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Last updated: May 19, 2022

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/22-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2021 Rick McGowan 2022-01-05
L2/22-002 Proposal to revise the glyph of CYRILLIC LETTER MULTIOCULAR O  (WG2 N5170) Michael Everson 2022-01-18
L2/22-003 On radicals for lexicography in Blissymbols Michael Everson 2022-01-19
L2/22-004 On the glyph of LATIN LETTER CLOSED INSULAR G  (WG2 N5172) Michael Everson 2022-01-18
L2/22-005 Unicode request for Lot of Fortune and eclipse symbols Kirk Miller 2022-01-04
L2/22-006 Proposal to encode ARCHAIC SHRII in Kannada and Telugu Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2022-01-04
L2/22-007 Avoiding Source Code Spoofing (revised) Mark Davis, Robin Leroy, et al 2022-01-27
L2/22-008 Proposal to change various values in the Unihan Database Jaemin Chung 2022-01-06
L2/22-009 Proposal to Add to UAX #45 Three Ideographs with Radical 見 William T. Nelson 2022-01-07
L2/22-010 Addendum II to L2/21-107, Cyrillic modifier letters Kirk Miller 2022-01-10
L2/22-011 UAX #45 Data Issues in Unicode 14.0 William T. Nelson 2022-01-10
L2/22-012 Rotations of Egyptian Hieroglyphs to be Registered in Unicode (revised) Daniel A. Werning 2022-04-25
L2/22-013 C0 and C1 stability for Unicode and 10646 (revised) Kent Karlsson 2022-02-28
L2/22-014 Incorrect Radical for CJK Unified Ideograph 266B9 William T. Nelson 2022-01-12
L2/22-015 UTC #170 Agenda Peter Constable 2022-01-24
L2/22-016 UTC #170 Minutes Peter Constable 2022-04-21
L2/22-017 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2021-10-04) Rick McGowan 2022-01-21
L2/22-018 Comments on Public Review Issues (Sept 25, 2021 - Jan 18, 2022) Rick McGowan 2022-01-19
L2/22-019 UTC #170 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2022-01-20
L2/22-020 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #170 Meeting Ken Whistler 2022-01-24
L2/22-021 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q1, 2022 UTC ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2022-01-21
L2/22-022 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #170 Meeting Ken Lunde 2022-01-26
L2/22-023 Recommendations to UTC #170 January 2022 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2022-01-24
L2/22-024 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2022-01-20
L2/22-025 Clarification on spelling of lam-alef ligatures for al-Dani Lorna Priest Evans 2022-01-13
L2/22-026 Glyph mirroring: NonBidiMirroring.txt Kent Karlsson 2022-01-18
L2/22-027 Proposal to add derived kMandarin property values Ken Lunde 2022-01-18
L2/22-028 Bidi in programming languages and markup languages Kent Karlsson 2022-01-18
L2/22-029 Proposal to guarantee stability of spelling of property names, values, and aliases in UCD Michael Ficarra 2022-01-18
L2/22-030 Consideration of the encoding of Garay with updated user feedback Andrij Rovenchak, et al 2022-01-18
L2/22-031 Updated proposal to encode the Tulu-Tigalari script in Unicode (replaces L2/21-210) Vaishnavi Murthy Yerkadithaya, Vinodh Rajan 2022-01-18
L2/22-032 Further Response to Tulu Academy Documents Vaishnavi Murthy Yerkadithaya, Vinodh Rajan 2022-01-18
L2/22-033 Approving TULU UNICODE SCRIPTS by UNICODE CONSORTIUM Beluru Sudarshana 2022-01-18
L2/22-034 Proposal to Encode Tulu Script in Unicode Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy 2022-01-18
L2/22-035 Proposal to encode Arabic Alef with Right Hamza used in Quran published in Iran Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2022-01-18
L2/22-036 ESC Guidelines around hand and face emoji Lauren Gawne, Jennifer Daniel 2022-01-21
L2/22-037 Change of Vertical_Orientation property for Bopomofo Tone Marks Ken Whistler, Deborah Anderson 2022-01-24
L2/22-038 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #58 Ken Lunde 2022-02-04
L2/22-039 Proposed Update UTS #37 Unicode Ideographic Variation Database (snapshot, HTML version) Ken Lunde 2022-02-08
L2/22-040 Proposal on encoding the unencoded Chinese characters in Nanmingshi by Qian Haiyue and other resources Chen Yanzheng 2022-02-10
L2/22-041 Javanese orthographic syllables Norbert Lindenberg 2022-02-14
L2/22-042 Proposal to disunify U+5F50 into three separate ideographs-redux Ken Lunde 2022-02-18
L2/22-043 Proposal to Encode Kirat Rai script (revised) Biswajit Mandal, Lorna Evans 2022-04-20
L2/22-044 Revised proposal to encode the Lampung script Anshuman Pandey 2022-02-18
L2/22-045 Proposal to add capital rams horn Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2022-02-23
L2/22-046 Proposal to encode numerals for Eastern Pwo Karen and Pa'O Ben Mitchell 2022-02-23
L2/22-047 Proposal to encode Arabic Combining Alef Overlay used in Quran published in Libya Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2022-02-23
L2/22-048 Consideration of the encoding of Garay with updated user feedback Andrij Rovenchak, et al 2022-02-23
L2/22-049 Western Cham Resolution Meeting Martin Hosken 2022-02-23
L2/22-050 Response to L2/22-049, on Western Cham Resolution Meeting Jorge López Cortina 2022-02-24
L2/22-051 Proposal to Encode ARABIC LETTER THREE QUARTER HIGH HAMZA for Jawi Ahmad Ali A. Karim, et al 2022-02-25
L2/22-052 Regarding the Sindhi Heh Lorna Priest Evans 2022-02-25
L2/22-053 Sindhi Heh Kamal Mansour 2022-02-25
L2/22-054 G glyph for U+48B4 (IRG N2545) Jaemin Chung 2022-02-28
L2/22-055 Bidi Examples Ken Whistler 2022-03-02
L2/22-056 Review of the code charts of Unicode 15 Alpha (PRI 442) Eduardo Marín Silva 2022-03-07
L2/22-057 Comments on Revised proposal to encode the Lampung script Aditya Bayu Perdana, et al 2022-03-14
L2/22-058 Comments on Revised proposal to encode the Lampung script Febri Muhammad Nasrullah 2022-03-14
L2/22-059 Proposal to Encode Three Balinese Punctuation Marks Rikza F. Sh., Aditya Bayu Perdana 2022-03-16
L2/22-060 UTC #171 Agenda Peter Constable 2022-04-15
L2/22-061 UTC #171 Minutes Peter Constable 2022-04-27
L2/22-062 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2022-01-21) Rick McGowan 2022-04-14
L2/22-063 Comments on Public Review Issues (Jan 18, 2022 - April 11, 2022) Rick McGowan 2022-04-14
L2/22-064 UTC #171 properties feedback & recommendations (revised) Markus Scherer, et al 2022-04-18
L2/22-065 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #171Meeting Ken Whistler 2022-04-15
L2/22-066 Emoji Subcommittee Report for UTC #171 (2022Q2) (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2022-04-22
L2/22-067 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #171 Meeting Ken Lunde 2022-04-16
L2/22-068 Recommendations to UTC #171 April 2022 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2022-04-18
L2/22-069 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2022-04-14
L2/22-070 Feedback on Unihan_Variants.txt Mike Fabian 2022-03-16
L2/22-071 Proposal to revise the glyphs of LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED OPEN E and LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED REVERSED OPEN E Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2022-03-16
L2/22-072 Proposal for amendments to UAX#9 and UAX#31 (revised) Robin Leroy, Mark Davis, et al 2022-04-11
L2/22-073 Update on implementation status of African scripts Charles L. Riley 2022-03-18
L2/22-074 Todhri encoding options Roozbeh Pournader 2022-03-18
L2/22-075 Letter on Tulu-Tigalari from Dr. Guru Prasad, Director, KaNaada Phonetics Pvt. Ltd. Guru Prasad 2022-03-18
L2/22-076 Submission of One Character for Macao Supplementary Character Set (MSCS) (IRG N2538R) Macao 2022-03-21
L2/22-077 revised proposal requesting a Horizontal Extension of 51 Hanja chars (previously submitted for ExtF/G/H) (IRG N2512) Korea NB 2022-03-21
L2/22-078 IRG Meeting #58 Recommendations and Action Items (IRG N2530) IRG 2022-03-21
L2/22-079 CJK editorial group Editorial Report (IRG N2536) IRG 2022-03-21
L2/22-080 Line breaking at orthographic syllable boundaries (revised) Norbert Lindenberg, et al 2022-04-15
L2/22-081 Proposal for new identifier type values Asmus Freytag, Michel Suignard 2022-03-29
L2/22-082 Proposal for an option in UAX #31 to prohibit ZWJ/ZWNJ for identifier security (revised) Asmus Freytag, Michel Suignard 2022-04-12
L2/22-083 Khojki Confusable Sequences Peter Constable 2022-03-30
L2/22-084 Proposal to update various readings values for CJK Ext. H in the Unihan Database Eiso Chan 2022-04-06
L2/22-085 Proposal to add two ideographs to UAX #45 Eiso Chan 2022-04-06
L2/22-086 Specification updates for orthographic syllables and line breaking Norbert Lindenberg 2022-04-14
L2/22-087 Profile Changes in UAX #31 / UTS #39 Mark Davis, et al 2022-04-15
L2/22-088 Status report of the source code working group for UTC #171 Mark Davis, et al 2022-04-15
L2/22-089 Proposed Update UAX #9 Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2022-04-11
L2/22-090 Proposed Update UAX #31 Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax (HTML version) Mark Davis 2022-04-11
L2/22-091 Vietnam Response to IRGN2509 Vietnam N. B. 2022-04-12
L2/22-092 Proposal to add the currency sign for the POLISH ZŁOTY National Bank of Poland 2022-04-12
L2/22-093 Review of Kawi code chart of Unicode 15 Alpha (PRI 442) Waṣkiṭa Kinaṇṭi, Rikza F. Sh. 2022-04-12
L2/22-094 Regularizing Emoji Structure (revised) ESC / Mark Davis 2022-04-14
L2/22-095 Proposal to Encode Western Cham 2021 Alberto Pérez Pereiro, et al 2022-04-13
L2/22-096 Proposal to Encode the Gurung Khema Biswajit Mandal 2022-04-13
L2/22-098 Updated proposal to encode the Tai Don script Kushim Jiang 2022-04-14
L2/22-099 Comments on "Updated proposal to encode the Tai Don script" Jim Brase 2022-04-14
L2/22-100 Request for consideration to add 4 sequences used for Chinese Pinyin to NamedSequences.txt Eiso Chan 2022-05-02
L2/22-101 Proposal to revise the glyph of LATIN SMALL LETTER BARRED A Denis Moyogo Jacquerye 2022-05-19
L2/22-102     2022-05-
L2/22-103     2022-05-
L2/22-104     2022-05-
L2/22-105     2022-05-
L2/22-106     2022-05-
L2/22-107     2022-05-
L2/22-108     2022-05-
L2/22-109     2022-05-
L2/22-110     2022-05-


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