FYI: new JIS code launch

From: Masayuki TOYOSHIMA (
Date: Wed Jul 24 1996 - 23:14:35 EDT

JSA(Japanese Standards Association) launches a project of developing
new KANJI coded-character sets for the contemporary Japanese language.

These new sets form the 3rd and the 4th levels of the current JIS
(Japanese Industrial Standard) X0208, not replacing it, but enlarging
it by ca. 5000 characters, and are expected to be used together with
the current JIS X0208 set, in all the environments where X0208 is
currently used, eg. EUC, Shift-JIS, ISO-2022-JP (RFC 1468).

The scope and the field of applications of these new sets are the same
as the current JIS X0208 set.

Investigations in various sources, such as KANJIs used in telephone
directories, administrative and geographical place names, KANJIs,
signs and dingbats used in high-school textbooks, have already begun.

For details, take a look into [ currently Japanese version only ]
Comments are welcome at
JCS(Japanese Character Sets) committee, JSA(Japanese Standards Association)

   Kohji SHIBANO,
   Minato-ku, Akasaka 4 chome 1-24, Tokyo, JAPAN
   Phone +81-3-3583-8077, FAX +81-3-3582-0844 [NB: not 3583]

Please feel free to distribute this announcement as is.

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