Mongolian redux

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 01:58:43 EST

I cleaned up (a bit anyway) the table I constructed from Dr. Corff's
data and programs on Mongolian and included it below.

I put a Postscript file out that shows the mapping from the codepoints
below to the characters:

Feel free to correct the following data. Any improvements

# $Id$

This is the composition table I have constructed so far for Classical
Mongolian according to the data and programs from Dr. Corff's site.

Some of these could easily be wrong and I'm sure there are more rules
I am missing, but it is a start.

Keyboard Initial Medial Final
-------- ------- ------ ------
a U+F700U+F701U+F701 U+F701 U+F729(0)
A U+F700U+F701 U+F701 U+F729
b U+F712 U+F712 U+F707U+F72A
c U+F71D U+F71D U+F71D
C U+F727 U+F727 U+F727
d U+F713 U+F714(1) U+F705U+F729
t U+F713 U+F714 U+F714
T U+F712 U+F712 U+F712
e U+F700U+F701U+F71E U+F71E U+F71EU+F72B
E U+F701U+F71E U+F701U+F71E U+F701U+F71E
f U+F725 U+F725 U+F725
g U+F70F U+F70F U+F705U+F72A
k U+F70F U+F70F U+F710
G U+F70E U+F707U+F707(2) U+F72C
h U+F700U+F701U+F71F U+F71F U+F71F
i U+F700U+F701U+F704 U+F704 U+F710(3)
j U+F728 U+F728 U+F728
l U+F700U+F708 U+F708 U+F709
m U+F700U+F70B U+F70B U+F70C
n U+F700U+F707 U+F707 U+F729
N U+F701 U+F701 U+F701
o/u U+F700U+F701U+F705 U+F705 U+F712
O U+F705 U+F705 U+F705
o:/u: U+F700U+F701U+F705U+F704 U+F705U+F704 U+F712

U: U+U+F705U+F704 U+F705U+F704 U+F705U+F704

p U+F723 U+F723 U+F723
r U+F715 U+F715 U+F716
s U+F719 U+F719 U+F71B
v U+F71E U+F71E U+F71EU+F72B
x/q U+F70D U+F701U+F701 U+F72C
y U+F718 U+F718(4) U+F710
Y U+F718 U+F718 U+F718
z U+F704 U+F717 U+F717
Z U+F726 U+F726 U+F726

The colon (:) is used to indicate diaeresis.

0. When a final "a" follows "b" or "p", it changes to U+F710U+F72A

1. When "e" (final, I think) follows a medial "d", the "e" changes to

2. When medial "a", "u" and "o" follow a "G", they are U+F707U+F707
   but medial "i" and "e" following a "G" are U+F701U+F701.

3. When a final "i" follows a "k", "b" or "p", it changes to

4. When medial "a", "u" and "o" follow a "y", they are U+F718 but
   medial "i" or "e" are U+F704.

1. Data on how consonants "link" graphically to following vowels
   (rendering issue) hasn't been added to this table yet. (Mark Leisher)

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