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UTC Document Search

The working documents for the Unicode Technical Committee are publicly accessible in the UTC Document Registry on this site. For the very latest documents, see the Current Document Register. A few documents have been password protected for UTC member-only access by request of their originators.

To search for particular documents by title or contents, you can use widely available web search tools.

Finding a Document by its Register Number

This page also provides a custom mechanism for searching for a particular document in the UTC Document Registry by its document number. In the few instances where a document consists of several subparts listed under the same register number, all of the links for the subparts will be listed in the output. (For a separate API which can be used to find all of the older revisions of a particular document in the UTC Document Register, see Finding Revisions of Documents.)

Document numbers in the UTC Document Registry are of the form "L2/yy-nnn" where "yy" corresponds to the last two digits of the year and "nnn" is a three digit number beginning with 001 for each year. To search for a known document number, input the full year ("yyyy") and input the three-digit document number ("nnn") in the form below. The range of valid years that can be searched is 1997 through the present.

Document by Number

Year     Doc Number