Unicode 2.0 vote: Publication approved

From: Asmus Freytag (asmusf@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Sat Jan 13 1996 - 05:04:04 EST

Last summer and fall a group of editors has been assembling the material
for The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0. The result of this effort was a
copy-edit draft of the standard, which was subject of a letter ballot
among corporate members of the Consortium. As you can see from the
excerpted mail below, this ballot has concluded with APPROVAL.

The ballot generated additional review comments which will be folded into
the text and then the text and the code charts have to be produced.
We anticipate that Version 2.0 will be available in book form (Addison
Wesley) during the first half of 1996.

Version 2.0 of the Unicode Standard incorporates and updates the material
from the previous two volumes of Version 1.0 and the Version 1.1 published
as technical report. In content, it matches ISO 10646, including several
recent amendments of that standard.

The single volume book will be accompanied by a CD-ROM, and will
be available from the Consortium or through bookstores.

Asmus Freytag
Vice President Marketing
The Unicode Consortium

>Subject: Unicode 2.0 vote: Publication approved
>Submitted-By: "Joan Aliprand" <BR.JMA@RLG.Stanford.EDU>
>To: officers@Unicode.ORG
>These are the results of the letter ballot on whether to approve Version 2.0
>for publication.
>Version 2.0 was *approved* for publication.
>Quorum: 9
>Ballots cast: 13
>Not voting: 4
>Three companies whose membership coincided with calendar year 1995 cast
>ballots after 12/31/95. Two of these companies gave verbal assurance of intent
>to renew membership. These votes did not affect the outcome.
>Eligible ballots: 10
>Requirement for passage: 9 (simple majority)
>Voting YES: 9
>Voting NO: 1 (with reversible contingency)


>Thanks to all the reviewers for their work and comments.
>-- Joan Aliprand, Secretary

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