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Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 01:29:32 EST

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To: dao@construct.net (Todd Goldenbaum), unicode@Unicode.ORG
From: paf@bunyip.com (Patrik Faltstrom)
Subject: Request for beta-testers! [Was: Japanese Search Engine]
Cc: splinter@bunyip.com

At 19.11 96-01-09, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>I'm having a difficult time locating a Unicode-based search engine that
>could be applied to a Japanese web site. Any advice would be greatly

We at Bunyip have developed the distributed directory service server
Digger which in the next release which is scheduled for end of
february will use ISO-8859-1 and UNICODE (UTF-8 encoding). We use
Whois++ for indexing White-Pages, Yellow-Pages information aswell
as URCs (sort of metadata of documents).

We are looking for tools to test our server, such as
converters to/from more generaly used character sets like
ISO-2022-jp etc. As it is now, we are just fumbling in the
dark with the UNICODE tables and is doing case insensitive
searching in (for us) the most strange characters.

Decomposing Arabic was especially interesting! :-)

We have code today that do all the decomposition of characters,
character comparison etc according to the available tables
of UNICODE characters.

If you have an application that can take (or pass) UTF-8 somewhere
and want to be part of the beta-round of Digger version 2.0, please
let us know at the address <digger-info@bunyip.com>.

You have to be able to first of all test beta versions of software,
but you also have to be able to verify different parts of the UNICODE
character set. Let us know what is your speciality.

For more information about Digger and Whois++, please see

The Digger software is created under a grant from the National
Science Foundation.

   Regards, Patrik

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