Re: (SC22WG20.1530) ISO Standards Online

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Mar 01 1996 - 17:19:12 EST

> Tell him that you find putting ISO standards online is a
> great idea and that you would be very interested in adding some of
> your own JTC1/SC22/WG20 drafts for public review and for marketing
> purposes to the new experimental online document repository.

Of course, like nearly every online document project, this raises
some questions:

A. What EXACTLY is the standard? When I look at a document in the
online repository, what guarantee do I have that it is identical
to a published standard, if the standard itself is a registered
version of a hardcopy document?

B. Who is signing up to guarantee that online and hard copy versions
stay in synch? If contributions to the online repository depend
on voluntary postings, the versioning problem may get unmanageable.

C. If this online repository is implemented as a Web repository, I
presume it will be posted in HTML and that pages will start
consisting of cross-linked hypertext. How do I know that I have
reached the end of any particular document or standard once the
cross-links start going up? Who is signing up to maintenance of
the links and as the standards czar to define the hypertext
topology of what gets posted?

--Ken Whistler

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