Conjuncts List Errors

From: James E. Agenbroad (
Date: Wed Jun 26 1996 - 15:09:58 EDT

                                  Wednesday, JUne 26, 1996
Indic Scripts Computerizers,
     I'm sending this note to three lists (Indology, Unicode(tm) and
ISO10646) as the surest way to reach most of the people who have
copies of my list of Devanagari conjunct consonant combinations
published in Bulletin 38 (1991) of the International Association of
Orientalist Librarians (IAOL). A careful reader has detected ten
errors. Using the published item numbers the following are the
correct versions. Here I use a period before a letter for a dot
before a letter and an apostrophe for a dot above a letter. Except
where given the original citations of sources are correct.
    250. .T+.ta
    272. .TH+.tha MWG
    274. .TH+tha ISO
    353. T+ka+ra
    460. D+v+r+ya
    515. N+dh+r+ya
    585. f+TA (i.e., ph+nukta+ta)
          that should be lower case f+ta
    706. r+'n+k+.s+ma

     I regret any inconvienence this may have casued.
          JIm Agenbroad ( )
     The above are purely personal opinions, not necessarily the
official views of any government or any agency of any.

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