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ISO 15924 Registration Authority

Welcome to the official site of the ISO 15924 Registration Authority (ISO 15924/RA).

ISO has appointed the Unicode Consortium as the Registration Authority for International Standard, Codes for the representation of names of scripts. Markus Scherer has been appointed Registrar by the Registration Authority.

The ISO 15924/RA receives and reviews applications for requesting new script codes and for the change of existing ones according to criteria indicated in the standard. It maintains an accurate list of information associated with registered script codes, processes updates of registered script codes, and distributes them on a regular basis to subscribers and other parties.

Additions and changes to approved script codes since the publication of ISO 15924:2004 appear in the script code lists and are also documented in the ISO 15924 Notice of Changes.

Contact Information

To request a new script code or to update information for an existing script code: ISO 15924 Request Form
For general questions or comments about ISO 15924: Unicode Contact Form
To contact the Registrar for official ISO business: member-services@unicode.org

Additions to the ISO 15924 codes for scripts will be announced on the Unicode discussion list. Discussion about ISO 15924 and script codes is welcome on that list.


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