Re: IBM Character names and other newbie que

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Wed Apr 17 1996 - 10:57:18 EDT

unicode@Unicode.ORG writes:

> 3) IBM appears to have US and European patents on some searching and
> sorting algorithms for Culturally Correct results. Is the world actually
> licensing these, or doing it some other way, or what ?

I don't know about IBM sorting specs, but there are freeware
sorting specs available in POSIX format for a number of languages
to be found in the directory
and also character set descriptions in ../charmaps

> 4) I'm sending these questions just to the 10646 list. Should I also
> send them to the Unicode list, or is there pretty much the same
> readership on both ? Is there yet somewhere else that I might better
> direct these sorts of question ?

there is also a list for such purposes.


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