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Last updated: July 19, 2017

Doc № Subject Source Date
L2/17-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2016 Rick McGowan 2017-01-03
L2/17-002 Proposal to encode the Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong (revision 3; WG2 N4780R3) SEI / Michael Everson 2017-01-17
L2/17-003 Further updates on encoding the Loma script in the SMP (WG2 N4779) SEI / Michael Everson 2017-01-17
L2/17-004 Explanations about Al-dani Quranic Marks Mussa A. A. Abudena 2017-01-06
L2/17-005 System for Documenting Emoji ZWJ Sequences ESC / Jeremy Burge 2017-01-19
L2/17-006 IRG N2179 IRG Working Set 2015 Version 3.0 UTC Comments UTC / Ken Lunde 2017-01-17
L2/17-007 Proposal to encode one historical Mongolian letter for Buryat Mongolian (WG2 N4781) Andrew West, et al 2017-01-17
L2/17-008 Proposal to encode one Manchu format character Xudong Ma, et al 2017-01-17
L2/17-009 Proposal to encode one Manchu letter Xudong Ma, et al 2017-01-17
L2/17-010 Preliminary proposal to encode Devanagari letter numerals Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-01-17
L2/17-011 Summary of options for redhead emoji ESC / Jeremy Burge 2017-01-17
L2/17-012 Additional Characters for Kharoṣṭhī Script Andrew Glass, Stefan Baums 2017-01-17
L2/17-013 Proposal to encode three uppercase Latin letters used in early Pinyin (WG2 N4782) Andrew West, et al 2017-01-17
L2/17-014 Notes on the HENTAIGANA「江」and the ARCHAIC HIRAGANA YE Japan NB / Tetsuji Orita 2017-01-17
L2/17-015 UTC #150 Agenda Lisa Moore 2017-01-22
L2/17-016 UTC #150 Minutes Lisa Moore 2017-02-01
L2/17-017 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2016-11-06) Rick McGowan 2017-01-20
L2/17-018 Comments on Public Review Issues (Nov 7, 2016 - Jan 18, 2017) Rick McGowan 2017-01-18
L2/17-019 UTS #46 Issues Mark Davis 2017-01-18
L2/17-020 Feedback on Extra Aspect Symbols for Astrology (revised) Michel Suignard 2017-01-23
L2/17-021 Proposal to modify the "IRG Working Set" charts metadata Ken Lunde 2017-01-19
L2/17-022 Emoji Subcommittee Report, Q1 2017 ESC / Peter Edberg 2017-01-23
L2/17-023 Red Envelope Emoji (revised) Jennifer 8. Lee, et al 2017-02-03
L2/17-024 Mooncake Emoji Jennifer 8. Lee, et al 2017-01-19
L2/17-025 Firecracker Emoji (revised) Jennifer 8. Lee, et al 2017-02-03
L2/17-026 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2017-01-19
L2/17-027 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes (HTML version) Laurențiu Iancu, Rick McGowan 2017-01-19
L2/17-028 Proposed Update UTS #37, Unicode Ideographic Variation Database (HTML version) Ken Lunde, et al 2017-01-19
L2/17-029 Proposed Update UAX #9 Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2017-01-19
L2/17-030 Proposed Update UAX #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout (HTML version) Koji Ishii, Laurențiu Iancu 2017-01-19
L2/17-031 Proposed Update UTR #51, Unicode Emoji (HTML version)  Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2017-01-23
L2/17-032 Armenian Phonetic Characters in Unicode Luc V. Baronian 2017-01-19
L2/17-033 Proposal to encode symbols for chess notation (revised; WG2 N4783) Michael Everson 2017-01-24
L2/17-034 Revised Proposal to Encode Heterodox Chess Symbols in the UCS (revised; WG2 N4784R) Garth Wallace, Michael Everson 2017-03-28
L2/17-035 Modify Standardizedvariants.txt file in the Mongolian Block U+1800 – U+18AA (revision) Greg Eck, et al 2017-01-20
L2/17-036 Encode Mongolian Suffix Connector (U+180F) To Replace Narrow Non-Breaking Space (U+202F) Greg Eck, et al 2017-01-20
L2/17-037 Recommendations to UTC #150 January 2017 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2017-01-23
L2/17-038 Indic positional category for Javanese cakra Norbert Lindenberg 2017-01-22
L2/17-039 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson 2017-01-22
L2/17-040 Feedback on preliminary proposal for Devanagari letter numerals Shriramana Sharma 2017-01-22
L2/17-041 Request to change glyphs of Kannada letters Vocalic L and Vocalic LL and their vowel signs Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-01-22
L2/17-042 Preliminary proposal to encode the Wancho script (WG2 N4785) Michael Everson 2017-01-22
L2/17-043 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (HTML version) John Jenkins, et al 2017-01-22
L2/17-044 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-Source Ideographs (HTML version) John Jenkins 2017-01-22
L2/17-045 Response to UTC on Mtavruli Akaki Razmadze 2017-01-23
L2/17-046 Preliminary analysis of ZWNJ and ZWJ's usage in Indic scripts (XLSX spreadsheet; temporary Google doc HERE) Liang Hai 2017-01-23
L2/17-047 Proposal to encode ISO/IEC 9995 symbols used on German keyboards (see also L2/17-072) Karl Pentzlin 2017-01-24
L2/17-048 Feedback on PRI 343 (Unicode Emoji 5.0) Roozbeh Pournader 2017-01-24
L2/17-049 Comments on four error glyphs on CJK Unified Ideographs Ext B & E Eiso Chan 2017-01-25
L2/17-050 Georgian: Comments on Database Stability (revised) Steven Loomis 2017-05-09
L2/17-051 ULI-TC Liason Report Steven Loomis 2017-01-25
L2/17-052 Comments on L2/17-036 Mongolian Suffix Connector Liang Hai 2017-01-25
L2/17-053 Proposed Update UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm (10.0 working draft 5) Mark Davis, et al 2017-01-26
L2/17-054 Preliminary proposal to encode the Khwarezmian script Anshuman Pandey 2017-01-31
L2/17-055 Preliminary proposal to encode the Elymaic script Anshuman Pandey 2017-02-03
L2/17-056 Proposal to add standardized variation sequences Ken Lunde 2017-02-13
L2/17-057 Comments on IRG P&P Version 9 (IRG N2153) Ken Lunde 2017-02-13
L2/17-058 Evil Eye Emoji Proposal Çağla Sözen 2017-02-14
L2/17-059 Towards an encoding of the Loma script in the SMP Michael Everson 2017-02-28
L2/17-060 Proposal to encode Iranian Currency Sign TOMAN to the UCS Toman O Rial 2017-01-31
L2/17-061 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 (January 2017) Deborah Anderson 2017-02-23
L2/17-062 Proposal to add 100 place names used ideographs to UAX #45 (with bitmap images ZIP) Xieyang Wang 2017-03-03
L2/17-063 Proposal to Encode One Sibe Letter and One Mongolian Format Control, and Add Ten Variants to Three Mongolian Letters Xudong Ma, et al 2017-03-03
L2/17-064 Proposal to Change Glyphs of Mongolian Letter Manchu Ka Xudong Ma, et al 2017-03-03
L2/17-065 Proposal to Correct the Descriptions of Mongolian Letter Manchu Ka and Manchu Vowel Harmony Xudong Ma, et al 2017-03-03
L2/17-066 Proposal to encode the Marca Registrada sign (revised) Eduardo Marin Silva 2017-03-14
L2/17-067 Proposal to encode the Wancho script (WG2 N4787) Michael Everson 2017-03-27
L2/17-068 Suggestions on Hamza Al-Dani Quranic Marks proposition Azzeddine Lazrek 2017-03-08
L2/17-069 Finalized proposal to encode Tamil fractions and symbols (with cover letter) Gov't of Tamil Nadu 2017-03-16
L2/17-070 Comments on nine error glyphs, three wrong glyph designs & one unification Eiso Chan 2017-03-13
L2/17-071 Gender-Neutral Human-form Emoji ESC / Mark Davis 2017-03-14
L2/17-072 Proposal to incorporate the symbols of ISO/IEC 9995-7:2009 and its Amendment 1 and of ISO/IEC 9995-10:2013 into the UCS (see also L2/17-047) SC35 2017-03-17
L2/17-073 New draft for the encoding of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire (Hieroglyphica based) (17MB, and associated database PDF snapshot) Michel Suignard 2017-03-23
L2/17-074 Regularize Extended_Pictographic CLDR-TC / Mark Davis 2017-03-23
L2/17-075 Appearance of unsupported emoji sequences Emoji SC / Mark Davis 2017-03-23
L2/17-076 Revised proposal for the encoding of an Egyptological YOD and Ugaritic characters Michel Suignard 2017-05-10
L2/17-077 Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation (revised; WG2 N4793R) Michael Everson 2017-05-07
L2/17-078 Hangul sorting order and the Unicode Collation Algorithm Jaemin Chung 2017-04-03
L2/17-079 Proposal to add two ideographs for Gongche Notation to UAX #45 Eiso Chan 2017-03-28
L2/17-080 Informative document about three pre-Unicode-2.0 modern hangul syllables Jaemin Chung 2017-03-30
L2/17-081 Proposal to add an informative note to U+3164 HANGUL FILLER Jaemin Chung 2017-03-30
L2/17-082 Possible Emoji Representation for Natural Hair Colors, Features, and Styles ESC /Jeremy Burge 2017-04-18
L2/17-083 Proposal to add one ideograph used in Teochew Dialects to UAX #45 Xieyang Wang 2017-04-03
L2/17-084 Proposal to add kKoreanName and kKoreanNameVariant to the Unihan Database Jaemin Chung 2017-04-04
L2/17-085 Proposal to add 6 standardized variation sequences for counting rods Eduardo Marín Silva 2017-04-03
L2/17-086 Add ZWJ, VS-16, Keycaps & Tags to Emoji_Component ESC / Jeremy Burge 2017-04-04
L2/17-087 Proposal to encode characters for Gongche Notation Eiso Chan, et al 2017-04-04
L2/17-088 Proposal to add kTongyongGuifanHanzibiao, kJoyoKanji, kJinmeiyoKanji, and kJinmeiyoKanjiVariant to the Unihan Database Jaemin Chung 2017-04-06
L2/17-089 Preliminary proposal to encode Vexillology Symbols in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2017-04-07
L2/17-090 Proposal to add informative notes and cross-reference to U+F92C and U+F9B8 Jaemin Chung 2017-04-07
L2/17-091 Japanese National Body Contribution on Small Kana Characters (SC2 N4523) Japan NB 2017-04-07
L2/17-092 Proposal to add Roman Numerals Alternate Number Fours Eduardo Marín Silva 2017-04-07
L2/17-093 Proposal to encode the NEWA LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-04-10
L2/17-094 Background of Indic segmentation Swaran Lata 2017-04-13
L2/17-095 Request to change the glyphs of Vedic signs Jihvamuliya and Upadhmaniya Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-04-12
L2/17-096 Proposed Changes to kRSUnicode and kRSKangXi Values John Jenkins 2017-04-12
L2/17-097 Logistics for IRG #49 (IRG N 2196) Ken Lunde 2017-04-17
L2/17-098 Request for editorial updates to Indic scripts Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-04-17
L2/17-099 Proposal to add an ideograph for Haifeng County to UAX #45 as a urgently needed character Xieyang Wang 2017-04-17
L2/17-100 Planet Emoji Sequences Zachary Swetz, et al 2017-04-21
L2/17-101 Math Formula Preferences CLDR-TC / John Emmons 2017-04-20
L2/17-102 UTC #151 Agenda Lisa Moore 2017-05-07
L2/17-103 UTC #151 Minutes Lisa Moore 2017-05-16
L2/17-104 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2017-01-20) Rick McGowan 2017-05-04
L2/17-105 Comments on Public Review Issues (Jan 18 - May 01, 2017) Rick McGowan 2017-05-03
L2/17-106 Proposal to Encode Lao Characters for Pali (revised) Vinodh Rajan, et al 2017-07-19
L2/17-107 Towards an encoding of the Jurchen script and implications for Khitan Small Script (WG2 N4795) Michael Everson 2017-05-04
L2/17-108 Feedback on UAX #44 Mark Davis 2017-04-24
L2/17-109 Proposed Corrections to Unihan Database John H. Jenkins, et al 2017-04-24
L2/17-110 Mayan Numerals: Layout and reading order in Mayan historical texts Carlos Pallan, Debbie Anderson 2017-04-24
L2/17-111 Proposal to add an ideograph for Chemistry to UAX #45 Eddie Li 2017-04-25
L2/17-112 A method for encoding Egyptian quadrats in Unicode (revised) Andrew Glass, et al 2017-05-16
L2/17-113 Science Emoji Proposal for Unicode v2 Sam Lemonick, Jessica Morrison, et al 2017-04-26
L2/17-114 Comment on L2/17-069: Tamil Fractions and Symbols N. Ganesan 2017-04-27
L2/17-115 Glyph corrections for 11 Ali Gali final forms Weizhe Zheng, et al 2017-04-27
L2/17-116 Clarification on Devanagari letter numerals Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-04-28
L2/17-117 Proposal to encode a nasal character in Vedic Extensions (revised) Anshuman Pandey 2017-05-18
L2/17-118 Proposal to add “Deprecated” property to halfwidth hangul jamo characters Jaemin Chung 2017-04-28
L2/17-119 Towards an encoding model for Nandinagari conjuncts Anshuman Pandey 2017-04-28
L2/17-120 Corrections to the Indic Syllabic Category for the Tai Tham Script Richard Wordingham 2017-05-01
L2/17-121 Indic characters without syllabic category assignments Anshuman Pandey 2017-05-01
L2/17-122 Rebuttal of Background of Indic Segmentation Richard Wordingham 2017-05-01
L2/17-123 Comments on L2/17-036 (MONGOLIAN SUFFIX CONNECTOR) Greg Eck 2017-05-01
L2/17-124 Mongolian Base Forms, Positional Forms, & Variant Forms Greg Eck 2017-05-01
L2/17-125 Preliminary Proposal for Encoding New Hangul S. and S. Oh 2017-05-01
L2/17-126 Comments on L2/17-125, "Preliminary Proposal for Encoding New Hangul characters (for some English consonant sounds)" Jaemin Chung 2017-05-02
L2/17-127 Feedback and Response on L2/17-041: Request to change glyphs of Kannada letters
Vocalic L and Vocalic LL and their vowel signs
Deborah Anderson 2017-05-01
L2/17-128 Modify Standardizedvariants.txt file in the Mongolian/Todo Block U+1800 - U+185C Phase II (revised) Munkhdelger Dorji, et al 2017-05-08
L2/17-129 Proposal to encode the Palaeohispanic script Joan Ferrer, et al 2017-05-01
L2/17-130 Comments on L2/16-322 and L2/16-383, Sandhi marks for Bengali and Newa Deborah Anderson 2017-05-01
L2/17-131 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q2 2017 ESC / Peter Edberg 2017-05-07
L2/17-132 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2017-05-02
L2/17-133 Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax (HTML version) Mark Davis 2017-05-02
L2/17-134 Proposed Update UTS #10 Unicode Collation Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, et al 2017-05-02
L2/17-135 Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2017-05-02
L2/17-136 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (HTML version) Andy Heninger 2017-05-02
L2/17-137 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes (HTML version) Laurențiu Iancu, Rick McGowan 2017-05-02
L2/17-138 Proposed Update UAX #38 Unicode Han Database (Unihan) (HTML version) John Jenkins, et al 2017-05-02
L2/17-139 Proposed Update UAX #45 U-source Ideographs (HTML version) John Jenkins 2017-05-02
L2/17-140 Proposed Update UAX #29 Unicode Text Segmentation (HTML version) Mark Davis, Laurențiu Iancu 2017-05-02
L2/17-141 Proposed Update UAX #50 Unicode Vertical Text Layout (HTML version) Koji Ishii, Laurențiu Iancu 2017-05-02
L2/17-142 New Unicode Character Property Equivalent_Unified_Ideograph Mark Davis, et al 2017-05-02
L2/17-143 Proposed Update UAX #11 East Asian Width (HTML version) Ken Lunde 2017-05-02
L2/17-144 Proposed Update UAX #42, Unicode Character Database in XML (HTML version) Eric Muller 2017-05-02
L2/17-145 Proposed Update UTS #46, Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2017-05-02
L2/17-146 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji (HTML version) Mark Davis, Peter Edberg 2017-05-02
L2/17-147 Request for greater transparency in the Emoji Subcommittee Andrew West 2017-05-03
L2/17-148 New categories for Indic characters Anshuman Pandey 2017-05-03
L2/17-149 Proposal to Encode Arabic Hamza Above Isolated Form Behnam Esfahbod 2017-05-03
L2/17-150 Proposal to add new block "CJK Complex Ideographic Symbols" (WG2 N4796) Toshiya Suzuki 2017-05-04
L2/17-151 Character Proposal: Hell pause character Marius Spix 2017-05-04
L2/17-152 Proposal to encode a Middle Asterisk Karl Pentzlin 2017-05-05
L2/17-153 Recommendations to UTC #151 May 2017 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson 2017-05-07
L2/17-154 SEI Liaison Report SEI/ Deborah Anderson 2017-05-07
L2/17-155 Unicode Release Schedules ICU-TC, CLDR-TC / Mark Davis 2017-05-05
L2/17-156 Proposal on 3 China's UNCs for Chemical Terminology to URO+ China NB 2017-05-07
L2/17-157 Proposal to encode Proto-Cuneiform in the SMP (WG2 N4797) SEI / Michael Everson 2017-05-09
L2/17-158 Reconsidering ScriptExtensions added for supporting Tamil fractions Shriramana Sharma 2017-05-08
L2/17-159 On Devanagari letter numerals Shriramana Sharma 2017-05-08
L2/17-160 On the glyph changes for Kannada Vowels Vocalic L/LL Shriramana Sharma 2017-05-08
L2/17-161 Draft disposition of comments on PDAM1.2 to ISO/IEC 10646 5th edition Michel Suignard 2017-05-08
L2/17-162 Final proposal to encode Nandinagari in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2017-05-09
L2/17-163 Indic Syllabic Category of Javanese Cakra Roozbeh Pournader 2017-05-09
L2/17-164 Joining properties of Syriac letters used for writing Malayalam Roozbeh Pournader 2017-05-09
L2/17-165 UTR #25, Unicode Support for Mathematics (version 15) Murray Sargent, et al 2017-05-10
L2/17-166 Proposal for v10.1 of UTS #39 Mark Davis 2017-05-11
L2/17-167 Aksara support in UAX #29 (revised) Mark Davis 2017-05-11
L2/17-168 Illegal UTF-8: Recommend maximal subsequences according to extended lead bytes Markus Scherer 2017-05-11
L2/17-169 Proposed Indic Syllabic Category changes for Tai Tham for Unicode 10 Roozbeh Pournader 2017-05-12
L2/17-170 A minimum set of glyph corrections needed for the 10.0 beta Mongolian code chart Liang Hai 2017-05-12
L2/17-171 Future Additions to ISO/IEC 10646 (May 2017) UTC / Deborah Anderson 2017-05-15
L2/17-172 Brick Emoji Submission Julian O'Shea 2017-05-16
L2/17-173 New & Updated Unihan Database Properties for China, Japan & Korea (IRG N2200) Ken Lunde 2017-05-22
L2/17-174 Request for consideration of G-source character glyph change for U+3B05 (IRG N2201) Eiso Chan 2017-05-24
L2/17-175 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #48 Ken Lunde 2017-05-29
L2/17-176 Proposed IdnaTest.txt Revisions for v11.0 Mark Davis, Markus Scherer 2017-05-29
L2/17-177 Report of the ISO 15924 Registration Authority Michael Everson / ISO 15924 RA 2017-06-15
L2/17-178 Feedback on New Indic category for 0BFA Tamil Number Sign Shriramana  Sharma 2017-06-01
L2/17-179 On the exchange of clock face information in plain text and implications for encoding Eduardo Marin Silva 2017-06-01
L2/17-180 Request for consideration to add kIRG_GSource values to thirteen ideographs and change two G-source glyphs for the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters (IRG N2202) Eiso Chan 2017-06-02
L2/17-181 Preliminary proposal to encode the Pungchen script Anshuman Pandey 2017-06-02
L2/17-182 Comments on encoding the Tigalari script Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-06-02
L2/17-183 Preliminary proposal to encode the Brusha script Anshuman Pandey 2017-06-02
L2/17-184 Proposal for "Softball" Emoji Vickie Hernandez 2017-06-02
L2/17-185 Proposal to Add Magnet Character Philippe Kimura-Thollander 2017-06-02
L2/17-186 Introducing the Amaragannada scripts Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-06-05
L2/17-187 Proposal to add Southern Song forms of counting rods as separate characters Eduardo Marin Silva 2017-06-08
L2/17-188 Proposal to change the name of the accepted tally marks and add named character
sequences for them
Eduardo Marin Silva 2017-06-06
L2/17-189 Additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th ed.) Amendment 2.0 (WG2 N4825) WG2 / Michel Suignard 2017-06-09
L2/17-190 Additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th ed.) Amendment 1.3 (WG2 N4824) WG2 / Michel Suignard 2017-06-09
L2/17-191 Proposal to encode NEPTUNE FORM TWO Eduardo Marin Silva 2017-06-13
L2/17-192 Comments in response to L2-17/147 ESC / Peter Edberg, et al 2017-06-15
L2/17-193 Alternative Encoding Model for Emoji Hair Variations Charlotte Buff 2017-06-18
L2/17-194 Proposal to create a new block for missing Block Element characters Eduardo Marin Silva 2017-06-19
L2/17-195 Add Emoji Gender Properties ESC / Mark Davis 2017-06-20
L2/17-196 IRG #48 Liaison Report Ken Lunde 2017-06-26
L2/17-197 Request to Retract Consensus 151-C19 and Action Item 151-A134 Henri Sivonen 2017-06-21
L2/17-198 Emoji Submission: JIGSAW PUZZLE PIECE Marius Spix 2017-06-21
L2/17-199 Action plan for the complete representation of Mtavruli characters Michael Everson, et al 2017-06-26
L2/17-200 Recommendations to UTC #152 on Text segmentation in Indian languages Swaran Lata 2017-06-23
L2/17-201 Proposal to encode the DOGRA VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC RR Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-06-26
L2/17-202 Toolbox Emoji Proposal Cody Baker 2017-06-27
L2/17-203 Mango Emoji Proposal Rob Schwartz 2017-06-27
L2/17-204 Proposal to add 21 ideographs to UAX #45 Ming Fan 2017-06-27
L2/17-205 Emoji Submission: LUGGAGE Marius Spix 2017-06-27
L2/17-206 Emoji and Vendors: for consideration by the UTC Mark Davis 2017-06-27
L2/17-207 On the Origin of Malayalam Candrakkala Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-06-28
L2/17-208 Proposal to add Emoji: Receipt Megan O'Neill, Alolita Sharma 2017-06-29
L2/17-209 Proposal to encode the TAKRI LETTER SSA Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-06-29
L2/17-210 Some comments on L2/17-208 Proposal to Add Emoji: Receipt William Overington 2017-06-30
L2/17-211 Proposal for New Mango Emoji Yiqiu Huang 2017-07-06
L2/17-212 Proposal for Lotion Emoji Danielle Burke, Erica Byrnes 2017-07-06
L2/17-213 Proposal to encode the Prishthamatra for Nandinagari Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-07-06
L2/17-214 Proposal to encode the Prishthamatra for Sharada Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-07-06
L2/17-215 Proposal to Encode Additional Wasla Characters for the Holy Quran Murodulla Begmatov 2017-07-06
L2/17-216 Period Emoji Submission Francies Mason 2017-07-06
L2/17-217 Lobster Emoji Frederik Lassen 2017-07-07
L2/17-218 Proposal to encode the TELUGU SIGN SIDDHAM Srinidhi A, Sridatta A 2017-07-17
L2/17-219 Proposal to encode Ancient Chinese Mathematical Symbols Kushim Jiang 2017-07-12
L2/17-220 Design Options for Sutton SignWriting with examples and fonts Stephen Slevinski 2017-07-14
L2/17-221 UTC #152 Agenda Lisa Moore 2017-07-
L2/17-222 UTC #152 Minutes Lisa Moore 2017-07-
L2/17-223 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2017-05-04) Rick McGowan 2017-07-
L2/17-224 Comments on Public Review Issues (May 01 - July 24, 2017) Rick McGowan 2017-07-
L2/17-225 Unicode Continuity Characters: Character Plane Sets and Traversal Characters Abram Wiebe 2017-07-17
L2/17-226 Proposal to encode the Elymaean script in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2017-07-17
L2/17-227 IRG Meeting #48 Recommendations and Action Items IRG 2017-07-19
L2/17-228 Proposal for New Valid Emoji Sequence Ivana Jovic 2017-07-19
L2/17-229 Proposal for COIN emoji Katie McLaughlin 2017-07-19
L2/17-230 Feedback on L2/17-207 on Malayalam Chandrakala Shriramana Sharma 2017-07-19
L2/17-231 Feedback on L2/17-209 on Takri SSA Shriramana Sharma 2017-07-19
L2/17-232 Proposal for Fully Gender-Inclusive Emoji Charlotte Buff 2017-07-21
L2/17-233     2017-07-
L2/17-234     2017-07-
L2/17-235     2017-07-
L2/17-236     2017-07-
L2/17-237     2017-07-
L2/17-238     2017-07-
L2/17-239     2017-07-
L2/17-240     2017-07-


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