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Date: Sun Feb 25 1996 - 16:27:24 EST

At 1:28 PM 2/25/96, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Is Mongolian (classical) in 2.0? If not, could I get copies of any
>proposals for it?

No, but China, Mongolia, UK, Ireland, and the Unicode Consortium are
working together on it. In 4 days there will be a conference in Ulaanbaatar
where Chinese and Mongolian experts will be working on the project for a
week. Ireland and UK won't be attending, but we have

I just got a big stack of papers from SC2/wg2, and I believe in it are some
Unicode comments from Joe Becker on Mongolian. I am looking forward to
reading them....

>I have it implemented, but want to avoid possible collisions later.

It would be interesting to see your implementation. Is it R-L or T-B? :-)
For UCS, the project is to come up with a unified Mongolian script
including some other languages. This makes it a lot harder.

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