Re: Unicode Support in Java

From: Martin J Duerst (
Date: Mon Mar 25 1996 - 11:40:15 EST

Michael Kung wrote:

>> We are having trouble with the display of Unicode strings from
>> programs written in Java. We were encouraged by the fact that
>> characters and strings in Java are Unicode, and expected Java
>> programs to be able to display the characters when running on
>> Windows NT, which has extensive support for Unicode (for example
>> Notepad on Windows NT can display and edit Unicode files).
>> However, when running Java applets in the applet viewer or in
>> Netscape Navigator 2.0, the most significant byte of each Unicode
>> value is ignored, and the characters are all displayed as Latin-1.
>You need to check what is your Language Encoding in Option is set. Apparently,
>you've set to Latin1. I doh't know what kind of the encoding that Netscape 2.0
>in NT has.
>As far as I know, Netscape 2.0 (as least for Unix and Windows/Mac version) does
>not support Unicode yet. (Well, I may be wrong).

The encoding option (assumed MIME "charset" parameter in HTTP header
in the absence of such a parameter) is not directly related to this.
Even if you set that to ISO-2022-JP (a Japanese encoding), that does
not mean that Java then will run with Japanese. If it in fact does,
that would mean that Netscape does not comply to the Java specifications.
For Java, you don't need any kind of encoding opition setting, as everything
there is (supposed to be) Unicode.
Of course, if Netscape offered Unicode, or UTF-8, as an encoding option,
chances would be high that they also support Unicode in Java, but this
is the only relation between these two things.

Regards, Martin.

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