Call for Papers

TITLE OF SESSION:         _______________________________________________

TYPE OF SESSION:          [ ] Keynote presentation                       

                          [ ] Technical presentation                     

                          [ ] Panel session                              

                          [ ] Open discussion session                    

                          [ ] Workshop/Tutorial                          

TARGET AUDIENCE (you may select more than one category):                 

                          [ ] Manager           [ ] Software Engineer    

                          [ ] Systems Analyst   [ ] Marketer             

                          [ ] Other: ____________________________________

NAME:   Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms:     _______________________________________________

TITLE/POSITION:           _______________________________________________

ORGANIZATION/AFFILIATION: _______________________________________________

ORGANIZATION'S WWW URL:   _______________________________________________

OWN WWW URL:              _______________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:           _______________________________________________

ADDRESS FOR PAPER MAIL:   _______________________________________________


TELEPHONE:                _______________________________________________

FAX:                      _______________________________________________


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