Re: End of Paragraph contol character (CR, CR LF, LF)

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Fri Jun 16 1995 - 15:12:33 EDT

The paragraph separator is 2029 PARAGRAH SEPARATOR and the line
separator (for forcing a shorter line inside a paragraph) is 2028

2028 LINE SEPARATOR should NOT be used to simply replace \n. It's use
should be restricted to cases where there is a line in a paragraph that

should not be flown together with the next line on re-flowing the

Any use of 000D and/or 000A is purely platform dependent and a
compatibility hack.

For programming language source code the old style is fine; the new
style really applies to text documents that are meant to be wrapped
according to the current margin settings.

Also bear in mind that the use of 2029 implies semantically a


You wrote:
>Excuse me if this question have been addressed before but;
>To make a future platform independent textformat for storage of text
>it not be required that CR, CR LF or LF are unified using only one of
>or freferably an other character all together. Would not Group
>Code Number 29 according to ISO/IEC 6429:1992 - CONTROL FUNCTIONS FOR
>CHARACTER SETS be the best idea?
>Kolbj=F8rn Aamb=F8, University of Oslo Library, Norway.

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