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Last updated: February 19, 2021

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/21-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2020 Rick McGowan 2021-01-04
L2/21-002 UTS #18 Editorial additions Mark Davis 2021-01-08
L2/21-003 UTS #18 Editorial additions: EBNF Mark Davis 2021-01-08
L2/21-004 Unicode request for dezh with retroflex hook Kirk Miller, Michael Everson 2021-01-04
L2/21-005 Proposal to add one column to the Egyptian Hieroglyph Format Controls block Andrew Glass 2021-01-04
L2/21-006 ISC assignment for gomukha characters Andrew Glass, Anshuman Pandey 2021-01-04
L2/21-007 Letter of Support for Tulu Guru Prasad 2021-01-04
L2/21-008 UTC #166 Agenda Lisa Moore 2021-01-18
L2/21-009 UTC #166 Minutes Lisa Moore 2021-01-05
L2/21-010 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2020-10-04) Rick McGowan 2021-01-15
L2/21-011 Comments on Public Review Issues (September 23, 2020 - January 8, 2021) Rick McGowan 2021-01-11
L2/21-012 UTC #166 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2021-01-08
L2/21-013 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #166 Meeting Ken Whistler 2021-01-17
L2/21-014 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q1, 2021 ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2021-01-20
L2/21-015 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #166 Meeting Ken Lunde 2021-01-15
L2/21-016 Recommendations to UTC #166 January 2021 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2021-01-22
L2/21-017 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-01-13
L2/21-018 Mismatched T-Source Identifiers William T. Nelson 2021-01-05
L2/21-019 Proposal to encode Tulu U. B. Pavanaja 2021-01-06
L2/21-020 Adinkra Charles Korankye 2021-01-06
L2/21-021 Reference doc numbers for L2/20-266R "Consolidated code chart of proposed phonetic characters" and IPA etc. code point and name changes Deborah Anderson / SEI 2021-01-06
L2/21-022 Status on the Update to the Unihan kCantonese Field John H. Jenkins 2021-01-14
L2/21-023 IRG Working Set 2017 Version 5.2 (IRG N2444) IRG 2021-01-07
L2/21-024 Updates for 3 values for 3 Nushu characters in UCD EIso Chan, Kushim Jiang 2021-01-07
L2/21-025 Proposal to Add to UAX #45 Four Ideographs from Japan William T. Nelson 2021-01-07
L2/21-026 Comments on Kawi, L2/20-256 Iain Sinclair 2021-01-07
L2/21-027 Proposal to add the Tangsa Script in the SMP (revised) Stephen Morey 2021-01-29
L2/21-028 Glyph changes to Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Unicode 14.0 with proposed annotations Deborah Anderson, Michel Suignard 2021-01-07
L2/21-029 Proposal to Correct Four Vietnamese Glyphs Vietnam NB / Eiso Chan, et al 2021-01-07
L2/21-030 Requirements and Process for Changing Script Status for Identifier Use Asmus Freytag 2021-01-08
L2/21-031 Proposal to Encode the Mundari Bani Script Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin, Biswajit Mandal 2021-01-08
L2/21-032 Proposal to remove and improve provisional Unihan database properties (draft) Ken Lunde 2021-01-11
L2/21-033 Canonical Combining Classes of Znamenny Notation Characters (revised) Charlotte Buff 2021-01-28
L2/21-034 Feedback on L2/20-166 Tangut Glyph Modifications and Corrections Sun Bojun, et al 2021-01-11
L2/21-035 Summary from Zoom calls on Egyptian Hieroglyphs Deborah Anderson, Andrew Glass 2021-01-11
L2/21-036 Proposal to add the OBLIQUE HYPHEN (WG2 N5152) Michael Everson 2021-01-14
L2/21-037 Modern Gurage Orthography Additions to Ethiopic Script Fekeda Menuta, et al 2021-01-12
L2/21-038 Clarify guidance for use of a BOM as a UTF-8 encoding signature Tom Honermann 2021-01-12
L2/21-039 Proposal to include the letter 'Old Polish O' Daniel Bunčić 2021-01-12
L2/21-040 Addendum to Unicode requests for IPA modifier letters, L2/20-252 pulmonic and L2/20-253 non-pulmonic Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-041 Unicode request for additional para-IPA letters Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-042 Unicode request for phonetic punctuation & diacritics Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-043 Unicode request for subscript modifier-letter support Kirk Miller 2021-01-12
L2/21-044 UNC Proposal for One G Source Ideograph China NB 2021-01-15
L2/21-045 T source issues for U+3777 and U+6AC0 (IRGN 2448) Jaemin Chung 2021-01-28
L2/21-046 Disunification of U+2F83A (IRG N2447) Kushim Jiang 2021-02-01
L2/21-047 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #56 (IRG N2460) Ken Lunde 2021-02-05
L2/21-048 Reply to 'On the Kawi Space Filler and the Names of Punctuation Characters' Aditya Bayu Perdana, Norbert Lindenberg 2021-02-16
L2/21-049 A Supplementary Proposal to Encode the Jurchen Characters in UCS (WG2 N5131) China NB 2021-02-16
L2/21-050 Chinese comments on WG2 N5155 (= L2/20-289) China NB 2021-02-16
L2/21-051 On the Arabic Letters Feh & Qaf Kamal Mansour 2021-02-19
L2/21-052 Request to Change Pulli Representation in the Proposed Vatteluttu Encoding Cibu C Johny 2021-02-19
L2/21-053     2021-02-
L2/21-054     2021-02-
L2/21-055     2021-02-
L2/21-056     2021-02-
L2/21-057     2021-02-
L2/21-058     2021-02-
L2/21-059     2021-02-
L2/21-060     2021-02-


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