Pre-Preliminary Motions of the UTC 117 / L2 214 Joint Meeting
Cupertino, CA -- November 3-7, 2008
Hosted by Apple

UTC #117 Agenda
November 12, 2008

[117-C1] Consensus: Approve minutes for UTC #116 / L2 #213.

[117-C2] Consensus: Approve minutes for UTC #115 / L2 #212.

[117-C3] Consensus: Update numeric values for Bengali Currency Numerator values in accordance with the document L2/08-288.

[117-C4] Consensus: Advance PU UTR #23 to approved UTR #23.

[117-C5] Consensus: Advance PU UTR #33 to approved UTR #33.

[117-C6] Consensus: Advance proposed update UTR #17 to approved UTR #17.

[117-C7] Consensus: Update the PU UTS #37 with the 2 alternatives discussed in the UTC meeting, including possible folding. Then update and extend the PRI #128 closing date to January 26, 2009.

[117-C8] Consensus: Incorporate the changes in document L2/08-357 into a proposed update of UAX #9 for the next version of the standard.

[117-C9] Consensus:

1. Change the annotations for 015F to:
    • Turkish, Azerbaijani
    • The character 0219 is preferred for Romanian

2. Make a similar change for 0163
3. Delete the annotations for 0219, 021B
for the next release.

[117-C10] Consensus: Post a PRI to say that UTC is considering changing the word boundary property of U+200B ZWSP to be "XX".

[117-C11] Consensus: Make contributory properties a separate property status, neither normative, informative, nor provisional.

[117-C12] Consensus: Contributory properties are those whose names begin with "Other_", plus "Jamo_Short_Name" (as listed in the properties table of UCD.html).

[117-C13] Consensus: Request the officers to add a stability policy for property aliases and property value aliases for normative and informative properties, along the lines of document L2/08-352. Some discussion. No actions.

[117-C14] Consensus: Take the list of normative and informative properties from Unihan and add them to PropertyAliases.txt and add the enumerated values of kIICore to PropertyValueAliases.txt.

[117-C16] Consensus: Approve new UCAS code assignments and block 18B0..18FF for 29 Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics chars Extended to sync with AMD6.

[117-C17] Consensus: Accept the repertoire of 41 characters in L2/08-342, except for the 2 without attestation (18D2 and 18D8).

[117-C18] Consensus: Accept the new Old South Arabian Names.

[117-C19] Consensus: Approve the two new Old Turkic characters, the 2 name changes, and new codepoints.

[117-C20] Consensus: Approve 5 KHSCS characters 9FC7..9FCB.

[117-C21] Consensus: Approve 2 New Tai Lue 19AA and 19AB (NAMES INSERT) for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[117-C22] Consensus: Approve 3 additional Kaithi Punct marks:
    110BD Kaithi Number Sign
    110C0 Kaithi Danda
    110C1 Kaithi Double Danda
for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[117-C23] Consensus: Change the name of 26EF to Map Symbol for Lighthouse.

[117-C24] Consensus: Approve 23 named USIs as in L2/08-374 with the name change of Rising Symbol to Modifier Letter Extra-Low Extra-High Contour Tone Bar.

[117-C25] Consensus: Encode 3097 Hiragana Letter Ye for encoding in a future version of the standard. (This is in AMD 7.)

[117-C26] Consensus: Approve the revised code points for 16 Arabic Pedagogical Symbols and rescind approval of the Arabic Pedagogical Symbols block (0880..089F).

[117-C27] Consensus: Support the following schedule for 5.2 to be synchronized with amendments 5 and 6 of 10646. Beta for Unicode version 5.2 starting in May-August 2009. UCD release for 5.2 in September-October 2009.

[117-C28] Consensus: Support the following schedule for 6.0 to be synchronized with amendment 7. Beta Unicode version 6.0 starting in May 2010. UCD release for 6.0 in September-October 2010.

[117-C29] Consensus: Approve encoding of U+A790 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH DESCENDER and U+A791 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH DESCENDER as documented in L2/08-404.

[117-C30] Consensus: Approve feedback on L2/08-403 based on discussion in the meeting.

[117-M1] Motion: Create a PRI based on L2/08-423as amended in the meeting.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Lisa Moore

5 for (Apple, IBM, MS, Google, Adobe)
3 against (Sybase, UCB, Yahoo)
1 abstain (Sun)

Motion passed.

[117-C31] Consensus: Change the bidi class of characters U+1D6DB, U+1D715, U+1D74F U+1D789, and U+1D7C3, to "ON" Other Neutral.