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About the Unicode® Character Name Index

The Unicode Character Name Index contains three types of entries:

  • Formal character names—ALL UPPPERCASE
  • Alternative character names (aliases)—all lowercase
  • Character group names—Mixed Case (titlecase)

Clicking on a character code in the index opens the PDF chart for the corresponding character block.

Formal character names are unmodified from the character names lists, although the name strings may be indexed by different words in the names. Alternative character names and character group names are occasionally modified slightly to make them understandable out of context (for example, from “Hangul” to “Korean Hangul”). In some cases, they are alternative names not used in the names list or elsewhere in the standard.

Not every character is indexed. Large groups of similar characters, including CJK ideographs, Korean Hangul syllables, and compatibility characters, are indexed by their character group names, such as block names, subblocks, alphabet names, relevant standards, or group summaries (for example, “Roman Numerals”).

Neighboring paired characters (such as capital/small case pairs, mathematical symbols and their negations, but not left/right brackets) are generally indexed under only one member of the pair.