The Real Challenges in Global Publishing
Jürgen Haas - Arbortext Software GmbHe

Intended Audience: Managers, Marketers, Systems Analysts

Session Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate that Unicode based publishing to meet global requirements can be achieved and that the industry should be encouraged to accelerate the process in implementing Unicode based solutions. Knowing the real challenges in advance will help to generate impressive ROI on a very short time-frame.

This presentation will outline the overall end-to-end solution drawing on experiences of two highly demanding publishing implementations; The European Parliament migrating to a Unicode based production system for 20 languages and implementing a fully automated car-manuals print environment for over 50 languages including e.g. Arabic which would not have been possible without Unicode. The examples will demonstrate how getting the initial setup and implementation right will ensure that the long term maintenance costs will not outweigh the overall benefits.

The conclusion of the presentation will be that global publishing is possible! Unicode as a standard and tools to enable this standard are mature enough not only for early adapters but also for general use. However, it's not simple but there are some known pitfalls that can be easily avoided.

The audience should be managers and analysts wanting to understand the business benefits and ROI potential of a Unicode based publishing solution to address global requirements.