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History of Unicode Release and Publication Dates

For ease of reference, this page collects together information about the dates for various releases of the Unicode Standard, as well as details regarding publication dates for the books and Unicode Technical Reports associated with Unicode releases.

Dates for Each Release of the Unicode Standard

The formal release dates for each version of the Unicode Standard, as documented in Enumerated Versions, have come to be associated with the date when the Unicode Character Database data files for a version have been completed and announced. However, note that for the very earliest versions of the Unicode Standard, there were no data files; the release of data files started with Version 2.0.0.

For major and minor versions, the release dates may differ from the publication dates for the associated documentation. In particular, Unicode Standard Annexes carry their own dates, which mark the last date the document was modified before the Unicode release date for that version. The publication dates for Unicode book publications and the Unicode core specifications typically are later than the Unicode release date for that version, because of the longer time it takes to complete their editing for publication.

Unicode Release Dates

Version Year Month (Day)
7.0.0 2014 June 16
6.3.0 2013 September 30
6.2.0 2012 September 26
6.1.0 2012 January 31
6.0.0 2010 October 11
5.2.0 2009 October 1
5.1.0 2008 April 4
5.0.0 2006 July 14
4.1.0 2005 March 31
4.0.1 2004 March
4.0.0 2003 April
3.2.0 2002 March
3.1.1 2001 August
3.1.0 2001 March
3.0.1 2000 August
3.0.0 1999 September
2.1.9 1999 April
2.1.8 1998 December
2.1.5 1998 August
2.1.2 1998 May
2.0.0 1996 July
1.1.5 1995 July
1.1.0 1993 June
1.0.1 1992 June
1.0.0 1991 October

Version 1.1.5 was not a release formally approved by the Unicode Technical Committee. However, the very first version of UnicodeData.txt became available in July, 1995. It contained data for the repertoire of Unicode 1.1, and that data file has come to be known as Unicode Version 1.1.5.

Publication Dates for the Unicode Core Specification

Title Year Month (Day)
The Unicode Standard, Version 7.0 2014 October 8
The Unicode Standard, Version 6.2 2012 November 16
The Unicode Standard, Version 6.1 2012 April 23
The Unicode Standard, Version 6.0 2011 February 18
The Unicode Standard, Version 5.2 2009 December 23

A separate core specification for Version 6.3 was never published, in part because it would have been trivially distinct from the core specification for Version 6.2 and in part because of the priority given to the major editorial work required to prepare Version 7.0.

The first five chapters of the core specification for Version 5.2 were published the same day as the data release: October 1, 2009. The remaining chapters were published December 23, 2009.

Publication Dates for the Unicode Standard Books

Title Publication Year First Printing Date CDROM
The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0 2007 October, 2006
The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0 2003 August
The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0 2000 January
The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 1996 July
The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Volume 2 1992 June  
The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0, Volume 1 1991 October  

Note that for various reasons involving the publication production schedule, the publication dates for Version 3.0 and Version 5.0 are the subsequent year after the date associated with the data release for that version.

Version 2.0 had multiple print runs. The third printing was dated July, 1998.

In addition to the published books documenting released versions of the Unicode Standard, the Unicode Consortium also published and widely distributed a pre-publication version of the very first version of the Unicode Standard, for public review. That volume was titled Preview Version of Unicode and was published in October, 1990. It was referred to at the time as Unicode 0.9.

Publication Dates of UTRs for Minor Releases

Title Report Number Date
The Unicode Standard, Version 3.2 UAX #28 March 27, 2002
The Unicode Standard, Version 3.1 UAX #27 May 16, 2001
The Unicode Standard, Version 1.1 UTR #4 1993