Last update: August 11, 2010



Agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting #221

August 9-13, 2010, Redmond


1. Opening remarks and introductions

1.1 Meeting Guidelines

INCITS antitrust policies (http://www.incits.org/inatrust.htm) and INCITS patent policies (http://www.incits.org/pat_slides.pdf).

1.2 Meeting Documents

2. Attendance and membership

2.1 Officers

2.2 Gaining and losing voting membership

2.3 Changes in representation since last meeting.

2.4 New voting membership

2.5 New advisory members

2.6 Membership for this meeting

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Joint UTC/L2 meeting

5. Approval of meeting minutes from L2 #220

Minutes of meeting L2 #220, May 10-15, 2010, document L2/10-111.

6. Reports and liaisons

7. Ballots

7.1 Ballot reports

Doc# Subject Result
L2 10/250
L2 10/287
Letter ballot on 10646 3rd Edition 7:0:0:3
Letter ballot on 10646/FDAM 8 7:0:0:3

7.2 New ballots

Doc# Subject Source Approval
  ISO/IEC CD 10646 (3rd Ed.), Information technology -- Universal Coded Character Set (UCS) SC2 N4146


  ISO/IEC 14651:2007/FPDAM2, Information technology -- International string ordering and comparison -- Method for comparing character strings and description of the common template tailorable ordering SC2 N4140


L2/10-320 SC 2 Request for Appointment of Yoshiki MIKAMI as SC 2 Chairman JTC1 N10159  
  Recommendation on the adoption of ISO/IEC CD 10646:2003 Amendment 7 as a US National Standard    
L2/10-321 Approval of the Project Subdivision Proposal for ISO/IEC 14651 3rd Edition JTC1 N10172  

7.3 U.S. Contributions to ISO

Documents to be considered for adoption as US positions:

8. US participation in JTC 1/SC 35/WG 5

9. INCITS EB Letter ballots on the adoption of ISO/IEC TR 11017:1998 and ISO/IEC TR 15285:1998.

Document L2/10-292.

10. International meetings

10.1 Future meetings

Doc# Subject
  Delegation to WG2 #57
  Delegation to OWG-SORT #12
  Delegation to IRG #35

11. Upcoming meetings

12. Action Items

Action items are recorded in document L-SD2.

13. Adjournment