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Date: Fri Dec 15 1995 - 18:10:59 EST

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Eighth International Unicode/ISO 10646 Conference
April 18 & 19, 1996
Hotel Furama
One Connaught Road
Central, Hong Kong


The Eighth International Unicode Conference will be held in Hong Kong.
The conference will address all issues relating to the golbalization of
software with Unicode. We invite you to join the forum of leading
technical experts on software globalization and the implementation of the
Unicode Standard.

All proposals for papers will be reviewed for inclusion in the conference
program and proceedings book. The official language of the conference is

Conference attendees will include managers, engineers, software developers,
systems analysts, programmers and product marketing personnel responsible
for the development of software supporting Unicode/ISO 10646 as well as
those involved in all aspects of the globalization of software.


The general theme will address the globalization of software with Unicode.
In addition to the following general topics, subjects with an emphasis on
the Asian region will be of interest.

Topics may cover, but are not limited to:

- Compression of Unicode data
- Testing Unicode applications
- Library and archival concerns
- Unicode and the World Wide Web
- Unicode in UNIX
- Unicode in databases
- Unicode in large scale networks
- The results of using Unicode applications (case studies, solutions)
- Business topics and market forecasts
- Language processing issues with Unicode data
- Migrating legacy applications to Unicode
- Cross platform issues
- Usability evaluations of Unicode applications


The Technical Program will provide a range of interesting presentations to
- Keynote plenary sessions
- Concurrent session paper presentations
- Tutorial

Paper Proposals: 30 minute papers

Please include statement of purpose, paper description, and your conclusions
or final summary. Length: Not less than 150 words.

Along with your submission, please supply the following information,
including a brief biography:

NAME: Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms: __________________________________

TITLE/POSITION: __________________________________

ORGANIZATION/AFFILIATION: _________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________


TELEPHONE: __________________________________

FAX: __________________________________

E-MAIL: __________________________________

TITLE OF PRESENTATION: _______________________________

TARGET AUDIENCE: You may check more than one

Manager [ ] Engineer [ ] Software developer [ ]

Systems Analyst [ ] Programmer [ ] Marketer [ ]

Other: please describe ______________________________



Submissions due: January 15, 1996
Notification date: January 29, 1996
Camera ready copy due: March 8, 1996

For e-mail submissions, please submit in ASCII, uncoded, non-compressed text
and use the following subject line:
"Subject: Proposal for IUC 8".

Your abstracts should be sent to the following address by post, e-mail, or fax:

         Eighth International Unicode/ISO 10646 Conference
         c/o Global Meeting Services
         3627 Princess Avenue
         N.Vancouver, B.C.
         Canada V7N 2E4
         voice: (604) 983-9157
         fax: (604) 983-9158


The Conference will have an area for corporations or individuals who
wish to display and promote their products, technology and/or services.

This area will be open from 5:00 - 8:00 pm during the cocktail reception on
April 18. Every effort will be made to provide maximum exposure and advertising.

Exhibit space is limited. For further information or to reserve a place,
please contact Barbara at the above location.

We look forward to your proposal(s) and anticipate a very successful
Conference in April.


CONFERENCE REVIEW BOARD: provided by the Unicode Consortium

The Unicode Standard:

The Unicode Standard is a 16-bit character encoding that is code-for-code
identical to the International Standard ISO/IEC 10646. Encompassing the
world's principal scripts, it provides the foundation for the international-
ization and localization of software. With its simple and efficient
approach to special and modified characters, the Unicode Standard defines
a new degree of data portability between platforms and across borders.
Software (especially modern, distributed systems) can be adapted for
particular countries far more easily than when existing character sets
are used.

For further information on the Unicode Standard contact:


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