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From: Michael Everson (everson@indigo.ie)
Date: Fri May 31 1996 - 05:38:58 EDT

The following documents are now available:

http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/km/km.html (Khmer)
http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/my/my.html (Burmese)
http://www.indigo.ie/egt/standards/si/si.html (Sinhalese)

These are Preliminary DRAFT documents I am preparing for SC2/WG2. They
contain the Technical Contents of the proposed pDAMs which to be discussed
in August in Québec. These documents will change, as there is additional
text to be added to them. I understand that the encoding of these scripts
will be discussed at the next UTC. When the final texts of these documents
are ready, I will be submitting them to WG2 and they will receive WG2

In my view, Burmese and Sinhalese are very stable indeed. I am not so
convinced that the Khmer proposal is as ripe as the other two -- but I am
delighted to see the recent interest in Khmer encoding. May I suggest that
those of us interested in Khmer (everson@indigo.ie, lcollins@apple.com,
hok@computek.net, wabulencia@unicef.org) take the discussion off-line, as
it is likely to get pretty technical. This is anyway the way in which
Unicode experts and WG2 experts are endeavouring to cooperate. The Khmer
proposal has an issues list attached regarding the repertoire.

Best regards,

Michael Everson, Everson Gunn Teoranta
15 Port Chaeimhghein Íochtarach; Baile Átha Cliath 2; Éire (Ireland)
Gutháin: +353 1 478-2597, +353 1 283-9396
27 Páirc an Fhéithlinn; Baile an Bhóthair; Co. Átha Cliath; Éire

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