Re: Unicode Support in Java

From: David Goldsmith (
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 12:11:54 EST

>We are having trouble with the display of Unicode strings from
>programs written in Java. We were encouraged by the fact that
>characters and strings in Java are Unicode, and expected Java
>programs to be able to display the characters when running on
>Windows NT, which has extensive support for Unicode (for example
>Notepad on Windows NT can display and edit Unicode files).
>However, when running Java applets in the applet viewer or in
>Netscape Navigator 2.0, the most significant byte of each Unicode
>value is ignored, and the characters are all displayed as Latin-1.

The Java language handles Unicode characters just fine. However, the Java
language libraries (which display text on the screen, etc.) truncate
everything to ISO 8859-1 right now. Javasoft is aware of this. Both they
and Netscape need to do some work to support Unicode properly. Remember,
Java and Netscape are cross-platform products, so they are trying to find
solutions that work on all platforms, not just NT. It's considerably
harder on platforms with no Unicode support.

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