Reopening RFC 1766 - Language Tags

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Date: Mon Nov 13 1995 - 09:54:48 EST

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Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 16:03:39 -0500
Subject: Reopening RFC 1766 - Language Tags
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The language tags RFC, RFC 1766, is a Proposed Standard, and is now
nine months old.
It has been very actively referenced in other Internet standards discussions,
but I don't know of any usage of it that can really be called

I also have had two change requests on the document:
- To add a syntax for describing matching rules, so that, for instance,
  one could ask for language "en" and have the tag "en-cockney" match
- To add syntax for one or more larger language repertoires. In particular
  the Summer Institute of Linguistics' Ethnologue 3-character codes has
  been suggested.

I would therefore ask community input on the following points:

- Should the document be progressed to Draft Standard? This requires no
  additional functionality, and at least some implementation experience
- Should the document be revised, and recycled as Proposed?

If the second option is chosen, I would ask further:

- Are there changes beyond the two I mentioned needed?
- Do we want three-letter codes? If so, how?
- Do we want matching rules? If so, how?

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              Harald T. Alvestrand

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