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Subject: (SC22WG20.1530) ISO Standards Online
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As you might perhaps already have heard, ISO is now starting an
experiment with putting some ISO documents online on their Web server.
In accordance with ISO Council resolution 9/1995, they have started
with parts of the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing
drafts, which are now available online from
If you feel like I do that it is important to have international
standards freely accessible for quick browsing online, then you should
e-mail to Makoto Ikeda <ikeda@isocs.iso.ch>, who has put the RM-OPD on
the Web. Tell him that you find putting ISO standards online is a
great idea and that you would be very interested in adding some of
your own JTC1/SC22/WG20 drafts for public review and for marketing
purposes to the new experimental online document repository.
Tell your friends in other JTC1 groups to do the same. Only broad
support from the people doing voluntary work for ISO will get things
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