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Date: Sun Feb 25 1996 - 18:08:25 EST

    Michael> No, but China, Mongolia, UK, Ireland, and the Unicode
    Michael> Consortium are working together on it. In 4 days there
    Michael> will be a conference in Ulaanbaatar where Chinese and
    Michael> Mongolian experts will be working on the project for a
    Michael> week. Ireland and UK won't be attending, but we have

    Michael> I just got a big stack of papers from SC2/wg2, and I
    Michael> believe in it are some Unicode comments from Joe Becker
    Michael> on Mongolian. I am looking forward to reading them....

Great! If a fax of the Mongolian stuff is possible, let me know.

    Michael> It would be interesting to see your implementation. Is it
    Michael> R-L or T-B? :-) For UCS, the project is to come up with
    Michael> a unified Mongolian script including some other
    Michael> languages. This makes it a lot harder.

Currently, only left-to-right and horizontal is supported. Vertical
text editing in our system is still months away. I haven't had time
to research Mongolian properly, so I wasn't aware it was also written

Our Mongolian support is based on the work done by Dr. Oliver Corff at
the Free University of Berlin (I can't find the URL to his site off
hand, but it should be easy to find with a Web search). I basically
just recoded his BDF (Sun) fonts into the Private Use Area, added the
positional forms to the rendering state table and voila! Well, it
wasn't quite that easy. I still had to figure out which forms were
for which positions :-)

I am still working on the input methods (Cyrillic and Classical) based
on Dr. Corff's transliterations, but when I am done, I'll make up some
images with the interesting bits and make them available by ftp.
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