake linebreak info for Cuneiform from document L2/04-354 into account when updating UAX #14 for Unicode 5.0.L2/04-354 
101-A100Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare draft chapter 3 text on combining classes and typographical interaction for Unicode 5.0 based on L2/04-359, for review at the next meeting of the UTC.L2/04-359In progress

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Documents Status
100-A16Michael Everson, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for Unicode 5.0 discussing the code point U+05C7 HEBREW POINT HOLAM HASER FOR VAV (revise to U+05BA)L2/04-310 
100-A25Murray Sargent, Asmus FreytagDetermine the properties for the five mathematical horizontal bracket characters from L2/04-329 for Unicode 5.0L2/04-329 
100-A33Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview document L2/04-293 and incorporate text into the Yi block as appropriateL2/04-293 
100-A47aEric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument the Indic conjoining behavior model in Unicode 5.0 (was originally intended for 4.1), including fallback behavior. Also examine behavior with multiple consonants. See 100-C22L2/04-279In progress
100-A48Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview the Indic FAQ to ensure consistency with the Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A50Eric MullerReview Indic scripts for inconsistencies with new Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A51Eric MullerReview the Sinhalese document with regard to ZWJ/ZWNJ usage consistency.L2/04-279In progress
100-A55Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeMake an XML version of the UCD available. Part of the plan for roll-out includes public review of the schema. Issue a PRI when ready.L2/04-220In progress
100-A61Lisa MooreFind out about CR NEL from an EBCDIC point of view: will there be files containing CR NEL and why did XML add it?L2/04-331 
100-A68Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Draft UTR #30: Character Foldings and post as UTR #30.L2/04-312, L2/04-320, L2/04-322, L2/04-325 
100-A73Mark Davis, Eric MullerDevelop a proposal on properties and casing.L2/04-123 
100-A75Ken WhistlerMake new document on collation upper and lower bounds for the November UTC.L2/04-319 
100-A77Ken WhistlerDraft a proposal for criteria for the default UCA table, based on discussion of document L2/04-277.L2/04-277 
100-A100Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post Proposed Update UTR #23: The Unicode Character Property Model, by September 30.L2/04-308 
100-A101Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePost a Public Review Issue for Proposed Update UTR #23: The Unicode Character Property Model, by October 1, to close November 8.L2/04-308 

From UTC #99 and L2 #196

Action Who Description Documents Status
99-A2Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeFurther discuss the design of UCD tags.L2/04-167 
99-A22Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Cathy Wissink, Editorial CommitteeEstablish a procedure for tracking and managing changes to the UCA table (DUCET).  

From UTC #98 and L2 #195

Action Who Description Documents Status
98-A1John JenkinsDetermine the frequency of usage of the supplementary Hong Kong characters. In progress
98-A2John JenkinsAsk Tom Bishop if he is willing to have CDL data used internally by the IRGL2/04-037In progress
98-A8John JenkinsAdd data on Cantonese pronunciation from Cheung and Bauer to Unihan.txt after the release of Unicode 4.1 (was: after 4.0.1) In progress
98-A28Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteePrepare a public review item for Proposed Draft UTS #XX. BOCU-1.L2/04-016On hold
98-A29Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePost a Public Review Issue for Proposed Draft UTS #XX, BOCU-1 to close June 8, 2004.L2/04-016On hold

From UTC #97 and L2 #194

Action Who Description Documents Status
97-A16Michael EversonWrite a tech note on phonetic notation (insular G and related IPA & Latin characters). In progress
97-A17Michael EversonWrite a tech note on the double oblique hyphen In progress
97-A65Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeDocument how to represent phonetic symbols used in dictionaries in a tech note and FAQ, using information from L2/03-359.L2/03-359In progress

From UTC #96 and L2 #193

Action Who Description Documents Status
96-A11Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeDocument the behavior of "ij", "fi", and "ffi" ligatures with accents in a FAQ. Reference 96-C4, 96-A10.L2/03-248In progress
96-A12Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeDocument the behavior of "ij", "fi", and "ffi" ligatures with accents in Unicode 5.0. Reference 96-C4, 96-A10. Text will use a future FAQ as its basis.L2/03-248 

From UTC #95 and L2 #192

Action Who Description Documents Status
95-A12Rick McGowanTake over action item 91-A082 from Asmus Freytag. Point to W3C documentation and prepare a web document on the known discrepancies in E. Asian mapping tables. Also get data from Mark Davis and the ICU team.  
95-A95Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Proposed Draft UTR #32: Assessing Unicode Support based on feedback received during the meeting and post as a proposed draft again.L2/03-196In progress