Re: Cambodian / Khmer in UNICODE

From: Eng C. Born (
Date: Tue May 28 1996 - 19:14:25 EDT

Hi Michael,

   As cambodian, I am very happy to have someone like yourself to work
on khmer Unicode. I am willing to contribute as much as I can. I will also
inform some of cambodians student and professional to see if they are willing
to participate.

   A small group of us was working on 8-bit code and able to put a set of
four fonts with the keyboard switcher(binding?) for Win 3.1/Win95. The whole
package(fonts and keybind program) at

  There are serious issues regarding the code assignment and I don't know much
about the Unicode. However, I will try to address these issues.


Eng C. Born

PS. The Royal Cambdian Ambassy has a homepage and they might be able to
    contact the khmer professors in Cambodia.

At 10:36 AM 5/28/96 -0400, Michael Everson wrote:
>At 06:52 1996-05-28, Winifredo Abulencia wrote:
>> Help! Is there somebody out there working on Khmer for the UNICODE. I
>> will be grateful if you can give me any information regarding this.
>> Winifredo Abulencia
>> IRM Officer
>> UNICEF Cambodia
>> email:
>I am working on it. I am preparing documents (based on documents by Rick
>McGowan and by Hugh McGregor Ross) for the Unicode Technical Committee's
>next meeting in June; I hope for preliminary support for that proposal, so
>that it can go forward in WG2 for inclusion in ISO 10646.
>Michael Everson
>Irish National Representative
>For those who are interested, I am doing the same thing for Burmese and
>Michael Everson, Everson Gunn Teoranta
>15 Port Chaeimhghein Íochtarach; Baile Átha Cliath 2; Éire (Ireland)
>Gutháin: +353 1 478-2597, +353 1 283-9396
>27 Páirc an Fhéithlinn; Baile an Bhóthair; Co. Átha Cliath; Éire

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