Unicode Support in Java

From: Charles Wicksteed 5 2759 (charles.wicksteed@reuters.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 13:38:33 EST

To: unicode, unicore
From: Charles Wicksteed (charles.wicksteed@reuters.com)
Date: 22 March 1996

We are having trouble with the display of Unicode strings from
programs written in Java. We were encouraged by the fact that
characters and strings in Java are Unicode, and expected Java
programs to be able to display the characters when running on
Windows NT, which has extensive support for Unicode (for example
Notepad on Windows NT can display and edit Unicode files).

However, when running Java applets in the applet viewer or in
Netscape Navigator 2.0, the most significant byte of each Unicode
value is ignored, and the characters are all displayed as Latin-1.

Has anyone had any success in this area?


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