China's Impact on Global Minded Tech Companies
Jacob Hsu, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director, The Symbio Group, USA

Intended Audience: N/A

Session Level: Intermediate

China will soon become the world's largest market for software, as well as a significant producer of software. It is currently one of the largest markets for infrastructure and consumer entertainment software, and is a huge opportunity for companies that develop business process software. In the next decade, the impact of the Chinese market and Chinese production of software will re-shape how technology companies in the U.S. and Europe develop software.

In order to respond to the rapidly growing demand for software in China, double-byte and Unicode support will become a critical issue for companies. We predict that Unicode will finally become a part of most companies' core development processes.

China's exports, and IT outsourcing industry, will continue to grow because of the redistribution of labor from rural areas to urban areas. China is like a rapidly expanding factory floor that needs to keep getting foreign orders to keep the factory busy. As such, we predict that the Chinese Yuan will NOT be revalued anytime soon.

Companies in the U.S. and Europe will also have to prepare to compete with up-and-coming Chinese software development companies. New pricing pressures based on the lower engineering rates in China will require companies to develop new technology and process strategies. Protecting your company’Äös IP is going to become more of a challenge in the short term. In the longer term, we predict that as Chinese companies become more concerned about their own IP, the Chinese government will become more serious about protecting IP.

In this session, we will present our view on how China will impact global technology companies. We will cut through the hype and noise and present China’Äös true impact, from the perspective of a company that has been investing in China for the past 10 years and understands the business and technical issues facing US technology companies. We will include suggestions on how companies can take advantage of the opportunities China presents, and what companies need to do to gear up for the new world market.