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209 Proposed Update Unicode Technical Standard #39 Unicode Security Mechanisms 2012.05.01
Status: Open
Originator: UTC
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Description of Issue:

This UTS is being prepared for an update to align with Unicode 6.1. Public review and comment is invited on this draft.

There are significant additions and changes in the new proposed updates of these specifications. The definition of Restriction Levels has moved from UTR #36 to UTS #39, which also adds two new conformance clauses and specifications for Restriction Levels and mixed number detection, an amended specification for mixed script detection, and updates for Unicode 6.1.

There are several of review notes requesting feedback on particular issues.

In particular, the UTC would like feedback on the following issue: It would be easier for implementations to include the Aspirational-Use and Limited-Use scripts if there were separate types for limited-use-scripts and aspirational-scripts in Table 1. Feedback on this issue is welcome.

Please submit feedback on those and the rest of this document by May 1 for consideration at the UTC meeting on May 7.

For information about how to discuss this issue and how to supply formal feedback, please see the feedback and discussion instructions. The accumulated feedback received so far on this issue is shown below, or you can look at a full page view.

The draft was updated on 2012-03-06.

Accumulated Feedback on PRI #209


Date/Time: Tue Mar 20 19:38:23 CDT 2012
Contact: smontagu@mozilla.com
Name: Simon Montagu
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: Feedback on PRI #209

At http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr39/tr39-5.html#Mixed_Script_Detection, 
I believe the text "Define a set of sets of sets of scripts SOSS" should
read "Define a set of sets of scripts SOSS".

Date/Time: Wed Mar 21 20:53:06 CDT 2012
Contact: smontagu@mozilla.com
Name: Simon Montagu
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: Feedback on PRI #209

In http://www.unicode.org/Public/security/beta/xidmodifications.txt there 
are a group of ASCII characters listed as "restricted ; limited-use" including 
digits 03689 and letters ADF. Is this intentional? It seems very surprising.

Date/Time: Thu Mar 22 12:57:00 PDT 2012
Name:Mark Davis
Report Type: Public Review Issue
Opt Subject: Re: Feedback on PRI #209

Simon, thanks for the feedback on xidmodifications.txt.
There was a problem in  new data that lead to some input 
lines being misinterpreted. We will post a corrected version soon.

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