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UTC Document Search

The working documents for the Unicode Technical Committee are publicly accessible in the UTC Document Registry on this site. For the very latest documents, see the Current Document Register. A few documents have been password protected for UTC member-only access by request of their originators.

To search for particular documents by title or contents, you can use widely available web search tools. This page also provides a custom mechanism for searching for a particular document in the UTC Document Registry by its document number.

Finding Documents by Number

This form can be used to find documents by number. The form will generate a web page containing links to all the available documents corresponding to a particular number. The results will include all the revisions if a document has multiple revisions.

Document numbers are of the form: L2/yy-nnn where "yy" is the last two digits of the year and "nnn" is a three digit number beginning with 001 for each year. To search for a known document number, select the year from the pulldown menu and input the three-digit number ("nnn") in the text box below.

Documents by Number

Year:   Doc Number:

Note for advanced users: It you type or paste in a full document number such as L2/10-112 the year in the pulldown menu will be ignored and the form will search for the full document number as given. If you leave the year blank and just type a number such as "112", the current year will be assumed. Anything else will be passed as is to the back-end script, described below.

Finding Documents by CGI Script

Alternatively, there is a CGI script that can be used directly to locate documents if you know the document number. The script is called GetMatchingDocs.pl and can be used as illustrated in the examples below. A template link is provided here:


As argument, you supply a full document number in the normal format L2/yy-nnn and it returns an HTML page that contains links to all matching documents. The script may return multiple items, since some documents have multiple parts, or have revisions (R2, R3) that are kept in the registry.



Wildcarding with "?" for single digits of the search string is supported. For example, to get a list of documents 320-329 for year 2001:


If you give the script a raw 5-digit number it will be interpreted as yy-nnn. If you give it 3 digits, the current year will be assumed.

For feedback or concerns, please contact the Unicode office