Pre-Preliminary Motions of the UTC 129/L2 226 Joint Meeting
Cupertino, CA — Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2011
Hosted by Apple

UTC #129 Agenda
Revision date: December 19, 2011

[129-C1] Consensus: Approve the minutes documented in L2/11-261R.

[129-C2] Consensus: Add a new LB Property Value to UAX #14 for Unicode 6.1, according to the following, and make any other necessary changes to the document and data files. Names: Conditional Japanese Starter (CJ). Move into CJ the following characters:
Small hiragana: U+3041, U+3043, U+3045, U+3047, U+3049, U+3063, U+3083, U+3085, U+3087, U+308E, U+3095, U+3096
Small katakana: U+30A1, U+30A3, U+30A5, U+30A7, U+30A9, U+30C3, U+30E3, U+30E5, U+30E7, U+30EE, U+30F5, U+30F6, U+31F0-U+31FF
Prolonged Sound Mark: U+30FC
Halfwidth variants: U+FF70, U+FF67-U+FF6B, U+FF6F, U+FF6C-U+FF6E

[129-C3] Consensus: In UAX #29 Table 2 change the line that says "GC=Cn" to "GC=Cn and DI=true", and make the corresponding change in the property values and add text explaining the handling of controls.

[129-C4] Consensus: Issue a PRI on the topic of removing kCompatibilityVariant from the Unihan database.

[129-C5] Consensus: Issue a PRI to change fields kHanyuPinlu data values to be accented Pinyin instead of Numeric Pinyin, to be consistent with other Pinyin fields.

[129-C6] Consensus: For the kSemanticVaraint and kSpecializedSemanticVariant tags add "j" and "f" to the existing "t" "b" "z" values for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C7] Consensus: Make the current long names for Age, like "1.1", be short names, and add long names of the form "V1_1", for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C8] Consensus: For CCC, add aliases of the form "CCC10" for all those numeric values that are not in PropertyValueAliases and that occur or have occurred as values of property value aliases in our data, for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C9] Consensus: Make the short name for the joining groups in PropertyValueAliases.txt be the same as the long name, for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C10] Consensus: Update the regex tables 20 and 21 in section 5.11 of UAX #44 based on L2/11-381 #199, as amended in discussion, for Unicode 6.1.

[129-M1] Accept U+20BA AZERBAIJANI MANAT SIGN for encoding in a future version of the standard.

Moved by Eric Muller, Seconded by Rick McGowan
4 for (Adobe, Apple, Yahoo, IBM)
0 against
5 abstain (Google, SAP, Rearden, Microsoft, UCB)
Motion fails.

[129-M2] Motion: Have the short name for unassigned value of Age be "NA", for Unicode 6.1.

Moved by Mark Davis, Seconded by Ken Whistler.
8 for (IBM, Google, SAP, Rearden, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, UCB)
1 against (Adobe)
0 abstain
Motion carries.

[129-C11] Consensus: Add U+180A MONGOLIAN NIRUGU to the Extender property for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C12] Consensus: Change the General Category of U+302E HANGUL SINGLE DOT TONE MARK and U+302F HANGUL DOUBLE DOT TONE MARK from Mn to Mc, and add both charaters to the OtherGraphemeExtend property, for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C13] Consensus: Accept encoding U+061C ARABIC LETTER MARK (abbreviation ALM) in a future version of the standard.

[129-C14] Consensus: Use the names in document L2/11-433 for the short property value aliases for the Block property subject to final review and refinement by the editorial committee, for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C15] Consensus: Accept the variation sequences for distinguishing emoji given in L2/11-429 for addition to StandardizedVariants.txt for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C16] Consensus: Approve the publication of new UTR #25 Unicode Support for Mathematics, based on L2/434.

[129-C17] Consensus: Approve the contents of NameAliasesProv-6.1.0d2.txt (in PRI #202) with (1 addition of the name aliases in L2/11-428R; (2) changing 0099 SCGI to SGC; and (3) deletion of "BELL" entry from the list. For Unicode 6.1.

[129-C18] Consensus: Accept U+1107F BRAHMI NUMBER JOINER for encoding in a future version of the standard, with properties as defined in L2/11-357R.

[129-C19] Consensus: Change the bidi category of U+1F48C LOVE LETTER and U+1F524 INPUT SYMBOL FOR LATIN LETTERS from "L" to "ON".

[129-C20] Consensus: Create a new provisional property ScriptExtensions, and make the related changes to data files, annexes, and the core specification as per document L2/11-406R, for Unicode 6.1.

[129-C21] Consensus: Accept 79 Modi characters at U+11600 - U+11659 with block "Modi" at U+11600 - U+1165F, for encoding in a future version of the standard. See L2/11-212R2.

129-C22] Consensus: Approve UTS #10 UCA for publication.

[129-C23] Consensus: Approve ballot comments in documents L2/11-436 (on L2/11-424) and L2/11-437 (L2/11-333).

[129-C24] Consensus: Approve ballot comments on ISO 14651, given in L2/11-329.

[129-C25] Consensus: Approve Unicode 6.1 for release after making any outstanding fixes.

[129-C26] Consensus: Approve UTS #46 version 6.1 for release on or after the release date of Unicode 6.1.

[129-C27] Consensus: Approve the request for new additions in L2/11-330.