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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Rows that are highlighted indicate document numbers that have been pre-assigned but which are not yet available or have not been posted.

Last updated: March 30, 2023

Doc Number Subject Source Date
L2/23-001 Complete UTC Document Register 2022 Rick McGowan 2023-01-05
L2/23-002 Proposal to add kFanqie to Unihan Database Eiso Chan 2023-01-05
L2/23-003 Industry Recommendations for GB 18030 Testing & Certification Ken Lunde 2023-01-17
L2/23-004 UTC #174 Agenda Peter Constable 2023-01-23
L2/23-005 UTC #174 Minutes Peter Constable 2023-02-01
L2/23-006 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2022-10-27) Rick McGowan 2023-01-20
L2/23-007 Comments on Public Review Issues (October 27, 2022 - January 5, 2023) Rick McGowan 2023-01-06
L2/23-008 UTC #174 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2023-01-18
L2/23-009 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #174 Meeting Ken Whistler 2023-01-23
L2/23-010 Emoji Subcommittee Report for UTC #174 (2023Q1) (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2023-01-26
L2/23-011 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #174 Meeting Ken Lunde 2023-01-11
L2/23-012 Recommendations to UTC #174 January 2023 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2023-01-17
L2/23-013 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2023-01-12
L2/23-014 Proposal for amendments to UAX #9 Manish Goregaokar (मनीष गोरेगांवकर) 2023-01-06
L2/23-015 Comments on CYRILLIC CHE WITH HOOK's use in Khanty and Tofa (Tofalar) (L2/22-280) Deborah Anderson 2023-01-05
L2/23-016 DUCET: Sort quotation marks+Geresh+Gershayim like their ASCII fallbacks Markus Scherer / PAG 2023-01-05
L2/23-017 Recommendations of the source code working group for UTC #174 Robin Leroy / SCWG 2023-01-13
L2/23-018 Proposal to Update Properties for Two Khmer Characters (revised) Steven Loomis 2023-03-07
L2/23-019 Revised proposal to encode Sidetic in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2023-01-06
L2/23-020 Preliminary Classic Maya Syllabary and List of Classic Maya Signs Gabrielle Vail 2023-01-09
L2/23-021 Additional Document for Unicode Tulu Proposal Akash Raj Jain 2023-01-09
L2/23-022 Proposal to encode Transnistrian Ruble Sign Nikita Manulov 2023-01-11
L2/23-023 Proposal to encode additional Tai Viet characters for the Jinping Dai Kushim Jiang 2023-01-11
L2/23-024 Proposal to encode Tolong Siki Anshuman Pandey 2023-01-11
L2/23-025 Khmer orthographic syllables Norbert Lindenberg 2023-01-12
L2/23-026 Confusables in Khmer Norbert Lindenberg 2023-01-17
L2/23-027 Confusables in Balinese, Javanese, and Kawi Norbert Lindenberg 2023-01-17
L2/23-028 Preliminary proposal to encode Ranjana Anshuman Pandey 2023-02-02
L2/23-029 Family Emoji Redesign: Gender Inclusive Variants Sean Stewart / ESC 2023-01-17
L2/23-030 Emoji Directionality Recommendation (revised) Sean Stewart / ESC 2023-01-26
L2/23-031 Proposal for Emoji: Lime Nicholas Antonio, Tanita Antonio 2023-01-17
L2/23-032 Brown Mushroom Emoji Proposal Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2023-01-17
L2/23-033 Proposal for Emoji: PHOENIX BIRD Jennifer 8. Lee, Samantha Sunne / ESC 2023-01-17
L2/23-034 Head Shaking Horizontally Unicode Emoji Proposal Lauren Gawne, Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2023-01-17
L2/23-035 Head Shaking Vertically Unicode Emoji Proposal Lauren Gawne, Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2023-01-17
L2/23-036 Chain with Broken Link Proposal Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2023-01-17
L2/23-037 Recommendations for ZWJ Sequences, Unicode 15.1 (revised) Jennifer Daniel / ESC 2023-01-26
L2/23-038 Orthographic Syllable Structure in Core Spec Roozbeh Pournader 2023-01-13
L2/23-039 Scope of the Unicode 15.1 Alpha Review Markus Scherer 2023-01-19
L2/23-040 Release Management Group Report to UTC #174 Peter Constable 2023-01-20
L2/23-041 Review report of KP part of preliminary 15.1 Alpha Code Charts Yi Bai (白 易), CheonHyeong Sim (沈天珩) 2023-01-18
L2/23-042 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (HTML version) Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2023-01-20
L2/23-043 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm (HTML version) Robin Leroy 2023-01-20
L2/23-044 Proposed Update UAX #24, Unicode Script Property (HTML version) Ken Whistler 2023-01-20
L2/23-045 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation (HTML version) Christopher Chapman 2023-01-20
L2/23-046 Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifiers and Syntax (HTML version) Mark Davis, Robin Leroy 2023-01-20
L2/23-047 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (HTML version) John Jenkins, et al 2023-01-20
L2/23-048 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes (HTML version) Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan 2023-01-20
L2/23-049 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database (HTML version) Ken Whistler 2023-01-20
L2/23-050 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-Source Ideographs (HTML version) John Jenkins 2023-01-20
L2/23-051 Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms (HTML version) Mark Davis, Michel Suignard 2023-01-20
L2/23-052 Proposed Draft UTS #55, Unicode Source Code Handling (HTML version) Robin Leroy, Mark Davis 2023-01-20
L2/23-053 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji (HTML version) Mark David, Ned Holbrook 2023-01-23
L2/23-054 Requirements and Process for Changing Script Status for Identifier Use Asmus Freytag 2023-01-23
L2/23-055 Disunification of Tulu-Tigalari script & Invented Tulu Script Vaishnavi Murthy, Vinodh Rajan 2023-01-23
L2/23-056 Beyond Canonical Equivalence: A discussion on a way forward Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin 2023-01-23
L2/23-057 Draft GB 18030-2022 Amendment Feedback & Recommendations USNB 2023-02-03
L2/23-058 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #60 Ken Lunde 2023-02-07
L2/23-059 Additional kRSUnicode Values John H. Jenkins 2023-02-01
L2/23-060 Proposal to Encode a Hungarian Forint Symbol Vacek Nules 2023-02-13
L2/23-061 Request to replace "start" with "star" in the name for U+06DE Kamal Mansour 2023-02-15
L2/23-062 Add Simple_Case_Folding mappings for three existing characters Markus Scherer 2023-03-02
L2/23-063 Line breaking around quotation marks Robin Leroy 2023-03-21
L2/23-064 Left-to-right directionality in Arabic numeric expressions Kamal Mansour 2023-03-14
L2/23-065 Proposal to encode a blank character for Khitan Small Script Andrew West 2023-03-20
L2/23-066 Glyph Corrections for Eight Tangut Ideographs Andrew West 2023-03-20
L2/23-067 Article on Old Hungarian letters for Q, X, Y Viktor Kovács, Deborah Anderson 2023-03-20
L2/23-068 Towards an Encoding of the Jurchen Script Andrew West 2023-03-20
L2/23-069 Revised designs of the alchemical symbols block Kirk Miller 2023-03-20
L2/23-070 Proposal to encode Bima characters (supercedes L2/22-150) Febri Muhammad Nasrullah 2023-03-20
L2/23-071 Unicode Cuneiform Sign Lists Robin Leroy 2023-03-28
L2/23-072 Proposed changes for line breaking on orthographic syllables Robin Leroy 2023-03-28
L2/23-073 About the Encoding Model on Han Ligatures CheonHyeong Sim (沈天珩) 2023-03-23
L2/23-074 Proposal to Encode Slovene Metelko Alphabet 2022 Nikita Manulov 2023-03-28
L2/23-075 UTC #175 Agenda Peter Constable 2023-04-
L2/23-076 UTC #175 Minutes Peter Constable 2023-04-
L2/23-077 Recently Closed Action Items (since 2023-01-05) Rick McGowan 2023-04-
L2/23-078 Comments on Public Review Issues (January 5 - April 4, 2023) Rick McGowan 2023-04-
L2/23-079 UTC #175 properties feedback & recommendations Markus Scherer, et al 2023-04-
L2/23-080 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #175 Meeting Ken Whistler 2023-04-
L2/23-081 Emoji Subcommittee Report for UTC #175 (2023Q2) (revised) ESC / Jennifer Daniel 2023-04-
L2/23-082 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #175 Meeting Ken Lunde 2023-04-
L2/23-083 Recommendations to UTC #175 April 2023 on Script Proposals Deborah Anderson, et al 2023-04-
L2/23-084 SEI Liaison Report Deborah Anderson / SEI 2023-04-
L2/23-085 Request to Update Glyph for U+31D5A Henry Chan, Woo Chi Chung 2023-03-28
L2/23-086 A revised proposal requesting a Horizontal Extension of 150 Hanja chars SHIN Sanghyun, KIM Kyongsok, PYO Seungju 2023-03-28
L2/23-087 IRG Meeting #60 Recommendations and Action Items IRG 2023-03-28
L2/23-088 Editorial Report on Miscellaneous Issues IRG / CJK editorial group 2023-03-28
L2/23-089 G glyphs for U+25D89 and U+28BBA Jaemin Chung 2023-03-28
L2/23-090     2023-03-


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