Re: Re: Re: Need help on Unicode Databases.

From: Steve Billings (
Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 20:16:25 EDT


> Sorry, I don't have any good performace data for you. I was just passing on what I heard
> at the show.

... and I am very grateful.

> I personally have been working more with Asian character sets in X.500. For us,
> searching is the easy part. The search time is overshadowed by the time required ship
> the data across the network and convert it to the client's local charcter set (Big-5,
> etc.).

Our situations sound similar. Our encoding matrix is currently simple,
but we're moving to Unicode/UTF-8 since it won't be simple for long.

Maybe you're right... maybe I shouldn't worry about a 30% hit on queries.

> For us, going to Unicode on the server really simplified things. We just had to worry
> about having good mapping tables on the client.

Can you recommend a source?

Did you write your own map-lookup function, or did you acquire one?
I found one on the net once, but it seemed unnecessarily complex,
so I assume we'll write our own. Is it as simple as it seems or
am I in for suprises?

Thanks much,

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