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> On 96.06.26 09:26, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:

>> Sorry, I don't have any good performace data for you. I was just passing on what I
>> at the show.
>.... and I am very grateful.
>> I personally have been working more with Asian character sets in X.500. For us,
>> searching is the easy part. The search time is overshadowed by the time required ship
>> the data across the network and convert it to the client's local charcter set (Big-5,
>> etc.).
>Our situations sound similar. Our encoding matrix is currently simple,
>but we're moving to Unicode/UTF-8 since it won't be simple for long.
>Maybe you're right... maybe I shouldn't worry about a 30% hit on queries.
>> For us, going to Unicode on the server really simplified things. We just had to worry
>> about having good mapping tables on the client.
>Can you recommend a source?
>Did you write your own map-lookup function, or did you acquire one?
>I found one on the net once, but it seemed unnecessarily complex,
>so I assume we'll write our own. Is it as simple as it seems or
>am I in for suprises?
>Thanks much,


We are using code from the utf7 package by Ross Patterson
( and Guo Jin ( This package
handles UTF-7, UTF-8, GB 2312 and Big-5 conversion. I got it from

To this we added other conversion tables extracted from cjkxref.txt,
found on the site.

The uft package, also by Ross Patterson, has conversion tools and
mapping tables for ISO-2022 and ISO-8859-x. is an excellent site for conversion tools on all platforms.


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