Re: Unicode Support in Java

From: Michael Kung (
Date: Mon Mar 25 1996 - 13:11:41 EST

On Mar 25, 5:40pm, Martin J Duerst wrote:
> Subject: Re: Unicode Support in Java
> Michael Kung wrote:
> >> We are having trouble with the display of Unicode strings from
> >> programs written in Java. We were encouraged by the fact that
> >> characters and strings in Java are Unicode, and expected Java
> >> programs to be able to display the characters when running on
> >> Windows NT, which has extensive support for Unicode (for example
> >> Notepad on Windows NT can display and edit Unicode files).
> >>
> >> However, when running Java applets in the applet viewer or in
> >> Netscape Navigator 2.0, the most significant byte of each Unicode
> >> value is ignored, and the characters are all displayed as Latin-1.
> >
> >You need to check what is your Language Encoding in Option is set.
> >you've set to Latin1. I doh't know what kind of the encoding that Netscape
> >in NT has.
> >
> >As far as I know, Netscape 2.0 (as least for Unix and Windows/Mac version)
> >not support Unicode yet. (Well, I may be wrong).
> The encoding option (assumed MIME "charset" parameter in HTTP header
> in the absence of such a parameter) is not directly related to this.
> Even if you set that to ISO-2022-JP (a Japanese encoding), that does
> not mean that Java then will run with Japanese. If it in fact does,
> that would mean that Netscape does not comply to the Java specifications.
> For Java, you don't need any kind of encoding opition setting, as everything
> there is (supposed to be) Unicode.
> Of course, if Netscape offered Unicode, or UTF-8, as an encoding option,
> chances would be high that they also support Unicode in Java, but this
> is the only relation between these two things.
> Regards, Martin.
>-- End of excerpt from Martin J Duerst

Noooo. I am not talking about the HTTP MIME heading. The Language Option is
the conversion that Netscape 2.0 will perform for the incoming encoding to the
current runtime codeset.

Since I don't have the NT version of Netscape 2.0, I don't know whether they
have the Unicode support in the langauge option.


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