UCA Chart Help

This set of charts shows the Unicode Collation Algorithm values for Unicode characters. The characters are arranged in the following groups:

Null Completely ignoreable (primary, secondary and tertiary levels)
These include control codes and various formatting codes.
Ignorable Ignorable at a primary level, but not at a secondary or tertiary level.
These include most accents and diacritics.
Variable Characters that may be set to ignorable by a programmatic switch.
These include spaces, punctuation marks, and most symbols.
Common Characters that are none of the above, but not considered letters.
These include numbers, currency symbols, etc.
Letters According to script
Unsupported Not explicitly supported in this version of UCA; uses code-point order

The characters* within each group are arranged in cells. The characters added in the last release are in yellow. Otherwise, the color of the cell indicates the strength of the difference between that character and the previous character in the chart, as follows.

No Expansion   Expansion
Primary difference dz
Primary difference
Secondary Difference DZ
Secondary Difference
Tertiary difference Dz
Tertiary difference

Quarternary difference
or no difference
  Quarternary difference
or no difference

Note: If tool-tips are enabled in your browser, then if you pause the mouse over any cell, you will see the name of the character and a representation of the sort key. In this representation, the separators between the weight levels are represented with "|".

* In some cases, the UCA data table also includes contractions.
They can be recognized by the multiple code point numbers, as in the following:
0B92 0BD7


To properly view these charts, you need to have an updated browser, and Unicode fonts (such as the Noto Fonts) that cover the characters you are interested in.