Re: Char to Wide-Char tool

Date: Mon Mar 25 1996 - 04:01:16 EST

> To be completely automated, this task would have to be done by a
> C parser. You could start from the GNU C compiler. It sounds
> like more trouble than it's worth.

It would be a very hard task. It sounds almost like a compiler.
(In fact it is a language translator.)

Well, "malloc" is really a problem, because it can be used either to
allocate a string or any data type. C is not a very good language.
(With C compilers under Windows NT, you can use a set of macros with
allow you to write a code that can be compiled either to handle 8-bit
chars or 16-bit (Unicode) chars, just by defining or not a compiler
directive. But the problem remains if you have written code without
these macros and want to convert it.

For C++, no problem with "new".


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