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From: pierre (p.) lewis (lew@nortel.ca)
Date: Wed Jul 24 1996 - 16:17:00 EDT

It was suggested I send the following suggestion to you:

Another useful addition to the Web site would be pointers to some
significant texts (in the public domain of course) in various
languages encoded in Unicode. A bit like project Gutenburg, on a
smaller scale, but with many different languages. UTF-8 encoded I

I have yet to stumble on a Unicode text that goes beyond a 5-liner
in English with a smiley in it. Not very exciting. It seems there
is still far more written about Unicode that in Unicode.

I know there's probably stuff in, for example, plan 9. But I don't
have access to that at this point.

Looking forward to the new book,
Pierre LEWIS

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