UTC Meeting 149
San Jose, CA November 7-10, 2016
Hosted by IBM

Meeting Logistical Information
Last updated: November 10, 2016

UTC Plenary Meeting:
    Monday, November 7        10:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Tuesday, November 8        9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday, November 9   10:00 am to 5:30 pm
day, November 10     9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Members Meeting:
    Wednesday, November 9    9:30 am to 10:00 am

L2 Plenary Meeting:
    Thursday, November 10      2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Call-in and Online Meeting Information: 
   USA toll free: +1 866 500 6738
   Passcode: 741167    

Scheduled activities:

Agenda Item
Day and Time (PDT)
Call-in Information
E.1.12 Hijab/headscarf Alhumedhi, Lee, et al Monday 11:15 am see above
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Monday, 2 pm see above
Ishii, Iancu
Monday, 4 pm
see above
B.11.7 UAX#14 Henninger Tuesday, 10:30 am see above
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Tuesday, 2 pm see above
B.3, B.4 IRG and CJK Lunde, Jenkins, et al
Tuesday, 4 pm
see above
B.14.9 Variation sequences for 96 symbols Pournader Wednesday, 1:30 pm see above
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Wednesday, 2 pm see above
C.3 Khitan West, et al Thursday, 12:30 pm see above

Ad  Hoc Meetings:

Ad Hoc Subject Person Day and Time (PST) Location Call-in Information
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Tuesday, lunch

Other meetings:

Meeting Person Day and Time (PST) Location Call-in Information

Wednesday, 8:00 to 9:30 am
888-426-6840, passcode 645-417-42#

TC Procedures posted at: http://www.unicode.org/consortium/tc-procedures.html

A. Administrative Issues

A.1 UTC membership roll call
  A.1.1 Call for proxies
  A.1.2 Roll call

A.2 Declaration of meeting open

A.3 Registration of new documents

A.4 Approval of meeting agenda [L2/16-324]
  Latest version of this document

A.5 Minutes and action items
  A.5.1 Approval of minutes
    A.5.1.1Review UTC Meeting 147 [L2/16-203]
  A.5.2  Action Items
    A.5.2.1 Review of open action items [L2/SD2]
    A.5.2.2 Recently closed action items [L2/16-326]

  Minutes posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

A.6 Calendar review
  UTC 150 January 23-26, 2017, host Apple
  UTC 151 May 8-12, 2017, host Adobe
  UTC 152 July 31, August 1-4, 2017, host Microsoft
  UTC 153 October 30-November 2 2017, host Apple, Annual Full Members Mtg

  Calendar posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

A.7 Letter ballot review

A.8 Schedule ad hoc meetings

A.9 Membership update

B. Liaison Reports and Technical Topics

B.1  JTC1/SC2/WG2
  B.1.1 Meeting reports
    B.1.1.1 Convenor's report
    B.1.1.2 Liaison reports
      B. Unicode liaison report to SC2

      B. Unicode liaison report from SC2       
Script Encoding Initiative Liaison report (to WG2) [Anderson]
    B.1.1.3 IR's meeting report [Anderson, L2/16-278]
    B.1.1.4 Consent docket
[Whistler, L2/16-276]
  B.1.2 SC2/WG2 minutes, recommendations, resolutions, report
    B.1.2.1 Minutes [SC/WG2]
    B.1.2.2 Reports
  B.1.3 Amendments/Ballots
    B.1.3.1 5th Edition
      B. Draft additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2016 (5th ed.) Amendment 1.2 (WG2 N4770)) [Suignard, L2/16-298]
  B.1.4 Ad Hoc reports
  B.1.5 Review pipeline characters to ensure all new characters are in ballot comments or a separate document [Whistler]
  B.1.6 Review of document requesting new additions [Anderson, L2/16-370]

B.2 SC2/SC22/SC34/SC35/SC36/TC37/SC29/TC12
  B.2.1 Liaison reports
    B.2.1.1 Unicode Consortium Liaison Report to TC 37/SC 2 [Constable]  
    B.2.1.2 Unicode Consortium Liaison Report to JTC1/SC 2
      B. Unicode Consortium Comments on SC2 N4418 and N4415 [Constable]   
    B.2.1.3 Liaison report from OWG Sort Editor [Whistler]    
  B.2.2 JTC/SC documents
    B.2.2.1 SC2
      B. 10646
      B. 14651
    B.2.2.2 SC35
      B. WG5
    B.2.2.3 TC37/SC2
      B. Liaison report [Constable]
      B. Ballot results for TC37/SC2 New Work Item Proposal: Identification and description of language varieties [TC37/SC2, L2/156-242]
    B.2.2.4 JTC1

  B.3.1 Liaison report  [Lunde, L2/16-287]
  B.3.2 US/Unicode Activity Report for IRG #47 [Lunde, L2/16-248]
  B.3.3 UTC Response to CJK Working Set 2015 v2.0 "Consolidated Comments" (IRG N2155) [Lunde, L2/16-249]
  B.3.4 IRG Meeting #47 Recommendations and Action Items [IRG, L2/16-288]

  B.4.1 Forty-one kCangjie values to be added and one kCangjie value to be corrected [Chung, L2/16-237]
  B.4.2 Proposal of urgently needed characters (revised) [Fan, L2/16-239R]
  B.4.3 Unihan 9.0 (kHanyuPinyin, kMandarin) Errata [Cook, et al, L2/16-24
  B.4.4 Report on 〇 and two ideographs [Jenkins, L2/16-269]
  B.4.5 Proposed additions to UAX #45 [Jenkins, L2/16-286]
    B.4.5.1 Analysis of proposed additions to UAX #45 [West, L2/16-290] 
  B.4.6 Request to redefine the ccope of the Ideographic Variation Database [West, L2/16-291]

  B.5.1 Liaison report [McGowan]

B.6 W3C
  B.6.1 Liaison report [Davis]
  B.6.2 MathML liaison report [Sargent]

B.7 UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics - Script Encoding Initiative
  B.7.1 Liaison report [Anderson, L2/16-341]

  B.8.1 Liaison report

B.9 Unicode Locales Project (CLDR)
  B.9.1 Liaison report [Davis, Edberg]

B.10 Unicode Localization Interoperability (ULI)
  B.10.1 Liaison report [Loomis, L2/16-367]

B.11 Public Review Issues
  B.11.1 Issue 329: Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database
    B.11.1.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/16-327]       
      B. Suggestions for UCD in version 10.0 [Lettvin, L2/16-344]
    B.11.1.2 Document for review [Whistler, Iancu, L2/16-345]
  B.11.2 Issue 330: Proposed Update UTR #51, Unicode Emoji
    B.11.2.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
       B. ESC comments on PRI 330 feedback [Edberg,  L2/16-356]  
    B.11.2.2 Document for review [Davis, Edberg,  L2/16-346]
    B.11.2.3 Results from ad hoc on ZWJ sequences [Davis,  L2/16-368]
  B.11.3 Issue 331: Proposed Update UTR #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout
    B.11.3.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
    B.11.3.2 Document for review [Ishii, Iancu, L2/16-347]
 B.11.4 Issue 332: Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation
   B.11.4.1 Feedback
     B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
      B. Newline characters should map to a completely ignorable collation element in the DUCET [Lodewijck, L2/16-301]
     B. Request to change the level 4 weights in the CTT [Lodewijck, L2/16-323]
   B.11.4.2 Document for review [Scherer,  L2/16-348]
B.11.5 Issue 333: Proposed Update UTR #31, Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax
   B.11.5.1 Feedback
     B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
   B.11.5.2 Document for review [Davis,  L2/16-349]
 B.11.6 Issue 334: Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms
   B.11.6.1 Feedback
     B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
   B.11.6.2 Document for review [Davis, L2/16-350]
 B.11.7 Issue 335: Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm
    B.11.7.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
    B.11.7.2 Document for review [Henninger,  L2/16-351]
  B.11.8 Issue 336: Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes
    B.11.8.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
    B.11.8.2 Document for review [McGowan, Iancu, L2/16-352]
 B.11.9 Other feedback   
    B.11.9.1 Feedback     
      B. General feedback [L2/16-327]
    B.11.9.2 Other documents

B.12 Unicode Technical Reports, Standards, and Standard Annexes
  B.12.1 UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation

    B.12.1.1 Working Draft of Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation [Davis, et al, L2/16-360]

  B.12.2 UAX #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout
B.12.2.1Working Draft of Proposed Update UAX #50, Unicode Vertical Text Layout [Iancu, L2/16-359]

  B.12.3 UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
B.12.3.1Working Draft of Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm [Iancu, L2/16-366]

  B.12.4 UTS #52, Unicode Emoji Mechanisms
B.12.4.1 Reactivating UTS#52 mechanism in UTR#51 [Edberg, Davis, et al, L2/16-226R2]


B.13 Editorial Committee
  B.13.1 Errata
  B.13.2 Editorial Committee report [Whistler]
  B.13.3 Unicode 10.0

     B.13.3.1 Content of V10.0
B.14 Properties
  B.14.1 Adding EmojiDefective property [Davis, Edberg, et al, L2/16-238]
  B.14.2 Request to change the Indic Shaping Property for U+11134 [Glass, Chakma, L2/16-303]

   B.14.3 Script property of Arabic Letter Mark and interaction with digit substitution mechanisms [Constable, L2/16-306]
  B.14.4 Handling interaction between UCD and emoji properties [Davis, L2/16-315R]

  B.14.5 Emoji RI property [Davis, L2/16-319]

  B.14.6 Dependency Graph for Segmentation [Davis, Iancu, L2/16-328]

  B.14.7 A Proposed DerivedName.txt File for the UCD [Iancu, L2/16-335]

  B.14.8 Candidate Characters for Word_Break = ALetter [Iancu, L2/16-336]

  B.14.9 Add text and emoji standardized variation sequences for 96 symbols [Pournader, L2/16-361]

  B.14.10 Proposal to add formal aliases to U+11EC through U+11EF [Chung, L2/16-363]

   B.14.11 Other properties in segmentation rules [Davis, L2/16-192]

B.15 Other


C. Scripts

C.1 WG2-related
  C.1.1 Review of script documents requested by WG2
Review of UTC script proposals
  C.2.1 Script Ad Hoc recommendations [Anderson, et al, L2/16-156, L2/16-216, L2/16-342]
  C.2.2 Comments on Mongolian, Small Khitan, and other WG2 #65 documents [Anderson, et al, L2/16-266]
C.3 Khitan
Summary of Meeting on Khitan Scripts, 20 August 2016 (Yinchuan, China) - Ad Hoc Report #1 (WG2 N4736) [Anderson, L2/16-2
  C.3.2 Summary of Meeting on Khitan Scripts, 22 August 2016 (Yinchuan, China) - Ad Hoc Report #2 (WG2 N4737) [Anderson, L2/16-244]
  C.3.3 Final proposal to encode the Small Khitan Script in the SMP (revised; WG2 N4738R2) [SEI/Everson, L2/16-245]  

  C.3.4 Summary of Ad Hoc Meeting on Khitan Small Script, 28 September 2016 (WG2 N4768) [Moore, L2/16-338]
  C.3.5 Khitan Small Script code chart based on the ad-hoc in San Jose [Everson, L2/16-271]
  C.3.6 Discussion of 29 proposed Khitan Small Script characters [Zaytsev, West, L2/16-277]
  C.3.7 Discussion of Cluster Formation in Khit]an Small Script (WG2 N4775) [West, Everson, et al, L2/16-296]

C.4  Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  C.4.1 Preliminary proposal to encode Möller's Egyptian Hieroglyphs in the SMP (WG2 N4741) [SEI/Everson, et al, L2/16-250]
  C.4.2 Preliminary Mapping table of Möller's Egyptian Hieroglyphs (WG2 N4742 ; see also associated spreadsheet) [Anderson, L2/16-25
Source analysis of an extended Egyptian Hieroglyphs repertoire (Hieroglyphica) [Suignard, L2/16-257]
  C.4.4 Towards an expansion of the Unicode Hieroglyph repertoire [Richmond, L2/16-307]
  C.5.1 Mongolian Base Forms, Positional Forms, & Variant Forms [Eck, L2/16-258]
  C.5.2 WG2 #65 Mongolian Discussion Points [Eck, et al, L2/16-259]
Modifications to Mongolian Encoding in UCS [China, Mongolia, L2/16-261]

   C.5.4 Comments on the Mongolian block [Zheng, L2/16-292]
 C.5.5 Mongolian ad hoc report (WG2 N4769) [Anderson, L2/16-297]

  C.5.6 Proposed additions for Mongolian in 5th edition of UCS [Zhuang, L2/16-309]
  C.5.7 Preliminary proposal to encode four letters in Todo and Manchu Ali Gali [Zheng, L2/16-331]
C.6 Preliminary Proposal for encoding Primitive Scripts in Southwest China in the SMP [Zhao, L2/16-262]
C.7 Updated proposal for encoding Shuishu in the SMP [China NB, L2/16-263]

C.8 Mayan Numerals
[Quinn, L2/16-264]
C.9 Cypro-Minoan

  C.9.1 Feedback on Cypro-Minoan (based on Script Ad Hoc comments in L2/16-216) [Anderson, L2/16-265]

C.10 Preliminary proposal to encode Proto-Cuneiform in the SMP (WG2 N4760) [SEI/Everson, Hawkins, L2/16-267]

C.11 Arabic

   C.11.1 Suggestions on some Al-Dani Quranic Marks proposition [Lazrek, L2/16-268] 

C.12 Proposal to add HEBREW YOD TRIANGLE [Shoulson, L2/16-305]

C.13 pIqaD (Klingon) and its usage [Shoulson, L2/16-329]

C.14 Kana

  C.14.1 Hiragana and Katakana (Small Letters) [Sim, L2/16-334

  C.14.2 Proposal to add Kana small letters [Yamaguchi, L2/16-354]

   C.14.3 L2/16-334 & L2/16-354 Feedback (small kana)  [Lunde, L2/16-358]  
C.15 Georgian

  C.15.1 Georgian language ad-hoc report (WG 4774)  [Loomis, L2/16-339

 C.15.2 Georgian Minister of Education and Science support for "Mtavruli" encoding proposal [Everson L2/16-353

D. South Asian 

D.1 Review of Indic-related UTC documents
  D.1.1 Review of Indic-related documents and recommendations to the UTC [Anderson, et al, L2/16-342]
D.2 Preliminary proposal to encode Tigalari script [Murthy, L2/16-241]
D.3 Proposal to encode the TELUGU SIGN COMBINING ANUSVARA ABOVE [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/16-285]
D.4 Changes to Gurmukhi 10 [Singh, L2/16-294]
  D.4.1 Feedback on L2/16-294 on Gurmukhi [Sharma, L2/16-302]

D.5 Revised proposal to encode Hanifi Rohingya [Pandey, L2/16-311]
D.6 Proposal to encode the Old Sogdian script [Pandey, L2/16-312]

D.7 Request to change the glyph of 11008 BRAHMI LETTER II [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/16-321]

D.8 Proposal to encode the SANDHI MARK for Bengali [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/16-322]

D.9 Proposal to Encode an Abbreviation Sign for Gurmukhi [Srindihi, et al, L2/16-209]
D.10 Revised proposal to encode the Nandinagari script [Pandey, L2/16-310]
D.11 Representing Bima in Unicode [Pandey, L2/16-119]
D.12 Preliminary proposal to encode Sogdian in Unicode [Pandey, L2/16-158]
D.13 Proposal to encode CHAKMA LETTER LHAA, DEPENDENT VOWEL SIGNS AA & EI for Chakma [Chakma, Glass, L2/16-330]]

D.14 Request to change the glyphs of Brahmi vowel signs Vocalic R and Vocalic RR [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/16-343]

D.15 Background information for Indic Segmentation [Lata, L2/16-365]

E. Symbols
E.1 Emoji
  E.1.1 Emoji Subcommittee report, November 2016 [Emoji SC/Edberg, L2/16-340]
  E.1.2 The socks emoji submission [Finland MFA, L2/16-240]
  E.1.3 Proposal for "Climber" emoji [van Veen, et al, L2/16-247]
  E.1.4 Beard Emoji submission [Jones, L2/16-260]

  E.1.5 Pie Emoji submission [Wilbur, Lewis, L2/16-272]
  E.1.6 Coconut Emoji submission [Luukkonen, L2/16-273]

  E.1.7 Mermaid Emoji submission [EmojiOne/Neufeld, L2/16-274]
  E.1.8 Almond Emoji submission [Perro, Russo, L2/16-275]
Proposal for person meditating emoji [Bramhill, L2/16-279]
  E.1.10 Proposal for breastfeeding emoji [Lee]

  E.1.11 Emoji glyph updates [ESC/Burge, Hunt, L2/16-281]
  E.1.12 Hijab/Headscarf emoji [Alhumedhi, Lee, et al, L2/16-284]

  E.1.13 Proposal for new emoji character: dinosaur [Schwarz, L2/16-289]
  E.1.14 Animals proposal for Unicode V10 [ESC/Cummings, L2/16-295] 
  E.1.15 The world needs a brain [brain emoji proposal] [Brassington, L2/16-299]
  E.1.16 Proposal for a new emoji: Cricket [Burtner, L2/16-300]
  E.1.17 Fantasy characters proposal for Unicode V10 [ESC/Karadeniz, L2/16-304]
  E.1.18 More hand gestures [ESC/Edberg, L2/16-308]
  E.1.19 Emoji faces proposal for Unicode V10 [ESC/Karadeniz, L2/16-313]
    E.1.19.1 Emoji faces proposal for Unicode V10 - Supporting Data
[ESC/Karadeniz, L2/16-314]
  E.1.20 Omnibus food emoji proposal for Unicode V10 [ESC/Lee, L2/16-316]
  E.1.21 Proposal to enable gender inclusive emoji representation [Hunt, L2/16-317]
  E.1.22 Proposal to encode ten color swatch emoji characters [Hunt, L2/16-318]
  E.1.23 Process for Emoji ZWJ Sequence Proposals [ESC/Burge, L2/16-320]
  E.1.24 Remove multi-person emoji from Emoji_Modifier_Base [Edberg, Davis, et al, L2/16-332]
  E.1.25 SELFIE with people/gender [Edberg, Davis, et al, L2/16-333]
  E.1.26 Emoji Subcommittee Terminology and Process [ESC/Edberg, L2/16-337]
  E.1.27 Summary of proposed 10.0 emoji (PDF snapshot) [ESC/Edberg, L2/16-355R2]
    E.1.27.1 Further emoji additions for Unicode 10, consolidated proposal [ESC/Edberg, L2/16-369]
  E.1.28 Baseball cap proposal [Dash, Lee, et al, L2/16-357]
  E.1.29 Addition of wnter clothes Emojis [Alhumedhi, Lee, et al, L2/16-362]
  E.1.30 Sauna emojis submission [Finnish NB, L2/16-197]
  E.1.31 Flying saucer emoji [Baker, L2/16-206R]

  E.1.32 Response to 2016Q4 feedback on encoding proposals [Davis, Edberg, L2/16-364]

E.2 Proposal to encode an Indalo symbol (WG2 N4745) [West, L2/16-252
E.3 Proposal to encode an Ichthys symbol (WG2 N4746) [West, L2/16-253]
E.4 Final proposal to encode four half star symbols (WG2 N4747; replaces L2/16-186 and L2/16-230)) [Shirrif, West, L2/16-254]
E.5 Xiangqi game symbols
  E.5.1 Proposal to encode Xiangqi game symbols (WG2 N4748) [West, L2/16-255
E.5.2 Recommendations for encoding Xiàngqí game symbols (WG2 N4766)  [Everson, L2/16-270]
E.6 Proposal to encode additional circled numbers [West, L2/16-256]
E.7 A proposal to encode Creative Commons license and public domain icons in UCS [Creative Commons/Park,  L2/16-283]
E.8 Proposal to Encode Heterodox Chess Symbols [Wallace,  L2/16-293]
E.9 Eris and Sedna Symbols  [Faulks, L2/16-173
E.10 Extra Aspect Symbols for Astrology [Faulks,  L2/16-174

F. Miscellaneous


G. Close of Meeting

G.1 Thank our hosts