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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/19-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2018 Rick McGowan 2019-01-02
L2/19-002 Comments on three Arabic-derived letters Marc Lodewijck 2019-01-02
L2/19-003 Suspicious identity of U+A9B5 JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN TOLONG Liang Hai, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-01-04
L2/19-004 Properties of U+A9BD JAVANESE CONSONANT SIGN KERET Liang Hai, Aditya Bayu Perdana 2019-01-04
L2/19-005 Proposal to encode ORIYA SIGN OVERLINE Lorna Evans 2019-01-02
L2/19-006 Proposal to encode the LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AT for Koalib orthography and gender inclusive language in Portuguese and Spanish Eduardo Marín Silva 2019-01-05
L2/19-007 UTC #158 Agenda Lisa Moore 2019-01-13
L2/19-008 UTC #158 Minutes Lisa Moore 2019-02-08
L2/19-009 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2018-09-14) Rick McGowan 2019-01-10
L2/19-010 Comments on Public Review Issues (Sept 14, 2018 - January 11, 2019) Rick McGowan 2019-01-11
L2/19-011 Proposal to add one Idu character for the place name to UAX #45 Eiso Chan 2019-01-04
L2/19-012 Proposal for encoding symbols for visual acuity charts Eduardo Marín Silva 2019-01-07
L2/19-013 UAX 14 Improve Line Breaking Around Numbers Andy Heninger 2019-01-07
L2/19-014 Revised Regular Expressions in UAX #38 John H. Jenkins 2019-01-07
L2/19-015 Proposed Overhaul of kZVariant Data in the Unihan Database (replaces L2/15-266) John H. Jenkins 2019-01-07
L2/19-016 Revised proposal to encode Old Uyghur (replaces L2/18-126) Anshuman Pandey 2019-01-11
L2/19-017 Comments on L2/18-346: Sequences for Unused Malayalam Letters N. Ganesan 2019-01-08
L2/19-018 ESC Candidate Recommendations for 2019Q1 ESC / Jeremy Burge 2019-01-16
L2/19-019 ESC Report for 2019Q1 ESC / Jeremy Burge 2019-01-16
L2/19-020 ESC comments on 2019Q1 feedback from PRIs 387, 380, 392 ESC / Peter Edberg 2019-01-11
L2/19-021 ESC Modified data files for L2/18-340 ESC / Mark Davis 2019-01-15
L2/19-022 Gendered Emoji Update II Charlotte Buff 2019-01-08
L2/19-023 Syloti Nagri feedback on L2/18-259 Lorna Evans, et al 2019-01-08
L2/19-024 Proposal to encode SYLOTI NAGRI SIGN ALTERNATE HASANTA Lorna Evans 2019-01-09
L2/19-025 Proposal to add characters from legacy computers and teletext (replaces L2/18-275) [see also version without attachments, mapping files, mapping spreadsheet] Doug Ewell, Rebecca Bettencourt, et al 2019-01-08
L2/19-026 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-027 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji (HTML version) Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2019-01-09
L2/19-028 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-source Ideographs (HTML version) John H. Jenkins 2019-01-09
L2/19-029 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan) (HTML version) John H. Jenkins, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-030 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (HTML version) Andy Heninger 2019-01-09
L2/19-031 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-032 Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax (HTML version) Mark Davis 2019-01-09
L2/19-033 Proposed Update UAX #34, Unicode Named Character Sequences (HTML version) Addison Phillips 2019-01-09
L2/19-034 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation (HTML version) Mark Davis 2019-01-09
L2/19-035 Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2019-01-09
L2/19-036 Proposed Update UAX #42, Unicode Character Database in XML (HTML version) Eric Muller 2019-01-09
L2/19-037 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2019-01-09
L2/19-038 Public Review Issue #392: Multi-person Emoji (background document) ESC / Mark Davis 2019-01-09
L2/19-039 Grapheme break property for U+FF9E and U+FF9F Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-040 General category of U+FFFC Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-041 Linebreak property value of U+00AD SOFT HYPHEN Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-042 Linebreaks inside numbers Eric Muller 2019-01-10
L2/19-043 Proposal to add one U-source ideograph Jaemin Chung 2019-01-10
L2/19-044 Bété Script Working Documents Deborah Anderson 2019-01-10
L2/19-045 New charts for Northern and Southern Palaeohispanic Joan Ferrer, Deborah Anderson 2019-01-10
L2/19-046 SEI Liaison report Deborah Anderson 2019-01-10
L2/19-047 Recommendations to UTC #158 January 2019 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2019-01-13
L2/19-048 Draft for Proposed Update UTS #46, Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2019-01-10
L2/19-049 Proposed Change in GCB Property Value for Surrogate Code Points Ken Whistler 2019-01-10
L2/19-050 Reconsidering gc and InPC values of U+119D2 nandinagari vowel sign i Liang Hai 2019-01-11
L2/19-051 Proposal for encoding the Yezidi script in the SMP Andrij Rovenchak, et al 2019-01-11
L2/19-052 Revised draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire - First Tranche: Human, God and Goddess (WG2 N5019) Michel Suignard 2019-01-11
L2/19-053 Proposal to Encode Znamenny Musical Notation in Unicode (Preliminary and Incomplete) Aleksandr Andreev, Nikita Simmons 2019-01-13
L2/19-054 Feedback on Properties Roozbeh Pournader 2019-01-13
L2/19-055 Proposed Changes in the Segmentation Property Values for Fullwidth Digits Laurențiu Iancu 2019-01-14
L2/19-056 Comments on L2/18-337 - Broaden the scope of what Unicode calls "properties" Michael Saboff 2019-01-15
L2/19-057 The Mongol script encoding - 2018, Meeting Summary D. Badarch 2019-01-15
L2/19-058 Mongolian ad-hoc report (laboratory prototype) Ken Whistler 2019-01-17
L2/19-059 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 Deborah Anderson 2019-01-18
L2/19-060 Proposal for Emoji: COOKING POT Emojination / Samantha Sunne 2019-01-22
L2/19-061 Proposal for PLACARD Emoji Emojination / Theo Schear, Jennifer 8. Lee 2019-02-19
L2/19-062 Piñata Emoji Proposal Emojination / Rebecca Blaesing, et al 2019-02-04
L2/19-063 A proposal for encoding italics in plain text using Variation Selector 14 William Overington 2019-02-07
L2/19-064 Investigation of Tangut unification issues (WG2 N5031) Andrew West, Viacheslav Zaytsev 2019-02-11
L2/19-065 Compatibility Ideographs and UAX #45 John H. Jenkins 2019-02-19
L2/19-066 Under-specified IRG Source References Richard Cook 2019-02-19
L2/19-067 Proposal to encode the Zoroastrian symbol 'Fravahar' in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2019-01-19
L2/19-068 Proposal to add Block Elements and Symbols for Software Developing Renzhi Li 2019-01-19
L2/19-069 Proposal to encode the Old Turkic ligature ORKHON CI Anshuman Pandey 2019-01-19
L2/19-070 Replacement of Adlam Reference Font in Codesheet to Updated Design Neil Patel, Mark Jamra 2019-01-19
L2/19-071 Preliminary report on L2/17-337, Revised chart of Naxi Dongba characters Duncan Poupard 2019-01-19
L2/19-072 LATIN LETTER TURNED CAPITAL Y Anselm D. Schüler 2019-01-19
L2/19-073 Proposal to add BREATH punctuation marks Andrés Sanhueza 2019-01-19
L2/19-074 Proposal to include Shughni/Roshani Alphabet Habib Zohoori 2019-02-25
L2/19-075 Proposal to add six phonetic characters for Scots (WG2 N5036) Michael Everson 2019-03-
L2/19-076 Proposal to encode three cross symbols (WG2 N5037) Michael Everson 2019-03-
L2/19-077 Proposal to include Balti alphabet Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2019-03-06
L2/19-078 Using Gender Inclusive Designs Jennifer Daniel 2019-03-06
L2/19-079 Proposal for revision of Unicode Bangla Block ICT Div, Gov't of Bangladesh 2019-03-06
L2/19-080 Proposal for Transgender Flag Emoji Ted Eytan, et al 2019-03-14
L2/19-081 Proposal to update the U-Source reference for U+2B089 Eiso Chan, et al 2019-03-15
L2/19-082     2019-03-
L2/19-083     2019-03-
L2/19-084     2019-03-
L2/19-085     2019-03-
L2/19-086     2019-03-
L2/19-087     2019-03-
L2/19-088     2019-03-
L2/19-089     2019-03-
L2/19-090     2019-03-


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