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Last updated: April 20, 2015

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Doc. # Subject Source Date
L2/15-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2014 Rick McGowan 2015-01-12
L2/15-002 Request for Clarification in the Encoding Model for Some Cyrillic Combining Characters Aleksandr Andreev, et al 2015-01-12
L2/15-003 Naming Tamil Symbols in SMP - Vallinam Characters Naga Ganesan 2015-01-19
L2/15-004 Proposal to Encode the Soyombo Script (WG2 N4655) Anshuman Pandey 2015-01-27
L2/15-005 Proposal to Encode the Gondi Script Anshuman Pandey 2015-01-27
L2/15-006 Comments on PRI #286, Proposed Draft UTR #51 C. E. Whitehead 2015-01-26
L2/15-007 Proposal to encode five religious and cultural symbols (WG2 N4661) Andrew West 2015-01-26
L2/15-008 Proposal of Nushu Code Chart based on WG2 N4610 (WG2 N4652) Toshiya Suzuki 2015-01-26
L2/15-009 Comments on Proposals of Zanabazar Square and Soyombo Script from Mongolian Experts (WG2 N4653) Toshiya Suzuki, et al 2015-01-26
L2/15-010 Feedback on proposal L2/14-304 to encode BENGALI LETTER AW Shriramana Sharma 2015-01-26
L2/15-011 Comment on L2/14-003: Any need for Combining Anusvara Sign Above in Malayalam Block? Naga Ganesan 2015-01-26
L2/15-012 Preliminary proposal to encode the north-eastern Iberian script University of Barcelona 2015-01-26
L2/15-013 Include LGBT characters into Unicode standard Víctor Méndez 2015-01-26
L2/15-014 Proposal to Change Annotations on Some Cyrillic Characters Aleksandr Andreev, et al 2015-01-26
L2/15-015 Recommended Unicode Glyph / Nameslist changes (revision 2) Emoji Subcom / Mark Davis, et al 2015-01-29
L2/15-016 UTC #142 Agenda Lisa Moore 2015-01-31
L2/15-017 UTC #142 Minutes Lisa Moore 2015-02-12
L2/15-018 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2014-10-22) Rick McGowan 2015-01-28
L2/15-019 Comments on Public Review Issues (Oct 24, 2014 - Jan 26, 2015) Rick McGowan 2015-01-28
L2/15-020 Disposition of comments on PDAM2.2 to ISO/IEC 10646 4th edition (WG2 N4656) Michel Suignard 2015-01-27
L2/15-021 Comment on L2/14-15R: Malayalam Sign Vertical Bar Virama (Chillu Virama Sign) Naga Ganesan 2015-01-27
L2/15-022 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Khotanese Script Lee Wilson 2015-01-27
L2/15-023 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Tocharian Script Lee Wilson 2015-01-27
L2/15-024 Comment on Malayalam circular Virama sign Naga Ganesan 2015-01-27
L2/15-025 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 (WG2 N4654) Unicode / Deborah Anderson 2015-01-27
L2/15-026 IAB Statement on Identifiers and Unicode 7.0.0 (See also live HTML) IAB / John Klensin 2015-01-27
L2/15-027 IDNA Update for Unicode 7.0.0 J. Klensin, P. Faltstrom 2015-01-28
L2/15-028 Additional repertoire Amendment 2.3 to ISO/IEC 10646:2014 (4th edition) (WG2 N4658) Michel Suignard 2015-01-31
L2/15-029 ZWJ in emoji sequences as hint for single glyph Emoji Ad-Hoc / Peter Edberg 2015-01-29
L2/15-030 Emojipedia top requests Mark Davis 2015-01-29
L2/15-031 International symbol for an observer (revised) Simon Griffee 2015-01-29
L2/15-032 Recommended Disposition on Feedback for PRI 286 & related Emoji docs (revised) Mark Davis 2015-02-23
L2/15-033 PRI and Reporting Form Feedback Brought Forward From Prior Meetings Rick McGowan 2015-01-29
L2/15-034 Proposed changes in Unihan kMandarin field for 571 Han characters Åke Persson via Peter Edberg 2015-02-01
L2/15-035 Proposed changes in Unihan_Readings.txt Åke Persson via Peter Edberg 2015-02-01
L2/15-036 Unified input on proposed changes to Unihan readings (revised) Peter Edberg 2015-02-04
L2/15-037 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (snapshot; HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2015-01-30
L2/15-038 Proposed Update UTR #23, The Unicode Character Property Model (snapshot; HTML version) Ken Whistler, Asmus Freytag 2015-01-30
L2/15-039 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm (snapshot; HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2015-01-30
L2/15-040 Proposed Draft UTR #51, Unicode Emoji (draft snapshot version 1 draft 5) Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2015-02-01
L2/15-041 Proposed Update UAX #24, Unicode Script Property (snapshot; HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2015-01-30
L2/15-042 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes (snapshot; HTML version) Laurențiu Iancu, Rick McGowan 2015-01-30
L2/15-043 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan) (snapshot; HTML version) John Jenkins, et al 2015-01-30
L2/15-044 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation (snapshot; HTML version) Mark Davis, Laurențiu Iancu 2015-01-30
L2/15-045 Recommendations to UTC #142 February 2015 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2015-02-01
L2/15-046 Script Encoding Initiative Liaison report Deborah Anderson 2015-02-01
L2/15-047 CJK Slavonic transcription characters Deborah Anderson 2015-02-01
L2/15-048 Adding gender counterparts to emoji list? Katrina Parrott, et al 2015-01-31
L2/15-049 Draft Emoji Data Files: Data, Ordering, Annotations (ZIP file version) Mark Davis, et al 2015-02-01
L2/15-050 Additional variation selectors for emoji (revised) Mark Davis, et al 2015-02-04
L2/15-051 Draft Emoji VS Data Files: VS, Style (ZIP file version) Mark Davis, et al 2015-02-01
L2/15-052 Proposed changes for UAX31 for Hashtags Mark Davis 2015-02-01
L2/15-053 Advance tr51 to Draft UTS #51 Mark Davis 2015-02-01
L2/15-054 Emoji Additions: Animals, Compatibility, and More Popular Requests (revised) Emoji Ad-Hoc 2015-02-01
L2/15-055 Paella emoji proposal Toni González 2015-02-01
L2/15-056 ABNF for domain names in UTS #46 Mark Davis 2015-02-01
L2/15-057 Emoji Press Page Mark Davis 2015-02-01
L2/15-058 Comparing MSN Messenger Smiley Set to Unicode Emoji Shervin Afshar 2015-02-01
L2/15-059 Comparing Yahoo Messenger Smiley Set to Unicode Emoji Shervin Afshar 2015-02-01
L2/15-060 Minutes of the 2nd meeting of the TVA High Level Committee on
Unicode related issues held on 23rd January 2015 (revised)
Tamil Virtual Academy 2015-02-02
L2/15-061 Emoji Additions: Runner-ups Emoji Ad-Hoc / Craig Cummings 2015-02-02
L2/15-062 Ramifications for UAX 31 of “use of ZWJ/ZWNJ ahead of virama” Mark Davis 2015-02-02
L2/15-063 Response to the proposal to encode Malayalam ordinal indicator L2/14-303 Cibu Johny 2015-02-02
L2/15-064 Fitzpatrick Thumb up & Cross finger Nzewi Uchenna 2015-02-02
L2/15-065 Proposal to Add IDS Links to Online Unihan Database John Jenkins 2015-02-02
L2/15-066 Proposal to Encode Diwani Siyaq Numbers Anshuman Pandey 2015-02-02
L2/15-067 Revised Proposal for Plaintext Grantha Chillu Representation (replaces L2/14-162) Naga Ganesan 2015-02-03
L2/15-068 Preventing Sentence Breaks within Words like “Mr.Hamster” Laurențiu Iancu, et al 2015-02-03
L2/15-069 Egyptian Hieroglyphs in Unicode plain text, a note on a suggested approach Bob Richmond 2015-02-03
L2/15-070 IDS in Unihan Mark Davis 2015-02-03
L2/15-071 More Unicode Emoji Glyph changes (revised) Mark Davis, et al 2015-02-03
L2/15-072 Proposal to Encode Ottoman Siyaq Numbers Anshuman Pandey 2015-02-03
L2/15-073 Progress on UTS #39 Mark Davis 2015-02-03
L2/15-074 Proposal to Encode the SIYAQ NUMBER MARK for Arabic Anshuman Pandey 2015-02-03
L2/15-075 UAX #29 should mention ULI suppression data to solve “Hr. Hamster” Steven Loomis 2015-02-03
L2/15-076 ULI-TC Liason Report Feb 2015 Steven Loomis 2015-02-04
L2/15-077 Line break property value of U+22EF MIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS Peter Edberg 2015-02-04
L2/15-078 Proposed Tamil Charts (for Unicode 8.0) Michel Suignard 2015-02-04
L2/15-079 Proposed name changes to Tamil Supplement block characters Roozbeh Pournader, et al 2015-02-05
L2/15-080 Add email identifier profile to TR39 Mark Davis 2015-02-09
L2/15-081 Syriac appears to be missing various combining characters Roozbeh Pournader 2015-02-16
L2/15-082 Need for representing often used Telugu symbols Challa Anilkumar 2015-02-16
L2/15-083 Proposal for addition of Group Mark symbol Ken Shirriff 2015-02-20
L2/15-084 Proposal to include the Döner Kebab Emoji Maximilian Zierer 2015-02-20
L2/15-085 Representing the fractions 1/4 and 1/20 in Grantha text Shriramana Sharma 2015-02-20
L2/15-086 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Gunjala Gondi Script Anshuman Pandey 2015-02-20
L2/15-087 Proposal to encode one Arabic honorifics Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2015-02-23
L2/15-088 Preliminary Proposal to Encode Syriac Letters for Garshuni Malayalam Anshuman Pandey 2015-03-06
L2/15-089 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Old Sogdian Script SEI / Anshuman Pandey 2015-04-14
L2/15-090 Proposal to Encode the Masaram Gondi Script (replaces L2/15-005) Anshuman Pandey 2015-04-16
L2/15-091 Bengali letter UA used in Kokborok Sanghmitra Sahu 2015-03-12
L2/15-092 Typographic Concerns and the Hebrew Nomina Sacra Mark Shoulson 2015-03-12
L2/15-093 Proposal to Encode ‘Shiva Linga’ Symbols Anshuman Pandey 2015-03-12
L2/15-094 Response to Mongolian and Japanese comments on Soyombo and Zanabazar Square Anshuman Pandey 2015-03-12
L2/15-095 Examples of OBSERVER EYE SYMBOL, in support of proposal L2/15-031R Rick McGowan 2015-03-12
L2/15-096 kKorean vs. kHangul Jaemin Chung 2015-03-23
L2/15-097 Proposal to Encode Symbols of Jainism Anshuman Pandey 2015-03-23
L2/15-098 Request to add 93 Chinese Characters Ming Fan 2015-03-23
L2/15-099 Proposal to Encode the ‘Fravahar’ Symbol Anshuman Pandey 2015-04-06
L2/15-100 Winged sun placeholder Anshuman Pandey 2015-04-
L2/15-101 Encoding of Vedic characters used in non-Devanagari scripts Srinidhi 2015-03-30
L2/15-102 Additional Script stability policy Mark Davis 2015-04-02
L2/15-103 Revised Proposal to Encode Gujarati Signs for the Transliteration of Arabic (replaces L2/14-131) SEI / Anshman Pandey 2015-04-02
L2/15-104 Comment on Religious Symbols in PDAM2.3 for ISO/IEC 10646:2012/Amd.2 (WG2 N4662) Toshiya Suzuki 2015-04-03
L2/15-105 Proposal to Encode the ‘Atashdan’ Symbol Anshuman Pandey 2015-04-06
L2/15-106 UTC #143 Agenda Lisa Moore 2015-04-
L2/15-107 UTC #143 Minutes Lisa Moore 2015-04-
L2/15-108 Collation problems in the draft tr10 text Mark Davis 2015-04-
L2/15-109 Proposal to add an Urgently Needed Character to UAX #45 Ken Lunde 2015-04-15
L2/15-110 Further discussion on the disposition of PDAM2.2 ballot comments Japan N.B. 2015-04-15
L2/15-111 Proposal to Encode the ‘Parsapen’ Symbol Anshuman Pandey 2015-04-15
L2/15-112 GONDI and GUNJALA GONDI CHARACTER NAMES – Vowels EE and OO N. Ganesan 2015-04-15
L2/15-113 Comments on L2/15-101 on non-Devanagari Vedic characters Shriramana Sharma 2015-04-20
L2/15-114 Proposal to encode a Chinese Character as UNC Ming Fan 2015-04-20
L2/15-115     2015-04-
L2/15-116     2015-04-
L2/15-117     2015-04-
L2/15-118     2015-04-
L2/15-119     2015-04-
L2/15-120     2015-04-

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