Re: Runes in ISO 10646/Unicode?!

From: Olle Jarnefors (
Date: Fri Jun 16 1995 - 13:48:43 EDT

I sent a note about the preliminary version of a Swedish
proposal for inclusion of runes in ISO 10646 to a number of
mailing lists and News groups in January this year. After
considering the extensive comments on this version, not least
from readers on Internet, the ISORUNES project group revised the
proposal and made some changes to the fundamental structure,
removing many of the "cloned" runic characters in Alternative A
of the preliminary proposal. The number of code positions needed
has been reduced to 69.

The revised proposal was sent to ISO as a national contribution
from the Swedish member body SIS-ITS and is included in the
working document ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N1210. It will be treated
at the meeting of SC2/WG2 in Helsinki, June 26--28.

An ASCII version of the proposal, with minor corrections,
can be copied it by anonymous FTP from
in directory
as the file
At the same place you will also find GIF image files showing the
actual shapes of the runic characters:
     annex-c-75.gif (resolution 75 dpi)
     annex-c-300.gif (resolution 300 dpi)

URLs for these resources:

Olle Jarnefors, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm <>

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