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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/18-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2017 Rick McGowan 2018-01-03
L2/18-002 Axe Emoji Submission Brandon Gamm 2018-01-03
L2/18-003 Proposal for Parachute Emoji Sam Holmes 2018-01-03
L2/18-004 Proposal to reconsider compatibility symbols and punctuation used in the DPRK Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-01-03
L2/18-005 Naming conventions for larger character sets (WG2 N4925) Michael Everson, Andrew West 2018-01-11
L2/18-006 UTC #154 Agenda Lisa Moore 2018-01-21
L2/18-007 UTC #154 Minutes Lisa Moore 2018-01-31
L2/18-008 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2017-10-09) Rick McGowan 2018-01-17
L2/18-009 Comments on Public Review Issues (October 13, 2017 - January 20, 2018) Rick McGowan 2018-01-20
L2/18-010 Proposal to encode the Khwarezmian script in Unicode (replaces L2/17-054R; revised) Anshuman Pandey 2018-03-26
L2/18-011 Information on the most recent version of KPS 9566 (KPS 9566-2011?) Jaemin Chung 2018-01-05
L2/18-012 Proposal of Four IDCs (IRG N 2273; replaces L2/17-386) Tao Yang, et al 2018-01-05
L2/18-013 Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for digits and various punctuation Ken Lunde 2018-01-08
L2/18-014 Feedback on L2/18-004 (DPRK symbols) Eiso Chan 2018-01-08
L2/18-015 Proposal to encode the END OF TEXT MARK for Malayalam Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2018-01-08
L2/18-016 Proposal to encode Dives Akuru (revised; replaces L2/17-417) Anshuman Pandey 2018-01-20
L2/18-017 Update on enclosed postal mark Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-01-10
L2/18-018 Chess Emoji Submission Juber Moulvi Abdul 2018-01-11
L2/18-019 Proposal for Poison Emoji Erwin Völkening, Yuan Jacob Ahn 2018-01-11
L2/18-020 Proposal to define Standardized Variation Sequences for BOPOMOFO LETTER I Eiso Chan, Selena Wei 2018-01-11
L2/18-021 Proposal to add informative notes to U+311D, U+3120, and U+3129 Jaemin Chung 2018-01-12
L2/18-022 Gender Emoji Strategy (replaces L2/17-374) ESC / Mark Davis, et al 2018-01-18
L2/18-023 ESC Recommendations for Emoji 11.0 ESC 2018-01-18
L2/18-024 ESC Recommendations for Emoji 12.0 ESC / Mark Davis, et al 2018-01-22
L2/18-025 General feedback for the editorial committee Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-01-16
L2/18-026 Proposals to ensure legibility of bidirectional mathematical notation Marcel Schneider 2018-01-16
L2/18-027 Response to feedback from WG2 email discussion list on PDAM 2.2 Jeremy Burge, Lisa Moore / UTC 2018-01-16
L2/18-028 More precisions about Hamza Azzeddine Lazrek 2018-01-16
L2/18-029 Feedback on the name of DIYA EMOJI Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2018-01-17
L2/18-030 Proposal to encode the Palaeohispanic script (replaces L2/17-129) Joan Ferrer, et al 2018-01-17
L2/18-031 Feedback from WG2 email discussion list on PDAM 2.2 and DAM1 for Unicode 11.0 Deborah Anderson 2018-01-17
L2/18-032 Proposal to include Hindko alphabets Lateef Sagar Shaikh 2018-01-17
L2/18-033 Feedback on L2/17-356 Proposal for DIYA Emoji Shriramana Sharma 2018-01-18
L2/18-034 Feedback on L2/18-015 proposing Malayalam punctuation mark Shriramana Sharma 2018-01-18
L2/18-035 Encoding model issues with the Vedic gomukha characters Shriramana Sharma 2018-01-18
L2/18-036 Glyphs for Egyptian Hieroglyphic control characters (WG2 N4926) Michael Everson, Andrew Glass 2018-01-20
L2/18-037 Proposed special case mappings for U+24C2 CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M ESC / Ned Holbrook 2018-01-18
L2/18-038 Preliminary Proposal for Encoding Mayan Hieroglyphic Text Carlos Pallán Gayol 2018-01-18
L2/18-039 Recommendations to UTC #154 January 2018 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2018-01-20
L2/18-040 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2018-01-18
L2/18-041 Request to Add Thai Characters (WG2 N4927) Nitaya Kanchanawan 2018-01-19
L2/18-042 Information and documentation - Transliteration of scripts in use
in Thailand - Part 1: Transliteration of Akson-Thai-Noi (WG2 N4927A; password protected)
TC46 / WG3 2018-01-19
L2/18-043 Results on ISO CD 20674-1: Information and documentation - Transliteration of scripts in use in Thailand - Part 1: Transliteration of Akson-Thai-Noi  (WG2 N4927B) TC46 Secretatriat 2018-01-19
L2/18-044 Encoding emoji vs other characters Mark Davis, et al 2018-01-22
L2/18-045 Request to add one U-source ideograph Jaemin Chung 2018-01-22
L2/18-046 Virama + ZWJ + Vowel_Dependent Mark Davis 2018-01-22
L2/18-047 Slide Presentation on Proposal for Encoding Mayan Hieroglyphic Text Carlos Pallán Gayol 2018-01-22
L2/18-048 Regards to L2/18-012 Taichi Kawabata 2018-01-23
L2/18-049 Pair mappings missing from BidiMirroring.txt (revised) Roozbeh Pournader 2018-01-23
L2/18-050 Clean Up Unicode Segmentation Rules Mark Davis 2018-01-24
L2/18-051 Ad hoc responses on emoji Mark Davis 2018-01-24
L2/18-052 Comments on L2/18-020 Proposal to define Standardized Variation Sequences for BOPOMOFO LETTER I Liang Hai 2018-01-25
L2/18-053 New Indic Syllabic Category Consonant_Initial_Postfixed Roozbeh Pournader 2018-01-25
L2/18-054 The two ways to represent Tamil Shri Roozbeh Pournader 2018-01-25
L2/18-055 UAX #29 actions in PRI 355 Mark Davis 2018-01-25
L2/18-056 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 (January 2018) Deborah Anderson 2018-01-26
L2/18-057 Request to provide explicit rationales for exclusion of symbols in the KPS 9566 standard Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-01-29
L2/18-058 Proposal to encode the POSTAL MARK ENCLOSED IN DOWN POINTING TRIANGLE Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-02-02
L2/18-059 Proposal for new RGI Emoji Sequence, Pirate Flag Emoji Jeremy Burge, Bryan Haggerty 2018-02-05
L2/18-060 Proposal to encode the CANDRABINDU for Sinhala Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2018-02-05
L2/18-061 Proposal to include Luri alphabets (revised) Mohammad Mogoei, Lateef Shaikh 2018-05-09
L2/18-062 Revised proposal for dealing with the moon symbols problem (revised) Kent Karlsson 2018-03-28
L2/18-063 Proposal to remove the UCS2003 representative glyphs from the Extension B code charts Ken Lunde 2018-02-22
L2/18-064 Proposal to add 2 new UAX#45 characters Henry Chan 2018-02-20
L2/18-065 Proposed kIRG_GSource Changes & Corrections Ken Lunde 2018-02-23
L2/18-066 Proposed kIICore Changes & Additions (revised) Ken Lunde 2018-05-04
L2/18-067 Proposal for Inter-Skintone Couple Emoji Sequences Jennifer 8. Lee, et al 2018-02-26
L2/18-068 Thai-Noi Transliteration (WG2 N4939) Martin Hosken 2018-02-27
L2/18-069 Feedback on name for U+16F4F MIAO SIGN CONSONANT MODIFIER BAR Deborah Anderson 2018-02-27
L2/18-070 Feedback on ISO/TC 46/WG3 N2631 ISO/CD 20674-1 "Information and documentation -  Transliteration of scripts in use in Thailand - Part 1: Transliteration of Akson-Thai-Noi" Deborah Anderson, et al 2018-02-28
L2/18-071 Comment on IRG N2298 & L2/18-066 (Proposed kIICore Changes & Additions) Jaemin Chung 2018-03-02
L2/18-072 Towards a comprehensive proposal for Thai Noi / Lao Buhan script Ben Mitchell 2018-03-05
L2/18-073 Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for various punctuation (replaces L2/18-013) Ken Lunde 2018-03-05
L2/18-074 Proposal for SLOTH Emoji Bodo Tasche, et al 2018-03-07
L2/18-075 Proposed Property Changes for Ardhavisargas Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2018-03-07
L2/18-076 Proposal for Garlic Emoji Emojination / Clint Adams 2018-03-20
L2/18-077 Proposal for Onion Emoji Emojination / Clint Adams, Jennifer 8. Lee 2018-03-20
L2/18-078 Deprecation of 3 Tibetan Characters  Élie Roux 2018-03-22
L2/18-079 Feedback on Sinhala candrabindu (L2/18-060) Deborah Anderson 2018-03-21
L2/18-080 Proposal For New Accessibility Emoji Apple Inc. 2018-03-23
L2/18-081 Preliminary proposal to encode Rejang Numbers Anshuman Pandey 2018-03-26
L2/18-082 Extend the EquivalentUinifiedIdeograph property to three Suzhou numerals, etc Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-03-28
L2/18-083 Preliminary proposal to encode Pallava Anshuman Pandey 2018-03-28
L2/18-084 Proposal to encode the TAKRI VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC R Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2018-03-28
L2/18-085 Preliminary proposal to encode Sirmauri Anshuman Pandey 2018-03-28
L2/18-086 Proposal to encode the AUTO RICKSHAW emoji Anshuman Pandey 2018-03-28
L2/18-087 Proposal for WAFFLE Emoji Jay Peters 2018-03-29
L2/18-088 Proposal to encode the two remaining tally mark systems proposed in L2/15-328 Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-03-29
L2/18-089 Extended emoji support from major platform vendors Jeremy Burge 2018-03-30
L2/18-090 On the encoding of tachograph symbols Marius Spix 2018-04-02
L2/18-091 Emoji Proposal for SITTING PERSON, STANDING PERSON and KNEELING PERSON Emojination / Jennifer 8. Lee, Alex Marx 2018-04-03
L2/18-092 Blood Drop Emoji Proposal Emojination / Melissa Thermidor, Francis Mason 2018-04-03
L2/18-093 Proposal for a New Emoji: Otter Monica Dinculescu, Jane Solomon 2018-04-03
L2/18-094 Proposal to encode additional Arabic script characters for Hausa Lorna Evans, Andy Warren-Rothlin 2018-04-26
L2/18-095 Feedback on proposal to encode tachograph symbols (L2/18-090) Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-04-04
L2/18-096 Proposed kMainlandTelegraph changes Jaemin Chung 2018-04-09
L2/18-097 Request to add nine U-source ideographs Jaemin Chung 2018-04-04
L2/18-098 Proposal for Flamingo Emoji Megan O'Neill 2018-04-04
L2/18-099 The Proposal for deprecation of MSC/NNBSP Mongolian Suffice From Controlling Behavior Jirimutu, et al 2018-04-09
L2/18-100 Opinions on "A graphetic approach for the Mongolian encoding model" Jirimutu 2018-04-09
L2/18-101 Analysis of the graphetic model and improvements to the current model [Mongolian] Badral Sanlig, Jamiyansuren Togoobat 2018-04-09
L2/18-102 An improved graphetic model for the Mongolian encoding [Mongolian] Liang Hai 2018-04-09
L2/18-103 Revised Proposal for minimizing the current phonetic code [Mongolian] Meng he ji ya 2018-04-09
L2/18-104 A contrastive study on Phonetic code program and Graphic code program [Mongolian] Liang Jinbao 2018-04-09
L2/18-105 Mongolian Script in Unicode (slide presentation / agenda) Enkhdalai Baatar 2018-04-09
L2/18-106 Current problems in the Mongolian encoding Liang Hai 2018-04-09
L2/18-107 Summary of suggestions and proposals for improvements to the Mongolian phonetic model Roozbeh Pournader 2018-04-09
L2/18-108 Mongolian Working Group Meeting 2 Report Lisa Moore 2018-04-09
L2/18-109 PRI 359 Disposition of feedback Bob Hallissy, Lorna Evans 2018-04-09
L2/18-110 Gendered Emoji Update Charlotte Buff 2018-04-12
L2/18-111 Proposal for a New Emoji: Iceberg Michael Gubik, Tom Moore 2018-04-12
L2/18-112 Proposal for BUTTER Emoji Emojination / Lisa-Maria Neudert, Jennifer 8. Lee 2018-04-12
L2/18-113 Proposal to add new emoji to represent ballet Ruediger Landmann 2018-04-12
L2/18-114 UTC #155 Agenda Lisa Moore 2018-04-29
L2/18-115 UTC #155 Minutes Lisa Moore 2018-05-09
L2/18-116 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2018-01-17) Rick McGowan 2018-04-25
L2/18-117 Comments on Public Review Issues (January 20, 2018 - April 26, 2018) Rick McGowan 2018-04-26
L2/18-118 Redefining kDefaultSortKey in UAX #38 John H. Jenkins 2018-04-13
L2/18-119 More Regex Changes for UAX #38 John H. Jenkins 2018-04-13
L2/18-120 New character property: NumberofPeople Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-04-13
L2/18-121 Cluster Formation Model for Khitan Small Script (revised) Andrew West, et al 2018-05-21
L2/18-122 Mate Emoji Proposal Emojination / Florencia Coelho, et al 2018-04-17
L2/18-123 Proposal for New OYSTER Emoji Fred Benenson 2018-04-17
L2/18-124 Proposal for BANJO Emoji Sheng Wu 2018-04-17
L2/18-125 Proposal to Add Emoji Symbol for Falafel Emojination / Ben Klemens 2018-04-17
L2/18-126 Preliminary proposal to encode Old Uyghur Anshuman Pandey 2018-04-30
L2/18-127 Ringed Planet Emoji Emojination / Zachary Swetz, et al 2018-04-18
L2/18-128 Proposal for SKUNK Emoji Emojination / Kelly Marie Blanchat, et al 2018-04-18
L2/18-129 Yo Yo Emoji Proposal Emojination / Doc Pop, et al 2018-04-18
L2/18-130 Proposal for JUICE Emoji Emojination / Theo Schear, Jennifer 8. Lee 2018-04-18
L2/18-131 Comments on Shuishu in PDAM2.2 text (WG2 N4942) Toshiya Suzuki 2018-04-18
L2/18-132 Proposal to encode two additional Zanabazar Square letters (WG2 N4945) Andrew West 2018-04-20
L2/18-133 Additional Comments on Shuishu in PDAM2.2 text (WG2 N4946) Toshiya Suzuki 2018-04-23
L2/18-134 Proposed data changes for Fenn-sourced UAX #45 ideographs William T. Nelson 2018-04-24
L2/18-135 Kite Emoji Submission Adam Johnston 2018-04-25
L2/18-136 Tamil Shrii Conjunct: Comment on L2/18-054 N. Ganesan 2018-04-25
L2/18-137 Orangutan Emoji Submission Charlotte Bushnell-Boates 2018-04-25
L2/18-138 Compilation of Feedback on Accessibility Emoji proposal Rick McGowan 2018-04-25
L2/18-139 Proposal For New Emoji: Pinch Jenny Kortina, Christopher Beamont 2018-04-25
L2/18-140 Stethoscope Emoji Proposal Emojination / Melissa Thermidor, Jennifer 8. Lee 2018-04-25
L2/18-141 Emoji Colors (revised) ESC / Mark Davis, et al 2018-05-03
L2/18-142 Medefaidrin corrections for 11.0 Moses Ekpenyong, et al 2018-04-25
L2/18-143 ESC Recommendations 2018Q2 (revised) ESC / Mark Davis, et al 2018-05-03
L2/18-144 Sari Emoji Emojination / Melissa Thermidor 2018-04-26
L2/18-145 Feedback on name for MALAYALAM END OF TEXT MARK (L2/18-015) Deborah Anderson 2018-04-26
L2/18-146 Adhesive Bandage Emoji Proposal Emojination / Melissa Thermidor 2018-04-27
L2/18-147 Proposed Update UAX #29 Unicode Text Segmentation (HTML version) Mark Davis 2018-04-26
L2/18-148 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji (HTML version) Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2018-04-26
L2/18-149 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2018-04-26
L2/18-150 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2018-04-26
L2/18-151 Proposed Draft UTR #53, Unicode Arabic Mark Rendering (HTML version) Roozbeh Pournader, et al 2018-04-26
L2/18-152 Proposed Update UAX #11, East Asian Width (HTML version) Ken Lunde 2018-04-26
L2/18-153 Proposed Update UAX #38 Unicode Han Database (Unihan) (HTML version) John H. Jenkins, et al 2018-04-26
L2/18-154 Proposed Update UAX #45 U-source Ideographs (HTML version) John H. Jenkins 2018-04-26
L2/18-155 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2018-04-26
L2/18-156 Proposed Update UAX #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout (HTML version) Koji Ishii, Ken Lunde 2018-04-26
L2/18-157 Proposed Update UAX #15, Unicode Normalization Forms (HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2018-04-26
L2/18-158 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes (HTML version) Laurențiu Iancu, Rick McGowan 2018-04-26
L2/18-159 Proposed Update UAX #31 Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax (HTML version) Mark Davis 2018-04-26
L2/18-160 Proposed Update UTS #39 Unicode Security Mechanisms (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2018-04-26
L2/18-161 Proposed Update UTS #46 Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2018-04-26
L2/18-162 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (HTML version) Andy Heninger 2018-04-26
L2/18-163 Proposed Update UAX #42, Unicode Character Database in XML (HTML version) Eric Muller 2018-04-26
L2/18-164 Proposal to encode the Chorasmian script (revised) Anshuman Pandey 2018-05-31
L2/18-165 Revised draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire (Hieroglyphica based) (WG2 N4944) Michel Suignard 2018-04-26
L2/18-166 Proposal for One Piece Swimsuit Emoji Emojination / Jennifer 8. Lee, Florie Hutchinson 2018-04-27
L2/18-167 Proposal for Briefs and Shorts Emoji Emojination / Kelly Marie Blanchat, et al 2018-04-27
L2/18-168 Recommendations to UTC #155 April-May 2018 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2018-04-28
L2/18-169 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2018-04-27
L2/18-170 Proposal to encode a full set of pieces for the game of shogi Eduardo Marín Silva, Umihotaru Sasea 2018-04-29
L2/18-171 Positioning of Tai Tham Vowels Below Richard Wordingham 2018-04-29
L2/18-172 Tamil SHRII Conjunct - comment N. Ganesan 2018-04-30
L2/18-173 Line Break changes for U11.0 Mark Davis 2018-05-02
L2/18-174 Hindko additions for Arabic Deborah Anderson, Roozbeh Pournader 2018-05-03
L2/18-175 Replies to Script Ad Hoc Recommendations and Comments on Tigalari Proposal Vaishnavi Murthy Yerkadithaya 2018-05-03
L2/18-176 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 (April-May 2018) UTC / Deborah Anderson, et al 2018-05-09
L2/18-177 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #50 Ken Lunde 2018-05-07
L2/18-178 Saw Emoji Proposal Emojination / Alex D. Marx, et al 2018-05-08
L2/18-179 Proposal for Screwdriver Emoji Emojination / David F. Gluckman, et al 2018-05-08
L2/18-180 Feedback on the name and disunification of Creative Commons characters Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-05-11
L2/18-181 Proposal for inclusion of Assamese Script India / BIS 2018-05-14
L2/18-182 UTC #156 Agenda Lisa Moore 2018-07-
L2/18-183 UTC #156 Minutes Lisa Moore 2018-07-
L2/18-184 Proposal to encode: SYMBOL FOR TYPE A ELECTRONICS (replaces L2/18-058) Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-05-21
L2/18-185 Feedback related to taking security considerations into account in informative statements Henri Sivonen 2018-05-29
L2/18-186 Feedback related to memory alignment and Unicode encoding schemes Henri Sivonen 2018-05-29
L2/18-187 Feedback on the characterization of the UTF-32 encoding form Henri Sivonen 2018-05-29
L2/18-188 Feedback related to the relationship of Unicode encoding schemes and UTF encodings in the Web Platform Henri Sivonen 2018-05-29
L2/18-189 IRG Meeting #50 Recommendations and Action Items IRG 2018-05-29
L2/18-190 Proposal to properly support American style Dozenal notation Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-05-31
L2/18-191 Comments on Emoji 12.0 Candidates Charlotte Buff 2018-06-02
L2/18-192 Response to Charlotte Buff on emoji 12.0 candidates Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-06-02
L2/18-193 Analysis of Shuishu character repertoire (WG2 N4956) Andrew West, Eiso Chan 2018-06-04
L2/18-194 Proposal to encode seven additional Tangut components (WG2 N4957) Andrew West 2018-06-04
L2/18-195 Request to explain why certain sets of accepted characters have not advanced their ISO stage Eduardo Marín Silva 2018-06-06
L2/18-196 Response to L2/18-195,'Request to explain why certain sets of accepted characters have not advanced their ISO stage' Ken Whistler 2018-06-06
L2/18-197 Proposal for New NINJA Emoji Avi Toltzis 2018-06-07
L2/18-198 A contribution to the discussion about the colour modification of characters William Overington 2018-06-07
L2/18-199 Proposal for Camouflage Helmet Emoji Jace Voracek 2018-06-07
L2/18-200 Feather Emoji Submission Sumesh Dugar, et al 2018-06-07
L2/18-201 Proposal to incorporate the symbols of ISO/IEC 9995-7:2009 and its Amendment 1 and of ISO/IEC 9995-10:2013 (replaces L2/17-072) SC35 2018-06-12
L2/18-202 Fixes to emoji data files for v12.0 ESC / Mark Davis 2018-06-13
L2/18-203 Coded Hashes of Arbitrary Images (L2/16-105) Mark Davis 2018-06-13
L2/18-204     2018-06-
L2/18-205     2018-06-
L2/18-206     2018-06-
L2/18-207     2018-06-
L2/18-208     2018-06-
L2/18-209     2018-06-
L2/18-210     2018-06-


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