Re: Unicode Support in Java

From: Michael Kung (
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 12:25:31 EST

> We are having trouble with the display of Unicode strings from
> programs written in Java. We were encouraged by the fact that
> characters and strings in Java are Unicode, and expected Java
> programs to be able to display the characters when running on
> Windows NT, which has extensive support for Unicode (for example
> Notepad on Windows NT can display and edit Unicode files).
> However, when running Java applets in the applet viewer or in
> Netscape Navigator 2.0, the most significant byte of each Unicode
> value is ignored, and the characters are all displayed as Latin-1.

You need to check what is your Language Encoding in Option is set. Apparently,
you've set to Latin1. I doh't know what kind of the encoding that Netscape 2.0
in NT has.

As far as I know, Netscape 2.0 (as least for Unix and Windows/Mac version) does
not support Unicode yet. (Well, I may be wrong).


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